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  2. 3 grams

    Man you have skills bro!!
  3. Hey folks, well have to let go of a few beautiful Motherlode nuggs I found recently...price includes shipping and signature confirmation p.m. me if you have any questions. 11.75 grams @ 45.00 per gram I couldn't load the other photo with scale, I can do it on request ...if you have any interest in buying.
  4. Birthday Nugget

    Nice! Happy B-day. At least you can still get out Tom H.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Very nice congratulations! it looks like it had traveled some from the roundness
  7. Desert Pilot. You can always take a ohm meter and see if it connects from side to side Nice Quartz/gold find. WTG Tom H.
  8. Got to agree Andy. And, everyone has a gun! Tom H.
  9. That’s a nice specimen there.
  10. Birthday Nugget

    Nice job Bob and happy birthday. Hopefully we can get some detecting done next month. I’ve had a really busy schedule lately.
  11. Pretty cool Bob, That's strange to see gold form that area in white quartz I've always seen gold in the red quartz? Makes you wonder where at in the mountains it came from? Temps are dialing back we should meet up in Greaterville or the SV area sometime. DP
  12. This was my first gold found with my detector. These pictures really don't do it justice. I have not ever done a specific gravity test but the gold appears on both sides.
  13. I was able to get out for a few hours today and picked up this little guy south of Tucson. I will be older tomorrow.
  14. Last week
  15. Good ear, Bsumbdy! And beautiful piece of gold.
  16. The issue isn't everything being picked clean. The issue is finding open claims to detect. FRUSTRATING...
  17. Thanks, It was a thrill to find it. I'm headed back out there for the Stanton LDMA outing in November with a better detector. I heard that the area has been picked clean, but I will give it a try.
  18. Thats a heck of a nice find Congrats mystery guy! I always check quartz......just waiting for that signal some day. Tom H.
  19. Hello All, Just a quick announcement of a new Coiltek release, the 22" Round DD Searchcoil. This new DD configuration will provide the user with excellent ground coverage, DD performance in a light-weight shell while still providing a robust and high quality product. This coil will be best suited to open terrain where the mineralization is moderate to high and can also provide the user with the GPX iron discrimination function if hunting for buried treasure in a high trash area. DD configured searchcoil are also great for hunting for gold nuggets in very mineralized ground. The DD will run much smoother in higher mineralization over a monoloop searchcoil and still gives you the discrimination ability to use. Some specs on the Coiltek 22" DD Goldstalker - Open Web Design DD Configuration Can use the discrimination feature on GPX detectors Includes skid plate and mounting hardware Standard shaft mount Ultimate depth and senstivity Smooth operation in mineralized areas Weight - 1110 Grams or 37 Ounces approx. 2 Year Warranty from purchase date We now have added to our online store if anyone is interested in a purchase. The coil is $435 with free shipping
  20. Hey Guys, Here is a pretty information write up on the various technologies of metal detectors by Minelab over the years, including the new Minelab Equinox metal detector. Worth a quick look over if you haven't seen it already - Sounds like this detector will be a good one. We are still taking pre-orders on this unit if you want to get one of the first ones that arrive. Contact us by phone or email to get your name on the pre-order list. No money required up front, we will cll once they arrive.
  21. nice. gotta love how gold is sometimes found with that red quartz
  22. Hello All, A customer of mine sent me this picture of a nice 2.5 ounce gold specimen found in Arizona. It was found with the Minelab Eureka Gold, but the customer now has a Garrett ATX to re-investigate the area. The customer read about chasing down quartz, so they found this piece near the surface in an area with a lot of quartz laying around on the surface. It's still out there .....
  23. Hey Guys, As many prospectors that have hammered the known Northern Nevada goldfields, it's amazing this kind of gold is still being found.
  24. Super nice bunch of gold!! I see someone spends a lot of time detecting, well done.
  25. Man.............that last pic is a gorgeous nugget! Tom H.
  26. I detected with this prospector and he test drove my GPZ before buying his.... Seeing him rape and pillage the gold fields leaving nothing behind him but gold dust in his wake makes me wish I hadn't... hahaha Just kidding, he works hard for his gold and I'm proud to say I was there when some of that was found.... good job, save a bit for us though will ya!! Jen
  27. Pyrite should be good for big gold, though, right? Did you find the yellow while you were out there ... ?
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