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  1. Hello All, One of my customers are heading back East so they dropped their GPX 5000 off for me to sale. They are asking $2500 for the used unit and all the accessories. I have attached two pictures below, but can post more if needed. They have all stock accessories, Doc's Goldscreamer Power Pack battery system, Coiltek 14-inch Camo Elite Mono coil, NF 8x6 Sadie Mono coil and the stock 11-inch coil. Detector swing arm is added to the upper shaft. Several small batteries for the Battery system along with the stock battery and harness. Great deal for $2500.00. I don't expect to have this long since it's prospecting season out here in the West. Call us at - 623.362.1459 or email me at - rob@robsdetectors.com
  2. Hello All, Just recently got this picture of a nice 35+ Gram nugget found with a Minelab GPZ 7000. I'm waiting to get more info on the depth and such, so will post more when I know. He sent it over on text message. I'm positive this nugget was overlooked as they are working some old detected ground with new technology. Pictures below -
  3. Hey Whitebutler, Great looking gold you found there. I also like the "J Shaped" gold nugget. Those pieces always sell well when you have someone that has a name that starts with J. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Hey IMPDLN, Both units, the Garrett Z-Lynk and the Minelab PRO-SONIC are getting great reviews. I'm hoping anyone that purchased from us will go to our online store and write a review on the product. If you do, it'a worth a small credit towards your next purchase. Great to hear it's working with an assortment of detectors and headphones.
  5. Hey Frank, You're very welcome. Glad you and Doug were able to get in touch. Wishing you much success with the new detector once you get it. Keep us posted here if you would.
  6. Hey Blues_Dad, Great to see you're still around, along with my forums .... I don't personally know much about the Australian trips/tours, but I'm sure there are a couple of good ones still running. Hopefully some guys will post some information. Have you tried Googling "Australian Gold Tours?"
  7. Hey Mike, Great question, it was found with the GPX unit. This was actually found before the GPZ was released, but I have been back to the area with the SDC 2300 and the GPZ one time each. I found 7 small, rough nuggets with the SDC on a hillside one time, then came back with the GPZ about a year later and found 3-4 nuggets in the 1-2 Gram range deeper in the wash. I thought about running the GPZ 19-inch down this wash, but haven't as of yet.
  8. Hey Frank, I have heard that of Fred's "Chile Verde." Sure sounds great.
  9. Hey Frank, I got your message and called Doug. Sounds like you guys made contact. Looks like a great detector deal and Doug's a great guy.
  10. Hey Gary, Excellent gold you're finding. I know what you mean about digging and detecting, I done that a lot over the year. Ya, maybe we can get out sometime soon and double team a spot or two. Tortuga - Thanks! Keep your 19-inch
  11. Hello All, About a year ago I carried these SDC 2300 Control Box covers (Gray and Camo), but the maker decided to stick to just the Australia market. He has opened them back up to me for sale here in the US, along with a new Camo colored GPZ 7000 Control Box Cover. All of these are high quality covers, the most popular ones on Australia soil. They are a bit more expensive, but worth every single penny in my opinion when it comes to quality and how long they will last compared to others on the market. Here are some links from my online store - Camo Colored GPZ 7000 Cover - https://www.robsdetectors.com/camo-colored-gpz-7000-control-box-cover-extras/ Camo Colored SDC 2300 Cover - https://www.robsdetectors.com/camo-sdc-2300-control-box-cover/ Gray Colored SDC 2300 Cover - https://www.robsdetectors.com/gray-sdc-2300-control-box-cover/ Questions you can email me directly at - rob@robsdetectors.com or give us a call.
  12. Hey Alex, Thanks for the comment. No question some nice gold is still out there to be found. Large gold nuggets have always been rare, at least for me here in Arizona, but they are out there.
  13. Hey Dave, This is a great deal and Doug is an awesome guy. I know you considered buying new from me, but this might just be the ticket for you. Three coils, Doc's Goldscreamer Power Pack and more.
  14. Hey Guys, Here is a nice nugget found awhile back in Central Arizona. I walked around this one for 2-3 trips before it's discovery on a high bench. Most of the nuggets I found in this location were concentrated in a deep wash. I never found a single nugget on bedrock, nor do I know how deep bedrock even is. Most of the nuggets were down deep on harder sand layer/clay layer. Nugget hit the scale at 1.77 ounces. Found at approx. 22 inches deep if I recall correctly. I have a feeling the wash has more at depth, maybe some big ones. Anyone have a 4x4 backhoe?
  15. Hey Bill, I have an email out to my Distributor on NF, but haven't heard back yet. I don't think they are here in the US yet.