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  1. Hello All, We just got a small batch of this new Minelab item in. $162.00 plus shipping. This is the lightweight, Minelab GPX series battery that can be mounted to the side of your metal detector with the control box cover with pouch attached. This will allow the user to eliminate a backpack or harness and lay down the detector with ease. The battery is 1/2 the size of the normal GPX stock battery. This battery is 7.4v and 18.6Wh. The battery will last approx. 3 hours and is 46% lighter than the standard li-ion stock battery. Battery slot on the pouch can be adjusted to hold the stock, larger battery also. 5 Pin Power cord is not included. We also have just the battery by itself if needed for $147.00.
  2. Hello All, I haven't really done anything as far as outing, but we might have obtained permission on a large section of land in a proven goldfield to have an outing. Looking for advice on setting up an outing for anyone to show up and learn and talk with others in this great hobby. Advice on duration, food required and other events would be appreciated. I really want to make it great and where everyone will learn and benefit from the outing. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey Tortuga, Rumors of another firmware update coming. Not sure what it might include, but it's nice you have the firmware/software update ability on the GPZ 7000. Something on the GPZ 7000 vs. GPX 5000. Some time ago I was spending more time with the GPX 5000 with the Coiltek 14-inch Elite searchcoil. I worked the area pretty well, figuring I didn't miss much. I revisited this location with the GPZ 7000 with the 13x14 Super D and found 2 small nuggets around 1/2 Gram each at a great depth and they sounded really well. Due to the response, it really thought they were trash that might have fell off my pick. I was using these settings on the GPX 5000 (Special-Sensitive Extra) & (High Yield-Normal) on the GPZ 7000.
  4. Hello All, Was going through some of my pictures and found some of the first nuggets I found with my Minelab GPZ 7000. These three nuggets were found on one of the first couple of hunts with the new detector. I picked a handful of old nugget patches that were hammered, but also had potential for some deeper nuggets. I remember the first month or so since I was learning the detector, I was hunting in High Yield-Difficult. This particular patch was hunted pretty hard with the GPX series with coils up to around 14-inch round and 17-inch elliptical. The three nuggets found were faint, but missed as they were right out in the open and between other older nugget digs. Total weight of the three nuggets was 9.5 Dwt's. The largest was 4.4 Dwt's in weight. I didn't pay for the detector the first day, week or month, but I added $500-600 towards the purchase of this expensive detector in a single day due to it's depth ability. I find the GPZ 7000 to be a bit less ergonomic then the GPX series for me, but it's hard to not use it due to it's ability to find very tiny and large gold at depth. Since I have owned the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector (mid 2015 - current) I personally have found hundreds of nuggets ranging from just a grain in weight to the largest being a 6.8 ounce gold-quartz specimen in the Youtube video below. This piece was pushing 3 foot in depth and took my partner and I well over an hour double teaming with picks to get down through the hardpack to extract the piece. The response was just a faint signal with the 14x13" coil from the surface.
  5. Hey Tortuga, Great to bump into you guys. If I didn't have to work on equipment, I might have been able to go out and detect with you guys. After working on equipment for most of the day, I did run over some spots with the GPZ 7000 and found a small one. Great meeting Mike, Bob and seeing you again! Lets get something going down South like we talked about.
  6. Hey Tortuga, Yes, still trying to figure out a good date this coming Fall. I have a lot of guys interested, so it's just a matter of picking a date that don't interfere with other outings or events.
  7. Hello LipCa, Yep, I agree with you. Several VLF's already in that freq. range. I can get my Makro Gold Racer with the small coil to get near the same performance as the Goldbug 2 on small gold. I think the advantage of the 48khz vs. very high (like 71khz) or very low (18khz) is you can get slightly a bit more depth, better ground balancing on high mineralization and still get 1-2 grain nuggets on bedrock. We will soon find out as the new release date is May 8th, 2017.
