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  2. Dont forget the Spot Messenger System, and a pick hanging from a metal belt loop.
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  4. Nice carry piece .... Much better to be safe than sorry ! And yes there are crazy people that need to be in check ! Never go without one .
  5. This is an old thread but I found it interesting and thought I'd add my .02 worth, especially in light of all the crazies I saw up at Bumble Bee last weekend shooting full auto and whooping and yelling. I just clip my Glock onto my harness (this was my GPX harness but the same works fine on the Zed harness). This particular holsters a bit large as it's a large frame gun (Glock 23C) with a tactical light/laser so bigger than most. It's pain sometimes but there are just too many crazies out there these days and if you're swinging a multi thousand dollar detector and alone... well better to be prepared. Jennifer
  6. I have an old IBM Cpu that has gold in it.This is for those who know about extracting gold from CPUs.Selling for Usd 350 shipped. email at
  7. nice xt 18000 in great shape..$275 pics to come send a pm if interested
  8. So I double checked and - sure enough, Kieth does have an article in the January 2015 issue, my mistake. Its a short article about finding a patch out in the Pershing Co. - Rye Patch area. He finds a big nugget about 1 ounce in the patch. And sadly, Smokey Baird, Kieth's friend mentioned in the article, has since passed away.
  9. oh ok, the text above appeared to indicate that issue with Steve on the cover had an article in it by Keith, disregard. Thanks Chris. Jen
  10. I have no idea when the last time Kieth wrote an article for us - nothing recent, not even as recent as Steve's cover. We used to have an authors feature on the website that listed all the articles for the last decade or so by author, but apparently that disappeared when we updated the website the last time a year or so ago.
  11. Thanks Chris, knew it was an old one with Steve on the cover, was interested in the article Lunk mentioned in his comment, not not the cover of Steve but thanks. Jen
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  13. Jenifer - It was the ICMJ, but this is a nearly 2 year old thread. Steve was on the cover of the January 2015 issue. See:
  14. Forgot to quote, same question. Thank you
  15. Bill's forum down?

    Been there, got the t-shirt, won't be back, life's too short.
  16. Bill's forum down?

    Found a butt load o'gold there, but it was no big deal to get across that big wash...But I haven't been there in 6-7 years... There's bound to be some pockets with the new tech out there ... Good luck ... Cheers, Unc
  17. good story. I love to hear the accidental finds. LOL. And people say gold is not magnetic. Bull... if it wants you ... it'll pull you in. That beauty wanted you to take it home. Kudos to you for listening. Andy
  18. Hey Guys/Gals, Just wanted to Thank All who served our great country. I'm posting a bit early as I will be out all day tomorrow. God Bless American!
  19. Bedrock nugget 3-1/2 gram

    thanks for sharing your story...I could picture it...but yes, strange it is the mysteries of a prospector. I am beginning to think we all have a leprechaun tailing us on our hunts sometimes dropping nuggets for us to find and sometimes making us go home with nothing.
  20. Bedrock nugget 3-1/2 gram

    Way to listen to your detector!! Super nice looking nugget
  21. Bill's forum down?

    Jen ... Turn offf onto the access road and park about 200 yards on the left. AZ State Trust Land ... You will need permit. Use ATV from there. Claims start just after the turn about 2-2.5 miles from where you park. You CAN use you 4x4 to get to the beginning of the claims but will need the ATV from there. Plus deep sand in some of the access road where the washes cross. Have fun ... get some gold.
  22. NICE FIND !!!! Great story how things just happen perfectly by chance !
  23. I had started my morning hunt in a new location. I was in draw on a tree covered hillside that the ole timers had worked with toms and ground sluicing. Great place to look for some yeller! I started on a cut bank next to a few hand stacked rock piles.. nothing but boot tacks and bits of wire. I looked across the small creek to a promising spot on the other side. Dropped my backpack. And started rock hopping across the creek. For what ever reason.. I had my detector at my side, usually it’s I stepped from one rock to another my detector let out a nice mellow weeeewoooo...strange how some nuggets are found purely on accident. I’m so impressed that my detector picked up that target in 6” of water and my coil wasn’t breaking the surface. That 3-1/2 grammar was wedged down in a crack, took me a bit to get the bedrock to bust apart!! Man I love the hunt!!!
  24. Bill's forum down?

    I looked on page 16, I see exactly where you are talking about now, thank you.. How was the road off of Vulture Mine to that area, doable in a 4wd or do you need a quad? I just bought a new ATV but probably won't pick it up till Monday. Jen
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