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  2. First detector gold for me.

    I went back and cleaned out the crack where my first detector gold came from.... I can only imagine what is waiting. I think i have the fever again....

    Very nice! Awesome finds.

    Nice one day score, Afriscot...That's some beautiful gold! ... Cheers, Unc
  5. Yesterday

    Its fun to chase the bedrock, especially when your rewarded!
  7. Oh brother! I dont know if I would shoot or run if I saw that out when I was detecting! Tom H.

    WTG on the gold! Very nice day out for you Congrats. Tom H.

    Bedrock starts at two feet but dips in places. I always imagine what's down there

    Congratulations! How deep is it to bedrock? Brian.
  11. Hi Rob, any news on further updates for the GPZ or Minelab fixing the Xchange software so its compatible with our GPZ's? Thanks, Brian.

    That's awesome! Way to go!
  13. Want to trade some cash and a Whites Gold Master V-sat just back from Whites where they replaced the course and fine ground balance pots, the threshold pot, Iron ID switch, and headphone jack, tested it with the 6"x10" coil. I also am waiting on delivery of a new 8"x14" Sierra Gold Max coil and lower rod and a used 4"x6" Shooter coil and cover. They are in Montecito California and being held up by the flooding and mudslide but are do to arrive Thurs.. I have the receipts from Whites for the repairs and 2 AA battery holders. Want to trade for Whites TDI SL or maybe an older model Minelab GP/SD.I am enclosing pics of the V-sat The G M 3 coil in the pics is not included as i have it for sale separately. Thanks
  14. Whoever was interested in the Gold Master coil i have for $60 shipped let me know as i still have it. Thanks

    Killer gold, great job. Rare to take home that much gold in a day.
  16. Chandler=dissapointment, aren't we worth at least Scottsdale?
  17. I think you will be selling the Equinox so fast it will be like fishing. The fish are biting so fast you have to stand behind a tree to bait your hook. The Best and thanks for the info. Chuck

    Very well done. Hard work pays off.
  19. Thank you for that information and advice. I am waiting to hear back from the fella with the GP 3000 about a trade offer i made him.
  20. I have a used Nugget Finder Advantage 14" Round Mono Coil for Sale. This coil has been used but works same as new. I used this coil on my GPX-5000 with great results! The only reason I am selling it is because I have way too many other coils. Asking $195 Shipped! (Free Shipping in the USA) Please email or call me if interested. Thanks, Don Newell 206-755-8927
  21. Went out to mid-western Arizona today, the place I have found nuggets before. This time I went about a half mile up the creek from the spot I have found all the black nuggets at and when it was light enough, began to dig. The temperature was in the fifties to start with and ended up in the mid-seventies, typical Arizona winter weather. I could tell the old-timers were here as there were stacked rocks but they didn't have detector and as I began to break open cracks in the stream, here and there a nugget would pop out. In total for the day it ended up at 19 DWT, just shy of the ounce I hoping for. The gold was very chunky and the picture sucks. I hope to make it back out again tomorrow and keep working the creek.
  22. Training, Prospecting and a long Hike

    Hey Dave,You have to learn to have thick skin on the forums ...... I thought your handle was "Diamondback Dave" for a reason ..... LOL
  23. Hey Chuck, Yep, I was there. Pretty much all the major US dealers were present (Arizona Outback, Myself, Bill Southern, Doc's Detecting, Gerry's Detectors and many more). A lot of talk on the new Minelab Equinox series 600 and 800. Minelab sure has made advancements in the Multi-Frequency department with the Coin/Relic detectors. I doubt anyone will be disappointed with the new Equinox. Minelab is still on target of releasing the unit towards the end of the month, Jan. 2018. I'm hoping they have plenty of units available to supply all the backorders/pre-orders out there.
  24. Hey Rod, Congrats on the recent finds and sharing with us. Yes, those Ferrite Rings are fragile, so one drop and it's in pieces. I've already done that .....
  25. Hey Guys, I just got back from the 2018 Minelab Dealers Conference that was held here in Arizona. There was a lot of talk about the new Minelab Equinox series (600 and 800) and the advancements they have made with Multi-Frequency Technology (Multi-IQ). They also mentioned about the Service centers, but I forgot to ask about repairing older PI's (SD and GP series). I think for the most part, the parts are no longer available). The price range for a SD or GP can get up to about $1500 if the unit is in fair condition with a few accessories. I wouldn't pay more than about $1000 for a used SD today, or more than $1500 for a used GP model. Keep in mind, Minelab units are very reliable and can last a lifetime. That being said, there is also a small change you could get that one bad one, where you turn it ON and it burns up.
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