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  2. Wow very nice!!! I bet you felt really good that day.👍👍👍👍🎯🎯🎯
  3. How about a BBQ and outing

    I am totally willing to host this thing we just need a place and people too want to do this.👍
  4. How about a BBQ and outing

    GOOD LUCK. Notyournugget. I've been waiting for 2 yrs at least. ; )~
  5. DAAAAAAMMMMNNN!!!!!! Well done!!!! 4500's a great machine and an incredible value. Jen
  6. have had my gpx4500 out on its 3rd trip..... investigate those ground is what one of them turned out to be 20 grams @ 14 inches! and a 4 gram a few feet away. only feet from the 8 gram i found last trip. the big one sounded like a mild hot rock. ground is insanely hot. ancient river bottom. layer is red clay and iron bits....the 4 gram was on the surface, a screamer
  7. Last week
  8. Going nuts

    When I went to Moore Creek many of the guys had handguns or shotguns....I didn't bother because I figured apick would work as well and it would be in hand. I think a partner would be helpful...however, if you are really paying attention to the detector I doubt you would notice or know that big Griz was about to attack... Take a solar charger for your 5000 or the spares you mentioned...maybe 12 hours on the stock Minelab battery...maybe 8 on other types... Don't take smelly sardines for lunch... fred
  9. Going nuts

    As I sit here and wait for spring to come. I feel as if I'm going nuts. So I plan to head to the mountains this spring . I have a few questions from people with experience. Is there a way to charge a batterie in the bush or should I bring 4 batteries. This will be my first time out in a remote area by my self which brings an eerie feeling of what if something happens. Bears are prolly my number one issue I keep thinking what if I'm detecting with head phones on than than all of a sudden I'm attacked I 'll have the 44 on me but man maybe I should take a partner. We will see what happens. I'm bringing creviceing tools ,whites gmt,minelab gpx 5000. This place is a wildlife refuge I have permission to detect but no gasoline equipment is is an old claim prior to ww2 has not been worked since before Alaska became a state. The last usgs on the area was .15 oz per square foot on the east bank alluvia deposit. I need all your tips please???
  10. Jen..waiting for reply from Rob..the NF is an 8x6 Sadie. Told you about the 14X9 Coiltek Blitz Mono. Didn't mention the Goldstalker PowerPack that comes with 2 7000mah Li-ion batteries, charger, car charger etc.
  11. Falls under the classification of "prospecting". verb (used with object) to search or explore (a region), as for gold or other precious metals. Green arrow: overburden Red arrow: digging implement Yellow arrow: precious metal recovered
  12. This is a metal detecting and prospecting forum. This thread has nothing to do with either subject.
  13. Rob, Happy to hear your Father is doing better ! That's what counts the most. Hang in there . They do really well in regards to heart issues these days as I found out when my Dad had his heart problems. Just keep believing it will all work out. Take care, Ralph.
  15. I saw a few great deals on Craigslist up in PHX was a new in box gpx5000 but I also saw a gpx 4000 with a ton of extra stuff.
  16. Gpx5000 target problems or questions

    Can't see the picture?
  17. How about a BBQ and outing

    NYN, Maybe you can turn this topic into your own outing topic, ask for anyone interested in coming and then if you get enough interested plan it all out with a date, time, location, and who's bringimg what to contribute by starting a "Poll" and another "Poll" for how many are planning to attend so you know what/how much food is needed to feed everyone. etc.! That's usually how these outings come to fruition.
  18. Jen..just going out the door the 2 coils it comes from Rob, a 14inch coiltek and a NF. I will have to look for them when I get back tomorrow..shows how much I use them! Whatever Rob thinks is a fair deal..I'll ask happy to sell to someone who can make good use of it. Talk tomorrow?
  19. Thank you Matt. I don't get out swingin like I used to. Any find is good !
  20. That's a fine looking gold nugget!
  21. Its nice when they don't fit in the bottle !EVEN when ya use a wide mouth container !New coil NF 13x17 EVO, GPX4500, detailed "tuning" = Arizona GoldNice 8.9 grammer rough an knarly that's the way we like em here ! Been awhile since I was out swingin.Happy St. Paddy's Day !
  22. Rumored site of $55M in Civil War-era gold draws FBI's attention, reports say
  23. Todd Hoffman's new Gold Show

    Well tonight was the first time to turn Gold Rush off and watch something else. When Todd made that bet with Parker on something he didn’t have showed he didn’t have too much going for him. That show that will start up with Parker that’s another I won’t be watching. Maybe the people who makes theses shows think it’s great to make them more on the line of a soap. We could come up with a new name but I’m at a loss to come up with one . I like to see Bering Sea Gold come back if they could drop the soap. I don’t care if this old man married a girl that could be his daughter. Then they show him stealing gold from his sons. They show him doing that on TV like his sons won’t find out. I had a guy that went with me on some trips I made dredging but he wanted to play cards. I wasn’t on a pleasure trip. I came to find gold and if you didn’t come to do that then it’s best you stay home, That was the last Of him. This is my opinion and only mine alone. Chuck
  24. Todd Hoffman's new Gold Show

    Blind leading the blind...? Real gold is the $$ from the commercials.
  25. I had the 10x5 dd comander coil Setting sensitive extra i can hear a small piece of gold but can't hear other pieces of the same weight here is a pic the nugget near the tip screams the 2 to the side are silent why is this
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