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  2. Thank you for taking the time to post this wonderful story. When good detector operators consistently come up with gold, it seems like "of course, you get a metal detector and go out and find gold." However, as most of us know, it is not at all that way at all. It takes a big commitment of time given to learning the detector, to learning how to do real research and most of all, time and patience for learning yourself. One of the hidden aspects of success is attitude. It's something you either have or you don't. It seems pretty clear T-Bone had that quality front and center. Anyway thank you again.
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  4. I have only had a chance to wear them for a couple hours ... was surprised that even though they were extra wide that they were a little narrower than I thought they would be. Now that was and is not a negative just an observation. I normally get a 10.5 EEE boot because of the sock I wear but this time I went with the 11 EEE because I was ticking my big and second toe toenail on the inside of the boot on long hikes or all day in very hot conditions with the old 10.5 EEE boots.. Secondly I like to wear a heavy boot sock ... or a sock liner and medium weight boot sock ... when I wear boots ... it prevents me from having blisters on a long, forced march into the wilderness chasing golden nuggets. I think these new boots are going to work out nicely for me once I get by something that I never expected or saw coming. Not sure why but a couple days after receiving the boots I got Gout in my left foot big toe! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOOTS! Just wanted to make that perfectly clear. Once the Gout is handled and I can get back into the boots I will take them on a short hike to help break them in. Initial reaction though is ... YEA! I have a new pair of boots and they fit well!
  5. Hey Guys, Here is the article wrote by Arizona Al in the GPAA magazine back in around 1995. It was shared by a forum member here. Thanks for allow us to view it.
  6. Hey Guys, A forum member sent me this over, it's the Article Arizona Al wrote in the GPAA back around 1995 about T-Bone's large nugget.
  7. Mine fit perfectly and should have a chance to try out this weekend. Thanks!! Mike
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  9. Mike Furness, Rob, and a few others purchased the new Desert Tan Hot Weather no-metal boots from Bates. Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to use them yet and what their feedback was. Thanks! Doc
  10. often have thought to get my license and a handheld for that very reason. I prospect a lot all by my lonesome and many times I am miles from the road. Also when hunting in the North Maine Woods one can find themselves 10-15 miles from help depending on how adventurous one wants to be. I have little fear of the woods and often find myself farther out than I at first told other members of my party. a HAM or shortwave as I call it could be the ticket to communication in either of those situations. Of course in the hunting situation someone else would have to have one too to make it worthwhile.
  11. Turns out unbeknownst to me my computer was in the middle of an update when I tried to view that video. Just got off of it a minute or so ago ... very well done. That guy is a natural in front of a camera.
  12. Worked fine for me just now. 8/15/17 6:50am AZ time. Mike
  13. Make sure you line it up right before you snap it on because its a tight fit! There was also a little issue with some of the early coil covers because the logo sticker inside was made of foil. If yours has one of those little stickers make sure to peel it off so it doesn't set your detector off. Also if you need to remove the coil cover to clean out dirt or anything use a couple butter knives to start prying it off and kinda work your way around the cover to pop it off. Like I said it's tight. When I sent my first GPZ back to Minelab for a warranty replacement I forgot to pop my Doc's coil cover off. They couldn't get it off so they sent me my new GPZ and they old coil back with the cover still on it! Got about $100 for the old coil on eBay that someone in Arizona bought from me. No clue what they wanted to do with it, maybe take it apart and try to make a GPX/Z hybrid?
  14. Agreed, mine arrived yesterday, thx Rob. In Phoenix today for meetings but I'll be back in Gold Basin in 4 hours and will be putting it to the rest. Jen
  15. I'm gonna finally get around to upgrading today. Hopefully in a couple weeks the weather will improve a little and I can get out and detect. I'm not really interested in adding anymore filters as it is so I'll probably not mess with the "Locate Patch" option as most of the ground where I hunt isn't that hot anyways. The Semi-Auto ground balancing sounds interesting tho. I always ground balance if I'm in a new area with the Quik-Track button and iron ferrite ring but apparently it's just an option if you're running in Auto ground balance like I've always done. Apparently the GPZ will just balance on it's own after 10-15 seconds of turning on. I heard it stabilizes even better after about 30 minutes of detecting. With the Semi-Auto setting balancing with the Quik-Track button and the ferrite ring is necessary according to Minicab's instructions. Always learning new things about this machine. Seems simple at first but you can get pretty deep in some of the settings if you choose.
  16. These are a must have in Arizona if you own a GPZ, the stock covers are made of soft Tupperware plastic
  17. Damn those are some nice ones! Get out there Rob and show them how it's done!
  18. A buddy of mine got into HAM radio the hard way about 10 years back when his Toyota broke down on the backside of Mt. Lemmon and he had no cellphone service. He was stuck back there about three days I guess. Since then he got his HAM license and has his truck rigged up with a radio and he carries a small handheld one when we go hiking. The range is pretty amazing, we chatted with his brother once on his HAM radio when we were hiking in the Patagonia Mtns and his brother was rock climbing on Mt. Lemmon! We also talk to his dad when we camp too. His dad has one at his house so he'll be talking to us in his recliner at home and we'll be sitting by the campfire somewhere out in the desert it's pretty cool.
  19. Couldn't open the video ... is there a problem with it or has it been taken down.
  20. Heeey.  What's your  deal.  Mr.  Lol  ???

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      What haveyou been doing  ??

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      Hey, how's the 4500 working out for ya? Find any gold....Been busy...working on a new project, a 5 bank trailer mounted dry washer to get the small stuff 1/2" down. 

  21. Minelab GPX 5000 - 8" mono, 11" mono, 11" DD coils. 2 lower shaft rods. Manual, battery, minelab battery harness, Koss headphones. Camo box cover. Minelab Pro Swing 45 harness. This machine is in excellent working order. Located in Wilhoit. Pick up, or meet in Prescott or Congress area possible. Asking $2700. Call or text Lou: 928.514.3680
  22. Thats a cool vid. Layed back and fun Seems like a easy going guy. Tom
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  24. Thanks Fred. I think it's the opposite side of the mountain from the headwaters of the Kern river. Hendo
  25. I don't have any personal or current info. However, you may remember the 12 oz nugget found by Bob Woodward...I think that was his name... Anyway those placers are ( I think) part of some branches of old river channel that have been worked for many miles and in many places from Randsburg onward...Jim Straight writes about them in one of his books. One of those places I always meant to go see and have not fred
  26. Beautiful and he is in a good area...Down hill from there is probably rich in smaller gold and uphill is the source...Just takes some lookin' ... Thanks for sharing .... Cheers, Unc
  27. Hey Frank, Desert Outfitters is no more. Hendo
  28. bsumbdy, just looking for a place less hot. Hendo
  29. Hendo, is the shop in Vegas still in business ?
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