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  2. MXT all pro with one year of warranty left whites 10" dd coil, whites 950 concentric coil, detech whites 13u coil I am wanting to trade for a Rocker box or gold cradle text me at 907-545-4008 if interested
  3. That Orange 14" Coiltek is of my top 3 coils.
  4. Used but in great condition, ....200.00 includes shipping.
  5. View South from Rich Hill, Indian Creek and CW's in the background. Looking North Rich Hill gold
  6. Crystal clear spring runoff on Black Canyon. Pictured are BCGold #3 and #4 Detectable Gold found on most of the benches too. BCGold claims
  7. Last week
  8. Gpx 5000 with 2 "stock coils and 14 inch Coiltek Blitz mono and 8X6 NF Sadie coil. Goldstalker Powerpak which has 2 7000mah batteries with charger and car charger etc. $3000
  9. Going nuts

    That's Really the secret right there! Mike
  10. I always dig a little off the top of those faint signals. If it’s not the ground mineralization the target sound will get more pronounced. Dig everything.
  11. the ground here is the hottest ive encountered. also it is extremely variable. i have to ground balance every few feet, and have to be careful not to swing over contrasting ground. the big one sounded like a faint hot rock until i got down about 5 inches. even then i wasnt 100% sure it was a target. once i was down well into undisturbed decomposed rock layer, and the signal was very loud, the anticipation started to get the better of me. it was about 14 inches down. for a 20 gram nugget that may not be too impressive, but the ground being so intense masked the signal very well. im sure theres more of these at this location. ill be picking up a 19" nf evo to help me find some more of these bad boys. til then, ill be rolling rocks and trying different settings with my 14" coiltek mono elite
  12. Very nice. I like sitting my 5000 up to where it’s right on the edge of hearing ground noise as targets. A lot of that possible ground noise has turned out to be good targets.
  13. Going nuts

    If you bring a friend make sure he is slower then you are.
  14. Wow very nice!!! I bet you felt really good that day.👍👍👍👍🎯🎯🎯
  15. How about a BBQ and outing

    I am totally willing to host this thing we just need a place and people too want to do this.👍
  16. How about a BBQ and outing

    GOOD LUCK. Notyournugget. I've been waiting for 2 yrs at least. ; )~
  17. DAAAAAAMMMMNNN!!!!!! Well done!!!! 4500's a great machine and an incredible value. Jen
  18. have had my gpx4500 out on its 3rd trip..... investigate those ground is what one of them turned out to be 20 grams @ 14 inches! and a 4 gram a few feet away. only feet from the 8 gram i found last trip. the big one sounded like a mild hot rock. ground is insanely hot. ancient river bottom. layer is red clay and iron bits....the 4 gram was on the surface, a screamer
  19. Going nuts

    When I went to Moore Creek many of the guys had handguns or shotguns....I didn't bother because I figured apick would work as well and it would be in hand. I think a partner would be helpful...however, if you are really paying attention to the detector I doubt you would notice or know that big Griz was about to attack... Take a solar charger for your 5000 or the spares you mentioned...maybe 12 hours on the stock Minelab battery...maybe 8 on other types... Don't take smelly sardines for lunch... fred
  20. Going nuts

    As I sit here and wait for spring to come. I feel as if I'm going nuts. So I plan to head to the mountains this spring . I have a few questions from people with experience. Is there a way to charge a batterie in the bush or should I bring 4 batteries. This will be my first time out in a remote area by my self which brings an eerie feeling of what if something happens. Bears are prolly my number one issue I keep thinking what if I'm detecting with head phones on than than all of a sudden I'm attacked I 'll have the 44 on me but man maybe I should take a partner. We will see what happens. I'm bringing creviceing tools ,whites gmt,minelab gpx 5000. This place is a wildlife refuge I have permission to detect but no gasoline equipment is is an old claim prior to ww2 has not been worked since before Alaska became a state. The last usgs on the area was .15 oz per square foot on the east bank alluvia deposit. I need all your tips please???
  21. Jen..waiting for reply from Rob..the NF is an 8x6 Sadie. Told you about the 14X9 Coiltek Blitz Mono. Didn't mention the Goldstalker PowerPack that comes with 2 7000mah Li-ion batteries, charger, car charger etc.
  22. Falls under the classification of "prospecting". verb (used with object) to search or explore (a region), as for gold or other precious metals. Green arrow: overburden Red arrow: digging implement Yellow arrow: precious metal recovered
  23. This is a metal detecting and prospecting forum. This thread has nothing to do with either subject.
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