  8. Hello All, Below is a picture of where the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 falls in the detector frequency range. Minelab Electronics settled on the 45khz range for this reason - Up until now, there has always been a compromise between frequency and sensitivity when optimising detector performance, because lower frequencies are more sensitive to larger gold nuggets and higher frequencies are more sensitive to smaller gold nuggets. When comparing detectors, the three curves in the diagram represent each detector’s ability to find small gold nuggets of a certain size, at a maximum possible depth. Most detectors will find a very large nugget just beneath the surface, however a detector’s sensitivity to gold determines how many smaller nuggets will ultimately be recovered in difficult (noisy) ground at greater depths. An 18 kHz detector will normally have a depth advantage on nuggets ≥ 1.0g over a basic mid-frequency detector, and a 71 kHz detector will have a depth advantage on nuggets ≤ 0.1g. The advanced GOLD MONSTER 1000 uses an intermediate 45 kHz frequency AND a high speed 24-bit signal processor. This primary combination greatly boosts sensitivity to gold beyond that of other single frequency VLF detectors over a wide range of nugget sizes, without introducing excess noise and false signals. The GOLD MONSTER 1000 also has improved ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination and copes better with conductive (salty) soils than higher frequency detectors, making it the perfect choice to maximise your gold recovery! This is from Minelab's website at - Going to be interesting to see how it performs against the Fisher Goldbug series, Makro Gold Racer and some others on smaller gold.
  9. Hey Walker, One heck of a collection of gold nuggets you rounded up with season with the GPZ 7000. Wishing you much more success with the "Z."
  10. Hey Chuck, I would understand. I wish I had more time to swing with it. Congrats Walker on your success with the GPZ 7000. We would love to see some GPZ 7000 finds if you're willing to post them.
  11. Hey Chuck and all, I haven't received an email or anything about the Gold Monster 1000's release, but seen this on Minelab website - GOLD MONSTER 1000 - Available for purchase worldwide from May 8th 2017 onwards Here are a couple of new Youtube videos showing it on small gold and a specimen -
  12. Hello All, We now have this new Coiltek 14x9" DD Waterproof Searchcoil for the Minelab CTX 3030. Your price now $395.00 with free shipping. Purchase now at -
  13. Hey Chuck, I have always respected your opinion, as I do this one. No question the Minelab GPZ 7000 is high priced. There is still a lot of grumble over when it was first released as a "Flagship" metal detector at the price of $10,000 MAP (minimum advertised price). Somewhere about a year later, could be more, the price was reduced down to $8000 MAP. I'm sure there were many customers that purchased several months prior to the price change and freaked out. I can't speak for Minelab, nor will I, but many customers questioned that. Many believed they should have gotten a FREE 19" GPZ coil when they were released, or at least a huge savings on this coil. That all being said, I have been impressed with the GPZ's performance in many Arizona goldfield on "non" typical gold nuggets and specimens. I have found many ounces of spongy and very porous nuggets along with specimens I missed at various depths I should have gotten with the GPX. The ZVT technology of the GPZ allows you to find a lot of stuff overlooked, even the more solid stuff. I think the new 19" GPZ coil will open up even more ground for the very methodical nugget shooter on the same ground. The debate to date is the GPX series with the Nugget Finder Evolution (EVO's) or the Coiltek Elite's of similar size as the GPZ's 14x13. Many believe they can get the same, if not more depth on the more solid pieces of gold with the GPX and newer technology searchcoils. Another discussion could be - "Will there continue to be more firmware updates" that allow the GPZ to add more and more functions and performance down the road? If this is the case in the future, then this might somewhat justify the price of not having to purchase a new high end detector every 2-3 years to have the latest and greatest. I have had great success with the GPX series along with the new GPZ 7000. I have always told customers, in my opinion, the GPZ 7000 is more for a person that has some experience detecting along with a handful of gold locations where they have found nuggets before. This allows the new GPZ 7000 user to revisit some of their old patches and potentially find gold that is missed. This seems to offset some of the cost of the unit the more places you have to revisit and find missed gold. Trust me, we have sold plenty of GPZ's to new users that insisted they have the best detector around! Just my quick thoughts.
