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  2. Well Doc, And all. I did get those blackhawk boots. Yes they have lots of metal in them. One idiot on the review Q&A said there was no metal. lol I left my comments regarding the metal on the Q&A so people are clear on the metal issue. Anyway since im using the Gold Bug II alot of the time, this will have no affect on me. For the price, I decided to keep them. The cobras by bates will likely be my next pair, especially for Super Detector PI usage.
  3. And thats where the GM 1000 will fit the ticket Mike C...
  4. They want them all but I guess they havent learned yet that NO ONE ever gets them all Mike C...
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  6. You are right Rob. That's why I just purchased a used 2300 haven't decided if I like it yet but every time it gets used I like it more. Its way better than tearing down the 7k each time I want to get back on the bike.... But if the choice was there....
  7. I saw this video a while ago and had to watch it like five times. I think I'm doing it wrong.
  8. If only if only! Good stuff guys.
  9. Thanks Rob. Lately I have really enjoyed the night hunts. Between the critters gold and quiet it's hard to beat. Best of luck to you all! Stay cool!
  10. Hey AZ-Sourdough, Nice display of various rough gold - to wire gold. The only decent amount of wire I found over the years was in a small gulch up in the Northern Bradshaws from drywashing. A friend found a nice 2+ ounce "wire nugget ball" there on bedrock, which lead us to start placering the gulch. The wire nugget still had fragments of quartz inside the wires. I will see if I can dig up a picture of it. It was one of the most pristine gold nugget/specimens I have seen detecting. He had several offers from gold collectors at 3-4 times the spot value at that time, but didn't want to sell.
  11. Hey Guys, Hopefully for the ones that want it, a smaller coil might come around for the GPZ 7000. If Minelab continued this series, the GPZ for an extended time like the SD, GP or GPX, then I could see a benefit for them. It took a lot of time for the 19-inch GPZ coil to get released, way after the promised release date. If there is a smaller coil, my gut feeling is they want to get it right and not promise a release at some point and not get near that date. When it comes to the right conditions like AZ-Sourdough stated, I use the SDC. It's quite expensive to have a SDC 2300 and a GPZ 7000, but last winter I used the SDC on long hikes and exploration runs to see if "any" gold was at these locations. If I found something worthwhile and thought the GPZ would be beneficial there, I would hike back with the heavy monster. I haven't tried it on "small wires" so there is a good chance I could miss those, but pick up the small 1-2 grain flat or round pieces at or near bedrock with ease. It also handled the hotrocks and mineralization better than a GB2, plus the added depth from a super sensitive PI. That all being said, the VLF's are much lighter than even a backpack Pulse Induction SDC 2300.
  12. Hey Doc and Jen, Rod and I did a lot of "Horse Trading" on this GPZ deal. I'm not sure why he didn't get one, or why I didn't mention it. I think Rod has something else in mind, or maybe a custom one he was going to make. Either way, I'm sure Rod will make sure the $8000 metal detector is protected good in the field.
  13. Hello All, Here seems to be a nice day of dredging in New Zealand. Looks like a place called Moke Creek. If dredging was like this often I would never get out of the water. I still love dredging (preferably clear water), but the water is so seasonal here in Arizona.
  14. Hey Jen, Ya, no offends to Doc, the boots were nice and at the time they were the only No-Metal I could find. The last pair I had the entire sole ripped off like on the third hunt out. I ended up using Shoe Goop to fasten the sole back to the bottom. I also had problems like you shown along with the outer front sides ripping out. Bottom line, Doc has always treated his dealers and customers top notch, but the Bates Boots don't get my top approval anymore.
