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  2. This is what happen to someone who followed me.😉
  3. Hey where did Border Boy come from? It's been awhile!
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  5. Funny you said that Rob, because I thought that first bunch of "nuggets" he panned out looked really weird like they were drippings. Like melted wax that would roll down the outside of a candle. I kept thinking, if you can find gold like that with your naked eye, why would you not be using a metal detector. Surely there is more and bigger gold that you can't see. Doc
  6. Hello All, Here is an old video I found back around 2014-15. I was using the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector, working a small ravine where I found many ounces of gold throughout the prior years. This was one ravine or wash where I always brought the next best detector to give it a whirl. For at least 10 years, I have been able to return back to this spot and find a few pieces deeper that were missed. It's a hard spot to work at least with larger coils, as the ravine or wash is loaded with large cobbles. This particular day using the GPZ 7000, I managed only a few targets, but this one happen to be gold. It was a faint whisper type target under a large cobble. I managed to remove the cobble and this is where the video pretty much starts. The nugget weighed right at 1/2 ounce and was probably 18-20 inches deep. The ravine or wash needs to be handstacked and then detected. There is no question, there is probably several ounces of larger nuggets still hiding at depth. I have dozens of older videos I haven't uploaded to Youtube. It's just a matter of time uploading these darn things. Hope you enjoyed. It's out there and "maybe even where you find it!"
  7. Hey Guys, Ya, I found one of this guys other videos and at first it caught my attention since it was in some other country. I thought for just a brief moment that the guy might be on some virgin placer deposit in some other country where you hear stories about the early gold rush days. After you watch some of his video or view his channel, it's very clear they melt down computer parts and such and get the gold out. I'm not sure if the guy is trying to sell these on Ebay or other marketplaces for "real genuine gold nuggets" or not. Looks like he is using volcanic rocks and molds, to give the gold some character. Chris Gholson - If this was your video, like in Australia, I would buy it! 😀
  8. Well real or not, it sure held my attention. I mean haven't we all had dreams like that? You always hear about the old-timers who happened on an area and there were just nuggets laying on top of the ground. We should live so long as to have something like this happen to us. My moment of disbelief is when he takes that enormous, museum sized nugget, and starts digging dirt with it. If that was real the guy would have to be a mental patient to treat that piece in such a disrespectful way. Doc
  9. About as real as a three dollar bill .
  10. Funny I've had dreams like this. Usually after a couple stiff Captain Morgan and cokes. Like Happy Gilmore's happy place. Wouldn't it be nice strolling along picking up multi ounce sun bakers?
  11. WTG Finder looks like your getting the hang of it Mike C...
  12. Looks gold to me Mike C...
  13. Fake??? Ahh come on now guys, isn't that how those multi-ouncers look right out of the ground? I like the nonchalant thumbs-up after he washes it off.
  14. Fake! Who is this guy trying to impress? Grubstake
  15. fake Look at the quartz how polished and not the right kind and is not imbeded in the nugget tightly. Also to shiney for just dug gold....... Just my thoughts
  16. Hello All, What are your thoughts ..... Fake or Real?
  17. Hello All, Here are just a few of my customer's finds, comments and pictures. I will be adding more. The Minelab Equinox series is amazing and I have never seen such a demand for a particular metal detector in the last 20 years.
  18. Hey Doc, I agree with you, I have found majority of my gold in places where it should have been. The spots favored what we know about gold, weight and where it deposits likely, likely mineralization, old-time workings and much more. It was a great article no question and I think it got a lot of people re-thinking about where the found gold and where they might look in the future. The ad would have looked better in the ICMJ 😀
  19. "gold-is-not-where-you-find-it" because you have already found it 😁
  20. Thanks for the plug Rob. As I said in the article, no one said you won't stumble across a nugget from time to time in a place where you would not normally look. You are walking from one likely spot to another and stumble across a nugget(s), and are sort of amazed. But the point of the article is, "Gold is usually found in the places experience, education and geology tell you it is most likely to be." I can imagine the greatest majority of those 10,000 nuggets were followed with an exclamation to yourself, "I thought this looked like a good place." I am sure you have a few, "What the hell is this doing here?" moments, but they were in the minority. If gold is simply where you find it, why do we bother looking on the inside bends of places where water flows, or is flowing? Why do we bother to go to areas where there is quartz and granite, and contact zones and mineralized dirt. Why did you bother to go to a jewelry store to buy Dawnie her gold engagement ring? Why didn't you go to a grocery store, or a shoe store, or a meat market? Now you might have wandered into a Marshall's and found that they had a jewelry counter with diamond rings, (that would have been a "gold is where you find it" moment) But that would not have been your first thought of where to go to look for a gold engagement ring. You're first thought when you wanted a gold engagement ring was to go to a jewelry store because that's where you were most likely to find gold jewelry. You have exactly 8 hours to find a gold engagement ring. Where you going to go? Jewelry stores or meat markets? Point being, smart detectorists spend their time wisely looking for gold in the places it is most likely to be. Gold is where you find it, is just a cute catch phrase. It's like you "always find your keys in the last place you look." Bottom line is, the greatest majority of gold is found by experienced people who have paid their dues and learned where to look for gold. As I said in my article, "Gold is where you find it" implies that it is all luck and coincidence. 5 guys who have never swung a detector go out detecting with you Rob. At the end of the day who is likely to have the most gold? I would place my money on you Rob. WHY? Well not because Gold is Where You Find It. It's because Gold is found where it is most likely to be, and you have a lot more experience in knowing where to look. Doc
  21. Hey, that may throw off the balance of the earths rotation!
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  23. Hey Guys, I'm sure most have seen or heard about this, but this was an amazing find. Just makes you think how many hidden veins contain this type of gold that hasn't been found.
  24. I thought it was a great read
  25. Well said. Hope, maybe, for the rest of us looking for a vigin patch.
  26. Very cool picture , thanks for the share. Awesome looking Gold !!
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