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  1. Hello All, We just received the new book written by Dr. Erik Melchiorre - Gold Atlas of Quartzsite, Arizona - Volume 3 Plomosa Mountains. This is the 3rd book written about the Quartzsite area. A must have if you prospect or metal detector around this region. Some great pictures, maps and much more. The book is 216 pages. We have attached a link directly to the online store for anyone that wants to purchase it -
  2. Hey Guys, I got your comments on the range of guesses, but since we have already started and over a week in, we will just leave it. I understand when someone guesses close to you, it kind of sucks, but you don't know the weight, so just 1/10 over the weight and your out. I have looked at the guesses and there is a wide range of guesses.
  3. Hey Guys/Gals, I'm just glad to be honest Minelab built the Gold Monster. For the last 3-4 years, Minelab was way behind on a new VLF. The Eureka Gold was loosing interests fast when it was listed at over $1000 MAP, then they lowered the price and I still didn't see a big pick up in sales. There are just too many VLF's on the market ranging from like 20khz to 71khz. Many of the newer VLF detectors are running that mid-range freq from around 48-55khz or so. This seems to be the new range where most high end VLF's will benefit on not solely small gold, but a much wider range of gold and able to balance in higher mineralized ground. From what I experienced over the years with VLF's the high freqs ran great on exposed bedrock, mine dumps and places with low to moderate mineralization. However, the mid-freq VLF's seem to run much smoother on high mineralization where large amount of iron or volcanics were present in the soil. I love the GB2 @ 71khz with the small 6.5-inch coil on many dumps that contain just traces of gold in the ore or quartz. Also, if you're drywashing and vac-packing, you can't beat running the GB2 over these areas after the bedrock is cleaned off. The Gold Makro with the small coil does close to the same, but I still give the edge on very small gold to the GB2. The Gold Monster 1000 in my opinion will not be running against these units solely. I have heard and even mentioned it might be Fisher Goldbug 2 competition, but I meant more of the Original Gold Bug and Pro, which operate at 19Khz. It will be interesting to see and no doubt increase Minelab's sales in the VLF range, which I feel they lost over the last 3-4 years with the Eureka Gold.
  4. Hey AZBlackbird, Great talking with you. I think I'm going going to hold off for now. It's a great looking unit and hope you get what you're asking for it.
  5. Give me a call at 623.362.1459 about your unit if you would. Thanks!
  6. Hello All, Many are asking about the new High Freq Searchcoil by XP DEUS along with the latest v4.0 update. Here is all the information you need about the new update - I should have the 9-inch Round High Freq coils very soon if anyone is interested. They will be $425.00 with FREE Shipping from us. You can read about the coil here on our site -
  7. Hello All, I personally haven't tried the Garrett Z-Lynk wireless system on a Minelab GPX series, but a customer wanted to know if you can use it with a speaker? He has a GPX 5000 with Doc's Goldscreamer Power Pack and wanted to know if he could use this wireless system with a external speaker? I told him I have used this system with headphones, but haven't with a speaker as of yet. Curious if anyone has and what is their experience with a external speaker? Does it provide enough power to push it? If I can't get any feedback in the next couple of days for the customer, I will check it out on my GPX 5000. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey Chuck, We are no ruling out lessons the VLF's, including the new Gold Monster, but if we offered lessons for every unit we sold, we would never get to enjoy ourselves .... LOL We sell a lot of VLF's, including coin/relic units outside of the PI's. We pretty much offer the training on the PI's, regardless of manufacture. Most of the VLF's are so simple to use, you don't need much time in the field to get started.
  9. Hey Guys, Mike is correct on this unit was originally designed for the African market only, but I'm guessing since the Eureka was pretty much outdated, it was time to release a replacement. The Gold Monster will be a interesting detector to use and very simple. Most of the local miners/prospectors don't have any education, or minimal at best, so this unit will be very simple to use.
  10. Hey Jim, The NF Sadie 8x6 Mono will work fine on the TDI. I actually sell a lot of the Sadie's to TDI owners that are looking to get max sensitivity working shallow areas along with exposed bedrock.
  11. Hey Jerry, Yep that was the vehicle he drop. He always had that thing packed full. I will always remember him for his smile and great personality. The last couple of years I thought about him, thinking where he might be camping and prospecting. I'm not sure on when he passed, or the cause, but he was always great to have around. What I can tell anyone that is reading is this - I started searching for gold on a serious note back when I was around 20 years old. Most of all the guys that took me under their wing were in their 50-60's. Most of them are now long gone, only just a few that are still around today, but out of the nugget shooting game. Cherish the times around the campfires as one day the guys will no longer be there.
  12. Hey Guys, Speaking of learning curves, this question comes up often on phone conversations with new customers. I think the GPZ 7000 and the SDC 2300 are two of the easiest unit to use. The GPX series are a bit more complex with all the switches, knobs and menu screen. It's easy to get setting really screwed up and your timings off with all the controls. The flip side, with all the user control, you can really fine tune and maximize your performance over a lot of different ground conditions.
  13. Hey Guys, Found a picture with Jim French from 2003. This was taken in Gold Basin. We spent about 4 days prospecting some new ground there. From left to right, it's Dave, Me (Rob Allison), Tom and Jim French. Man those were fun times and I even hit a small patch on this trip. Like Jerry mentioned in a prior post, I'm definitely not at fit as in this picture. I will see if I can dig up some others, many of my pictures got destroyed.
  14. Hey Guys, Jim French passed? Damn, Jim would come out every so often and we would meet up and hunt. Damn, he was always a great guy to hunt with. He had that old Bronco/Blazer vehicle that he would camp and prospect out of. Going from Left to Right, can someone ID everyone? Is Tom the third guy from the right side? Great pictures, hope to see more.
  15. Hey Guys, Some great guesses. Just remember, if you go over, you're out. I see no one guessed over 500 Grams as the scale clearly shows it's only a 500 Gram scale.