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  1. LOL Wade, it's not easy to part with the Extreme. The good news is the new SDC 2300 will be great for 3 summer months in Alaska, water proof.
  2. I'm selling my GP Extreme and a nice batch of accessories for $1000.00 What you get: Minelab GP Extreme 14 Coiltek Round Mono Coiltek Wallaby 17 DD Pro Elliptical Minelab 8' Super Gold Search Mono Round Minelab GP Extreme 18 Stock Coil (pretty sure it's a hybrid, I’ve ran it in mono) Round Koss Headphones Coiltek AMP Doc’s Control Box Cover Doc’s Sheepskin Armrest Cover Doc’s/Coiltek Pocket Rocket L-ion Battery System 2 Wall Chargers. I don’t have the DC cords but use an inverter on my truck battery when camping. 2 Batteries, these are good Rayovac batteries. Not the cheapo Assia ones. They retail for $80.00+ each at Batteries and Bulbs (formerly Batteries Plus). Less than 2 years old. Extra lower shaft These 4 coils will cover the vast majority of detecting scenarios you will encounter, shallow, deep, hot/cold ground etc. History of the Extreme: I purchased this detector from Rob Allison in 2003. One owner, that's me, and I've found my fair share of gold with this detector. Keep in mind that I've been prospecting for 30+ years and know what I'm doing. You can find a lot of gold with this detector but remember, it's more than the machine that matters. Experience, location, state of mind, etc. all play huge roles in your success. Every detector has it's own language and, if you take the time to learn that language, that is one of the keys to successful detection of nuggets. I also recommend getting off your butt and putting your boots on the ground. The unit and coils show signs of wear because I’ve actually used them, a lot. No closet dust collector here, crawling on the ground, cat claw, etc. And I’m not going to shine it all up for you because if you actually use it, like you should to find gold, it will get dirty. I generally have given it a good cleaning once or twice a year. Now it’s your turn to decide on the cleaning schedule but, if you actually get out and detect 6 - 8 hours per day, 2 - 4 days per week (like I have) you’ll likely soon tire of all the after trip cleanings too. Any problems with the detector? No. Anything I should know about the detector? Yes. The discrimination knob is loose. It’s been in this state for 10 years with zero effect on the unit. Discrimination only will work with a DD coil and you have to be within inches of the target to make it work. And discrimination on a pulse induction unit like the GP Extreme is not perfect. It will blank out gold mixed with ironstone. Forget the discrimination and dig every target, seriously. The only reason I ever purchased a DD coil is for the worst ground and to try something new. I’ve found 95% of the gold, with this unit, with mono coils. Because I prefer monos. The 14 mono has a drawing of “Trogdor the Burninator” on it. Why the hell would I do that? Years ago I wanted to encourage my kiddo to detect with me and this was a fun way to encourage that. If you don’t like it buy some non corrosive, non metallic spray paint and paint it whatever you like, red, white blue...knock yourself out. The AMP to Battery cable has a loose ring. Keep it nice and tight and you’ll never have to worry about it. Why am I selling this detector? I’m a semi-retired guy who loves to prospect and just bought a new SDC 2300. Now I have several detectors but can’t use two at one time. Plus I’d like to recoup some of the money I spent on the SDC. Is the SDC better? I have no idea, just bought it yesterday (10-11-2015) and have only used it once. The SDC will be a new adventure for me just like the Extreme will be for you. Are you interest in a trade? Nope, just cash i.e. play money. If I show up and offer less than 1000.00 I’ll bet you’ll take it, eh? Nope, not hard up for money. Just trying to sell this unit and it’s accessories at a fair price to someone who wants a quality used detector and a great selection of accessories. Will you give me a detecting lesson? No. You can download the GP Extreme Manual from Minelab. I never had a detecting lesson (frankly they are a waste of time, my opinion of course) and if you read and get out there you’ll figure it out. How do I use the Pocket Rocket? First, always keep the detector turned on. It’s been in the on position for years. Connect the cable to the Pocket Rocket, insert the battery and turn it on. (Only turn the Pocket Rocket on with a coil plugged in, never without.) It’s made for both SD and GP models and there