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  1. Hello All, Added a few more items to the list. I still have more going to be added soon.
  2. Hey Doc, I received my pair a few days ago, but picked them up today from the Shipper. They look great, so I'm hoping to get out soon with them and give them a run. Thanks for sending them!
  3. Hey Floater, I believe that entire AKAU operation is on Anvil Creek. I seen some huge gold nuggets from that creek back in the 90's when we visited the area. I have heard the owners are top notch! I might try to visit the mine sometime.
  4. Hey Andy, I have done the same many times, leave the detector behind and just walk around. This is one thing I really liked about the SDC 2300, as it would fit in my Camelpak Backpack and I could hike miles have have a detector on me if I wanted to spot check anywhere along the route. It only took about 30 seconds to get the detector out and fired up, check out a spot, pack it back up and on the way again.
  5. Hey Mike, Have you tried the new boots out yet? This winter season I'm trying to figure out a good boot to wear.
  6. Hey Floater, No problem, hopefully you can get someone to jump right in and take that place. I would like to get up there sometime, always heard good things about the camp, people, food and gold!
  7. Hey Guys, Across the International Border! I have a bunch of friends that prospect down there on private ground and have permits.
  8. Hey Grubstake, Thanks for the heads up. I thought I just seen a picture of Jerry on Facebook sitting up in his Hospital bed. Please keep us updated and hope he has a speedy recovery!! We will keep him in our prayers for sure.
  9. Darn, that is not good news. Prayers and Condolences for the entire Keene family. They have been around for a long time and have been for the prospecting/mining community. I have used Keene products my entire life from sluice boxes, dredges and drywashers.
  10. Hello All, About a week ago, a friend from down South send me this picture of a nugget they found. It's 51+ Grams and was found with a Minelab metal detector. I have a few more pictures I will post also, just limited on time. It's still out there .....
  11. Hey Tom, Those are some great pictures. Wow, the fire sure came close to some houses in the pictures. I have a good friend that lives up towards the top end of the Poland Junction Road, they were concerned their cabin was going to burn. It would be a scare seeing a huge fire come over the hill towards your house or cabin. I have hunted a few smaller burns in known gold areas, but never actually found anything. I did manage to get real dirty though ....
  12. Hey Uncle Ron, I think you are right, running would have been a huge mistake on my part. I never realized how much it takes to stop a bear in general until I seen a video of a claim owner that had Black Bear that would tear a lot of stuff up. They couldn't prevent the bear from damaging items, so they eventually took it their own hands to elliminate the bear with a Shotgun with Slugs. They hit the bear with 4-5 slugs before it went down, eventually dying I believe. I couldn't believe it, so I know you would have to have a high powered handgun (probably a minimum of a 44 Magnum with 6 shots or 50 Caliber). I have seen several videos where guys with rifles can't hardly get a single shot off as the bear(s) normally come out of nowhere ......
  13. Hey Guys, Sound great looking gold from different areas. Thanks for sharing. Sure wish I could get motivated and get back in the field ..... These pictures are sure motivating to say the least!
  14. Hey Uncle Ron and Fishing8046, I agree with you about re-visiting old spots. I have found some decent gold after re-visiting an old spot that hasn't been hunted in a few years. I also think when you hunt an area all the time, you kind of loose focus and the area becomes kind of boring.
  15. Hey Guys, Here are some great deals, even on a GPZ 7000. Check out the listing -