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  2. Rob, your a Minelab dealer. What would be your recommendation between the Old 2100 and the New GM1000
  3. How would you say the old SD 2100 compares to the newer Whites TDI SL used for about the same price?
  4. No worries.... where are you located? Phoenix by chance?

    Hey Afriscot, Real nice batch of gold you recovered. I would recommend chasing the bedrock down to the deeper bedrock areas if you're getting that on the more shallow stuff. It might be real interesting to see what might be hiding deeper, especially if the old-timers never beat you to it. Keep us updated with your success metal detecting. You always seem to be finding some great gold and inspiring us that it's still out there to be found.
  6. Hey Brian and others, No real talk about the GPZ or anything new coming out along those lines. The new focus from what I gathered is Minelab really concentrating on the coin/relic market once again. There was some talk about getting the XChange software updated and doing more with it, but they didn't go really into any solid details. I'm sure in the future we will hear more from Minelab on this. No question, Minelab is moving forward with Advanced Technology and much better Support than we have seen in the past.
  7. Minelab SD 2100 value

    Hey Rod, I would check it out, if it works well it's worth $700.00. It's a great PI, so you will get good depth, good sensitivity to smaller bits and great mineral immunity. I found a lot of nuggets with the SD 2100 back in the day. There are a lot of aftermarket parts and searchcoils that will also help increase performance even more.
  8. I'd let the monster go for 550. Everything else has sold. Jen, please accept my apologies. Thought someone might just toss out an offer on both machines.
  9. I have a chance to buy a lightly used SD 2100 with 2, maybe 3 coils if the old fella that has it can find the other one. I think i can get it for around $700. Is this a fair price and is the 2100 a decent nugget detector. And help appreciated. Thanks
  10. ... Change direction ... Diamondbacks are the residents here ... we're just visiters! This one might make me change directions and RUN!
  11. Congrats on your first nuggie. Hope you find more soon.
  12. First detector gold for me.

    I went back and cleaned out the crack where my first detector gold came from.... I can only imagine what is waiting. I think i have the fever again....

    Very nice! Awesome finds.

    Nice one day score, Afriscot...That's some beautiful gold! ... Cheers, Unc
  15. Last week

    Its fun to chase the bedrock, especially when your rewarded!
  17. Oh brother! I dont know if I would shoot or run if I saw that out when I was detecting! Tom H.

    WTG on the gold! Very nice day out for you Congrats. Tom H.

    Bedrock starts at two feet but dips in places. I always imagine what's down there

    Congratulations! How deep is it to bedrock? Brian.
  21. Hi Rob, any news on further updates for the GPZ or Minelab fixing the Xchange software so its compatible with our GPZ's? Thanks, Brian.

    That's awesome! Way to go!
  23. Want to trade some cash and a Whites Gold Master V-sat just back from Whites where they replaced the course and fine ground balance pots, the threshold pot, Iron ID switch, and headphone jack, tested it with the 6"x10" coil. I also am waiting on delivery of a new 8"x14" Sierra Gold Max coil and lower rod and a used 4"x6" Shooter coil and cover. They are in Montecito California and being held up by the flooding and mudslide but are do to arrive Thurs.. I have the receipts from Whites for the repairs and 2 AA battery holders. Want to trade for Whites TDI SL or maybe an older model Minelab GP/SD.I am enclosing pics of the V-sat The G M 3 coil in the pics is not included as i have it for sale separately. Thanks
  24. Whoever was interested in the Gold Master coil i have for $60 shipped let me know as i still have it. Thanks
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