  14. Hey Jen, Ya, I guess I had searchcoils rather than skidplates/coil covers. Thanks!
  15. Hello All, Just a FYI, we now have the new Nugget Finder 19-inch GPZ solid Searchcoil covers in stock. They are $45 + SH. We only have a limited supply and I know many were asking about them. Shoot me a phone call or email, as we don't have them on the online store as of yet. Link to online store - Thanks!
  16. Hey Whitebutler, If you ever dig up any pictures, would love to see them. Some of my best days with the GPZ were over an ounce per day on old patches with no biggies found. I only had the opportunity to pay for a detector with one single find back when the Minelab GP Extreme was released. It was a solid 9.1 ounce beauty at around 28-inch deep with a Coiltek 14-inch Mono Round (Old Orange Original one). Most days on old patches were similar to this picture below. Hunting all day on old patches for anywhere from a few nuggets to maybe an ounce on a really good spot.
  17. Hello All, In Central Arizona many of the known goldfields carry copper, silver and gold. It's not uncommon to find all three metals in one area or wash. I have on hundreds of occasions found copper and gold in the same wash. Many times you will find a zone, which can be a series of washes and tributaries that carry a combination of the metals. Like most of us, we would prefer more gold than the other two, but majority of the time it's a handful of copper nuggets to a few gold nuggets. In some areas you will also find Galena, or lead nuggets. Here is a shot of some copper and gold found in the same wash during a days hunt in Central Arizona with a metal detector.
  18. Hey TxGoldDigger, Like most of the other guys stated, I'm using pretty much the same settings. The EVO coils are more sensitive and get a bit more depth in my opinion over the standard NF Advantage coils. For me here in Arizona, I use the Special/Sensitive/Extra for prospecting. I have used Normal and Sharp timing to achieve more depth in some areas.
  19. Hello All, We just got a small batch of the new Nugget Finder 19" EVO Searchcoils that we will be shipping out within the next couple of days. Many have been asking about these coils, we now have them available. Here is the online store link to order directly - Your price is $524 with free shipping. I can see some big nuggets coming from Gold Basin, Quartzsite, Rich Hill and other placers that have open ground with larger gold.
  20. Hello All, Just a FYI, we now have the new Nugget Finder 19-inch GPZ solid Searchcoil covers in stock. They are $45 + SH. We only have a limited supply and I know many were asking about them. Shoot me a phone call or email, as we don't have them on the online store as of yet. Link to online store - Thanks!
  21. Hey Mike and all, I went back and added a link to the online store and a picture. No, this is the new Nugget Finder skidplate/coil cover for the new Minelab GPZ 7000 19" searchcoil. It's a solid searchcoil cover or skidplate. Many have been asking when this will be here in the US, it's now available and we have plenty in stock. I'm going to add the new Nugget Finder 19" EVO Searchcoil to the online store today. We now have them also in stock. Thanks!
  22. Hello All, Took a friend and customer out today with his new Minelab GPX 4500 he purchased from us. We seen this Rattlesnake in the road today. Be careful, they are out and about.
  23. Hello All, Today I received this teaser trailer from Garrett? Any ideas ......?
  24. Hey Chuck, That is correct, Minelab Americas did send us an email about the release being pushed back a bit. There wasn't any details on the reason, but I'm sure with any new product release, you want to make sure it's done right and not rush a product to the market. I'm hoping we might get some more detailed info on why, but I doubt it.
  25. Hello All, Just a FYI, we have a limited number of the new XP DEUS 9" Waterproof Round DD, High Freq. Searchcoils in stock. Please order if you're interested in one, they are in limited numbers right now. Order today at -