  15. Hey Rob, on the Lost Treasures archives they have Jim Straight's story on T-Bone's nugget "."t-bone" And His Three-ounce Gulch" for $2.95. More stories on Bill Southern's forum. Bill
  16. Highly recommended Rob, I have one, it's a must have, order one!! Jen
  17. Hi Rob, sadly I have to agree with you on the Bates, mine lasted exactly 2 days in Gold Basin before the sides blew out on them, fortunately I was still in Vegas at the time and Doc just gave me a replacement set right away (which are in the box and have not been tried so not sure if they'd last any longer). That being said, those two days did score me several hundred $ in AU so the cost benefit analysis clearly showed a win in my favor so I won't complain. Jen
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  19. Hey Rod and Doc, Rod - Like always, you wrote a very honest and accurate opinion on metal detecting and detector technology upgrades. I'm also one that don't get too wrapped up in technology know how, but rather using the detector to really well. I think the key with most detectors is threshold, accurate ground balance and paying attention to faint targets if you're chasing deeper stuff. I have re-visited many old patches that myself and many friends hunted for years. I pulled more nuggets and trash from these areas with the GPZ 7000 and stock 14x13 coil. Just working old patches that first Summer season in 2015 I scored over 9 ounces in old patches working on the weekends (roughly 3-4 months). I pretty much paid for the GPZ on old patches where guys worked with early VLF's to the current GPX series. I was pretty impressed, but never found anything over 1/2 ounce at depth. The big ones just seem to be far and few in-between in most locations. It's always been great knowing you Rod, from the early days of you helping me with the forums and even website. We have had a great friendship and hope it stays that way forever. Thanks for always being a loyal customer and friend. Wishing you great success with the GPZ 7000. Hope you keep us updated here on your success as you use it more. Doc - I think most agree with the Minelab PI's, they have gotten somewhat better each time out. I think in my opinion the greatest moment in time was the jump from the SD to the GP Extreme. I found a lot of gold during that time. I think the jump from the GPX to the GPZ might be close, but still give the edge to the SD-GP era for at least me. I like you Doc have re-visited many spots and continue to find more gold with the GPZ. This makes it very fun to detect these areas again.
  20. Hey Guys, Thanks for the great pictures and story. Sure are a lot of creatures roaming around the desert in the night hours. Wishing you much more success out there detecting. Stay hydrated and be aware of your surroundings at night!
  21. Hey AZ-sourdough, I agree with you 100%. Glad to see you on the forums. I was hoping to find some more pictures on T-Bone, but I don't have much of my pictures from back in the early 90's when I hunted up around Northern Nevada. Now with a family & business, it makes it very difficult to break away for more than a few days. If anyone has any stories, pictures or articles about Terry T-Bone I would love to pass them on to his Daughter. Thanks!
  22. Doc- we can both agree on one thing, quality footwear is essential to any prospector. -None of us want "blunt twigs" going through the sole nor do we want the sides to blow out "too quickly" I don't wear this brand but you might check out this military contractor. They may have what your looking for and are usually available commercially as well. https://www.bellevilleboot.com/index.php? Best wishes!
  23. Guys-One thing we can all agree on here is that is PAYS for the prospector to have the right equipment for the "CONDITIONS". For me it's not just about small or large as much as it is about "maximizing efficiency". All of the reasons ya'll stated apply in my opinion. For example- as stated by cowkiller above his piece was on bedrock with only 3in of overburden. In those shallow conditions, the small coil WILL SEE everything small and LARGE, this we know. However, that large "lunker finder coil" WILL MISS some small ones for several different reasons. Especially them "lil wires". Different strokes for different folks.... I can hike a lot further carrying only one detector though. Best wishes!
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  25. I have dropped the price to: $225.00 for this next-to-new coil. Gary
  26. Doc you nailed it about tight spots. That's the only reason for me. I don't want to find smaller gold (that's what the gb2 is for) just more of it. I have had several solid nuggets that were just whispers for their depth that should have been screamers. The problem was the coil wasn't actually getting over them, but a few inches to the side. When a smaller coil could have been right on top. Example... 2 Grammer 3 inches deep on bedrock deep in the side of a waterfall type thing. A Joey coil would have been right on top of it. But the 14 was stuck a few inches away. This nugget took way to Long to find and at one point I was convinced it was ground because the signal never got stronger. Long story short I got that little guy! But a small coil would have helped and that's enough reason for me.
  27. Not in my world. When I sell a boot that is NO METAL, it means it is NO METAL. NO METAL anywhere. Composite eyelets, fiberglass shanks, etc. etc. With these high powered detectors and large coils, they will pick up eyelets with no problems. You end up with one of two issues. You either hear a subtle target sound every time you sweep by your boots, or even worse you ground balance manually or tracking sees that "constant" as mineralization and adjusts your metal detector lowering the sensitivity of the detector to small targets. I've sold thousands of pairs in the 37 years I've been doing this. I believe in making life easy on yourself when metal detecting, I don't need the distraction of a piece of metal in my boots. True NO METAL boots are just a real pleasure to detect in. I have even had customers who purchased "no-Metal" boots with a side zipper. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "NO METAL" SIDE ZIPPER BOOTS. The pull on the zipper of the boots is metal, and YES you will hear it. Took a guy out for training on his GPZ7000 he had side zipper boots. Halfway through the day, he said, "You were right, I hate these boots. I didn't think they would bother me, but when I get a subtle target I have to try to turn the zippers away from the detector, which is impossible to do when you have a zipper on the outside of each boot." Each to his own. Doc
  28. Tom's dad has been married to his first wife for 61 years and still going. If she goes then I'll follow soon after. Old Tom
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