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  2. Dang makes me not wanna sell my GPZ. No takers yet, it's still for sale. Too bad I could use the cash. Just so damn hard for me to find good areas to hunt. Would have to get back into it hard and spend a lot of time hunting for new areas that I just don't seem to have anymore. Maybe when I'm old and retired 😀
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  4. Very cool, beautiful country, reminds me of back home in British Columbia, thank you for sharing.... nice nuggets. Jen
  5. Hello I went out the other day to try out the new Makro Gold Kruzer in some field testing. I took it to an old patch that still has gold, mostly small stuff. But also has bad variable ground. A good place to test a new detector. The Gold kruzer is a higher frequency vlf that runs at 61khz only. It comes with 2 coils a 10 x5.5 concentric eliptical and a 7.5 x 4 eliptical dd. And really nice comfortable wireless headphones that are very easy to sync and stay synced. The gold kruzer is very well built like a tank and is lightweight. Unlike previous nok/mak brand coils that were a little hollow sounding when you bumped into rocks and such, these coils are thinner and solid. The Gold kruzer runs exceptionally smooth and quiet in this bad ground. It is a struggle to run gold monster on any auto mode or sensitivity no higher then manual 6. At this site. So it was quite shocking to see how quiet it was. I ran the sensitivity at 70-75 and even 80-85 at most of the area without any trouble. Other detectors blank out the threshold anywhere you swing it, but not Gold kruzer. It detects right thru without trouble. It does get good satisfactory depth on gold as does most newer vlfs. I was able to detect for a couple of hours and in that time i picked up a few pieces that Gold kruzer hit on well. Im looking forward to going back out again with Gold kruzer and trying some more areas. I will be also doing a video of undug targets with Makro Gold Kruzer, equinox and gold monster as Rob made us buy them all. Lol . I will also continue to have more post about Makro Gold Kruzer soon. All in all i would recommend Makro Gold Kruzer to anyone wanting a gold vlf that is very good at running smooth in bad ground and finding tiny to bigger gold easily. And is completely waterproof. Thanks and Good luck!
  6. Hey Jen, Nice looking gold. The SteelPhase are great signal enhancers. I can't keep them in stock, hoping Nenad has more coming my way very soon. I wanted to try one on my GPZ 7000 this winter over some spots I already hunted to see if it makes a difference for me. Congrats once again on the gold.
  7. Hello All, Been playing around with a new camera, trying to get back in the groove of posting some Youtube stuff. Here is a short video of some gold I found over the last couple of months, mostly with the PZ 7000 and some with the Gold Monster 1000.
  8. I bought one to but I havent tried it out yet I will soon though-Im all about the sound-Nice gold-looks like lost basin {King Tut Gold} not gold basin Mike C...
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  10. Very nice finds. Due to the depth of the gold left in most the patches, I do believe these sound enhancers are of major value. Anything to get you down to the layer no one has detected before.
  11. Hi all.... I normally no longer post my gold finds on the forums but I wanted to share some recent finds using the Steel Phase/Phasetech (Nenad) SP01 audio enhancer, I highly recommend it (link below). PS: Yes, all but the dime and large on on the scale shots are after they've been through an ultrasonic clean. Jen
  12. Hey All....Just wanted everyone to know my Facebook account got hacked and lots of folks have gotten hacked ... Kevin H. sent me the link to the hacker and I think, with the help of Arctic Dave, the hacker has gotten caught ... Turns out the same person has hacked many many accounts ... Their hacked accounts always end with some version of the word "jewel"..... Think FB problems are getting worse ... Sure would like to find an alternative to communicate with friends ... Cheers, Unc If you get this: fref=jewel it isn't me...
  13. Hello All, Some great finds coming in from customers. Here are a few of one of my recent customer finds that is now using the Minelab Equinox 800's
  14. That whole area was an abandoned community / commune that fell apart years ago. There are some remnants buildings still left standing, Im sure you have seen. There is another abandoned commune up on garnet mountain not to far from there up in the hills east of pierce ferry road. Closer to Gold Basin near the Temple bar back road and greggs hideout road there is a really old miners cabin tucked against the side of hill in great condition...
  15. Still available for pickup in the Dolan Springs area. Will be willing to trade for Proline HP500 pump/engine combo.


    Everything is New on it
  17. Took a drive up there today while I was in the area.... they've put up a nice marker for him.
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  21. Trail riding & Bedrock Busting for Gold Take a trip with Jeff and Mike as they go on a trail ride up in the Sierra's to look for some Gold trapped in Bedrock .
  22. Uncle Ron you are absolutely right. Sometimes you have some ironstone in there. But it is just an estimate. It's sort of fun just to see what the numbers say. Doc
  23. That was cool, Doc, watching you going through the same mumbly bump stuff I've gone through doing the same procedure ... The big problem I've run into is that the host rock was only partially quartz and the other part was unknown SG ... I hit one pocket that my weighing as you did said I should have had 2.5 OZT+ but when I sent it to a very reputable refiner it came back like 1.5 ozt ... So the big problem is knowing the actual SG of the host rock ...Cheers, Unc
  24. I know everyone and their brother knows how to do Specific Gravity tests, but for the newbies, here is an old You Tube video I did, actually walking myself through the process. Also, the big bonus is I did an excel spreadsheet that I am happy to share with anyone. You punch in Dry weight and Wet weight and wham, the grams of gold are figured automatically for you via the mathematical magic of excel equations. Hey gang, I am including a link to my Dropbox folder where you can find the spreadsheet to do your own Specific Gravity. As I said all you have to do is enter the Dry weight and wet weight and everything else is done for you automatically. I have the Excel file in two formats. .XLS and . XLSX. Feel welcome to download the one that will work in your version of Excel.
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