is a worn out sticker on it that shows which way is which, GP/SD. In heavy brush you might flip it to SD on accident but if you do don’t worry, it won’t harm the unit, just turn the switch in the right direction, retune/balance and get back to detecting. I’ve always mounted the Pocket Rocket on the right side of the arm cuff and if you keep the configuration that way all you need to remember if to flip it forward, toward the coil and the gold fields in front of you. you’ll never have a problem. I’m north of Phoenix and would love to sell the unit locally so I’m starting on the AZ based gold forums. Feel free to text me @ 608-305-4763 or email me at azgoldpros @ out the spaces. Or PM here on the forum, but text and email are best. If I need to ship the detector to you the shipping cost, insurance, etc. is your responsibility. Thanks, Rod. If you want to see a bigger pic visit:
  3. Something jumped out at me and I wanted to toss in a few cents... Marco, I'm having a hard time understanding where you are coming from on a few points. Do you mean it's now a pride issue for the working man, too prideful to admit the "truth"? I think not. People have to justify a non-purchase? Most of the time people justify expense, not lack of expense, and most men in this hobby are men enough to plainly state if they can afford a new detector or not. Keep in mind, the whole point of a buying a new model is that the new model will supposedly find the gold the other units missed. Now here is where it gets real, the new model has to find enough of that gold, the gold the older unit missed, to justify the cost. Only the gold the older unit would have missed pays for the new unit, not every nugget found with the new unit. That's the bottom line and, I speak from personal experience from owning both a GP Extreme and a 3500. If I really wanted a 4500 I could hand Rob the cash tomorrow, not an issue, however, based on how well my old Extreme works and my previous experience with "upgrading" I'm not going there. Can't imagine digging deeper holes or squinting for smaller pieces, the old unit works both ends of the spectrum perfectly. Not every new "GPX" (makes me think GP Extreme not 4500) user believes that "they're worth every cent". I've talked to several who had quite the opposite opinion. My thinking has a hard time with that kind of blanket statement. There it is.
  4. Congrats Rob and Dawn Each day will be a new adventure
  5. Grubstake we made a donation to your family and I'll also post this on my forum to help out. We PayPaled the money to and its from AUEX which is a business entity of mine. We're all praying for Alec and your family
  6. My family is praying for him Grubstake.
  7. I emailed you Jim, thanks!
  8. Unless someone steps up saying they will help and have somewhere to send this stuff to Rob this idea is going no where fast unfortunately.
  9. In addendum to my post above, even if you have no extra $$ or any panning dirt, just send him or a friend of his an email to forward to him, that is plenty enough. If you can do a little more then share it if you choose. No one is keeping score. Its all about the thought and helping one of your own who is down, because that is what counts
  10. Thanks Bob and Flak Bob I completely agree Flak I know some spots that with a nice amount of fines, flakes and maybe a picker or two, good panning material that does not need to be salted. I'd be willing to vac up a nice large amount say enough for 10 to 20 good pans and pay all the shipping cost and send it to a friend of his to deliver no problem at all. Or if you don't know where to get good panning material we can find a 3rd party to send some $$ to and have that person buy him some books, magazines, movies, a good one would would be North to Alaska with John Wayne Tell you what to get the ball rolling I'll pony up for a new copy of North to Alaska on DVD for him. Just need to know the who and where Hell if a lot of us did it regardless of the amount of gold, gifts or whatever it would sure put a grin on his face and he might end up with quite a bit of gold if more people donate some dirt Its no fun to be hurt, been there before and it sucks, but it feels good to know your peers are in your corner
  11. I posted this over at nuggetshooter but it looks like it fell on deaf ears: Any of you folks want to do this?
  12. Between Google Earth Plus and NASA World Wind you have all bases covered. You can do topos and aerials in both if you know how
  13. It was a great hunt can't wait to go back
  14. I'm a Hermit Pick man myself Rob