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  2. Hi all.... when I purchased my GPZ 7000 I figured that the GPZ 19 coil was going to weigh a lot more than it does so I ordered a fancy wiz bang over the shoulder boulder holder weight distribution harness for it. After using the GPZ 19 coil for a while and then adding a Hip Stick to my system, I find that this item is excessive to my needs to I might as well sell it instead of having it collect dust. It works great and I didn't notice any interference with the coil in normal swinging. A perfect gift for the wife, works on a GPX5000 as well, lots of pics and video on their web site and Facebook page. Below is the price break down in Australian dollars and then converted to US funds... I'll sell it all, used only once, brand new condition, for $250.00 shipping included. Harness: $365.00 Shipping to USA: $80.00 --------- Total in Aus$: $445.00 Total in American$: $332.62 Selling for $250.00 shipped or can be picked up in Las Vegas or Gold Basin (I'm there every weekend). The Prospector Harness http://prospectorspick.com.au/the-prospector-harness/ http://prospectorspick.com.au/store/#!/The-Prospector-Harness-Camo-with-Pockets/p/76992631/category=14860389 https://www.facebook.com/pg/The-Prospectors-Pick-116698508457529/videos/?ref=page_internal
  3. Thanks for the Kudos guys Mike C...
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  5. Wow, pretty little nuggets. That's impressive detecting by you and the SDC. Mike
  6. Hey Mike, Congrats on the nuggets with the SDC 2300. No question the SDC will pick up those small ones most have missed with prior detectors. Wishing you much more luck with the new SDC 2300 metal detector.
  7. NICE Mike! Thats SDC will really sniff out the small stuff. Ive seen it in action with a guy I hunt with. Glad you got out. Yah, its getting warm....BLAH!!! Tom H.
  8. Pretty impressive nuggets there Rob Any time you can get out and get stuff like that is fantastic. Tom H.
  9. Doc: WTG on those nugs! Last week was really good for detecting...unfortunately...the heat is coming in. You are swinging with a bungy? I do. Helps a lot. Tom H.
  10. Last week
  11. Glad to hear that you are getting out again Mike. Nice gold for the time put in but you pay for it in sweat this time of the year. Keep on keeping on Bro. Old Tom
  12. Since the forums have been slow thought I would post some dinks from yesterdays really short hunt with the sdc-I havent been out in a long time so I got out to a very pounded patch in the desert about 9am and it was already very warm-saddled up and within the first 5 minutes I had my first and biggest one 2.2 grains-only down about 1-2 inches-about 2 hours later I had 3 more all down about 3 inches -bugs flying up my nose and in my eyes didnt make it any better as it was heating up fast--smallest one weighed in at .8 of a grain-total weight was 5.6 grains These are dinks that were missed hundreds of times by me and other detectorist with many different beepers so credit goes to the sdc-its going to take 100s of these size dinks to pay for it good thing its only a hobby for me -oh well still having fun with it sure wish they would offer a bigger coil for it -Total beepin time was 2.34 hours so thats about little over 2 grains an hour-I think Ill keep my day job Mike C...
  13. Could you please give me a call am very interested in your cube set up thank you sue 509-220-4537.
  15. Thanks, Doc...Alaska was quite an adventure...When that pic was taken we were waiting for our Native Alaskan pilot to pre-flight the plane...We flew the length of Preacher Creek ... Everyone but me and our guide/driver (and the pilot) passed out as soon as we took off...We'd been non-stop well financed partying while we researched the BLM and waited for the rain to stop so we could fly. One word for that trip: Great Alaskan Bush Company! Plus Summer Solstice Party outside Fairbanks! Cheers, Unc
  16. AMRA is a great organization, they have spent a lot of time and money defending miners rights here in my home State of California.
  17. Hey Doc, AMRA's a great organization for us miners/prospectors. We have to keep up the fight to protect our rights to prospect and mine. Hopefully with Trump in office, some of the EPA and other regulations will drop off. Would love to see dredgers back in the water here in the US.
  18. Hey Doc, Great to hear you're back in the field and getting some gold. Wishing you a speedy, full recovery on your elbow. Thanks for sharing the nuggets!
  19. Love that picture Uncle Ron! Doc
  20. https://americanminingrights.com/claims/ California and Arizona so far. Doc
  21. After having some pretty extensive surgery on my elbow December 30th, I have not really been able to swing much. They cut off the head of the radial bone and re-positioned the ulnar nerve. Re-positioning the nerve was no big deal, but cutting off the joint end of the bone, argh. That means I only have 1 bone connected in my right arm from my elbow to my wrist. Takes a while to build your strength up. But I'm about 90%. Tried swinging the 19 inch coil for a while, but my arm is just not quite ready for that. I went out Thursday May 18, because they are predicting that to be one of the last cool days we are going to have in a while. The day was gorgeous. 65 degrees, sunny, lite breeze. Lizards everywhere. Got a corn flake ad three more dinks. Got 4 off of the sides of a ridge in a gully where I had gotten 8 or 9 nuggets before. Fun day. I will be posting videos on You-Tube, let you know when they are up. BCOT! Doc
  22. I joined AMRA. Not only has this organization been granted a NOT FOR PROFIT status by the IRS, they are leading the fight to protect our mining rights. Because they are NOT FOR PROFIT your annual donation is tax deductible. In fact they are one of the only associations who are actually out there on the front lines fighting the good fight against heavy handed bureaucracy that infringe on our rights. Can you imagine rangers telling a miner he can't even mine on his own claim that he paid fees on? It has happened, and AMRA has gone to court to stop this kind of non-sense. Not only that, but joining AMRA gives you the right to prospect on their growing list of some pretty impressive claims. And as an added feature, they even allow crazy people like me to join! https://americanminingrights.com/ BCOT! Doc
  23. yup...sad and beautiful at the same time....the love of family and the sacrifice to survive and put food on the table. Wonderful people the Filipinos.
  24. Nice stuff. You still got the skillz.
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