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  1. Hello All, I haven't been doing a whole bunch of prospecting and exploring this year and now it's getting a bit warm. Here are some small batches of gold from 4 different locations. Biggest nugget is aprox. 3/4 of an ounce on the bottom left batch.
  2. Hello All, Got just a small batch in for now of Nenad's new SteelPhase Audio Enhancers. Here is all the details on them below. The are $188.00 + Shipping/Handling in the US. You can order online by using this direct link - Two prospectors got together and exchanged ideas about building a better audio enhancer. A collaboration between Pat O'Connell (electronics expert) aka SteelPat, and Nenad Lonic (ex Minelab) aka PhaseTech, and the steelPHASE Enhancer name was born. Field testing of various versions revealed different sound profiles (filters) would be beneficial on different detectors and different headphones, so it was logical to incorporate switchable filters into the final product. Very low noise circuitry for the clearest amplified sound allows you hear the faintest of target signals. Combining a rugged yet stylish case and high quality electronic components, the sP01 was born. Description The SteelPhase sP01 is a modern low noise audio enhancer, with built in LiPo battery for over 20 hrs use. Unique features include a Mode switch to accept stereo and mono wiring, and a 2 position Filter. Designed and tested by prospectors for prospectors, with very good results on the Minelab SDC2300*, GPZ7000 and GPX series. It works extremely well with headphones and external speakers alike. Perfectly suited to most detectors, but will provide excellent results particularly on gold detectors that have a faint signal response. Most detectors put out very clear audio, it’s usually the play back device that lets down the audio path. With the sP01, the Filter control allows you to control how much clarity you want coming through. When using stereo headphones, the Mode 2 position also opens up the audio, giving more clarity, with minimal background noise. Features Easy to use Rugged construction Compatible with most detectors Low background noise and hiss 3 selectable filter options 2 switchable output options Broad volume range for precise adjustment USB rechargeable LiPo battery Over 20hr run time High speed charge time Compact and lightweight Military grade components High quality aluminum enclosure Urethane coated pcb for corrosion resistance Professional grade plugs and cable Manufactured in Victoria, Australia Filter Switch This selects one of three different audio filtering options. Each filter has been designed to enhance the signal without boosting unwanted noise. The optimum setting will depend on detector setup and operators hearing preference. Mode Switch Position 1: Used for both stereo and mono wired operation. Position 2: Used for stereo wired headphones or stereo wired dual speakers only. Package Contents 1 x sP01 unit 1 x heavy duty, high quality audio cable, fitted with Amphenol 6.35mm audio plugs 1 x USB charge cable Instruction Booklet
  3. nuggethunting

    Rock Springs...Richard D.

    Hey Uncle Ron, Yes, it was for sure. Floyd and Richard were best friends. I learned a lot from both of them. I still pass over areas detecting where Richard taught me during the early days. I can still imagine him there with me and telling me different things about searching for gold. About three days before Richard checked out, he was really down and out and drinking heavily. He broke out into a cry and said his life was a disaster. I was speechless for a few minutes, not sure what to tell him. I never seen Richard like this. I told him we needed to get back out in the field and that we should write a newsletter, monthly one together. He perked up like a light and said that was a great idea. When I left that afternoon, he was so excited about putting a free newsletter together with articles about hunting for gold. Three days later a good friend from New River called and said Richard took his life. What I learned from this is that you never know what someone is going through, or what might be going on in their head. If you know anyone that is suffering depression or having issues, it's the right thing to talk with them and tell them you love them, you're here for them and so on. It could change their life. I thought I did this with Richard.
  4. nuggethunting

    Rock Springs...Richard D.

    Hey Uncle Ron, Yep, I remember that business card. Richard was a great mentor to me. Without his help back in the day, I would never be searching for gold nuggets. He was a great teacher and friend, and without a doubt one of the best nugget shooter's I ever met. I wish I had taken more pictures of Richard and I, but felt he would be around forever.
  5. Hello All, Just a FYI, some have been looking for the Heavy Duty Miner John coil covers. We now have them all in stock, for the Minelab GPZ 7000, SDC 2300 and new Gold Monster 1000. I also have a few of his power cords and new carry pouch. Take a gander here -
  6. Hello All, Just a quick FYI that we have both of Bunk's Burro and Hermit picks back in stock. The Burro pick is $45.00 and the Hermit Pick is $55.00. There is a $15 Shipping and Handling charge on these due to the size and weight for shipping. Both are one hell of a pick, the Burro is very lightweight at 1.75 pounds and the Hermit pick is 2.75 pounds. The Burro picks is the left pick, the Hermit is the right pick. The Burro has a 4.5" wide x 2.5" Deep Blade, Strong 1/4" Steel 3" Spike. The Hermit has a Contoured 8" Wide x 3" Deep Blade, Strong 1/4" Steel 6" Spike.
  7. nuggethunting

    Bradshaw mountains

    Hey Roger, The piece was solid, no quartz. The piece is now in the hands of a Western US gold collector. Father hasn't had the surgery, he has a Life-Vest on for the time being, just in case the heart rhythm would get crazy. Adam - I will send you a location around the Vulture, a wash that is stacked, worked in the early 1900's, lots of gold found, probably needs to be drywashed!
  8. nuggethunting

    Bradshaw mountains

    Hey Roger, Yes, on the 13 ouncer. -
  9. nuggethunting

    So Rob, update us on your Dad

    Hey Grubstake, No, he went to the surgeon for a consultation and he said my Dad wasn't ready yet. He wanted my Dad to rest a bit more, strengthen the heart and allow some of the medicines to work. They are talking 2-6 weeks.
  10. Hello All, Starting today from Rob's Detector Sales (April 5th 2018) you can now purchase a brand new Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector and get the 19" GPZ Searchcoil included for only $8749.00. This is a $750.00 savings on this package and we are still including the 2018 Prospectors Bundle Package that goes along with it. Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector + 19" GPZ Searchcoil – Future of Gold Detection! $8,749.00 MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Free UPS Ground Shipping, Insurance and Training is included with purchase. FREE 2018 Prospector’s Bundle Package Includes – Doc’s Goldscreamer Control Box Cover, Screen Cover and Wireless Remote Cover Miner John’s White Heavy Duty Replacement Searhcoil Cover – Skidplate Apex 24-inch Prospecting Pick with Magnet Prospecting Nugget Scoop Doc’s Scoop Pouch (perfect to carry your scoop or pinpointer) Minelab Soft Large Carry Case Minelab Baseball Cap Minelab Digging Gloves (one size fits all) Ground Shipping, Handling and Full Insurance/Signature Confirmation Arizona Field Training – 1 day on Private Mining Claims (keep what you find!) Lifetime Support beyond the sale – email, phone & forum support Contact us today at - Rob's Detector Sales 623.362.1459 office line
  11. nuggethunting

    Bradshaw mountains

    Hey Roger, Some great advice already given. Here is a map I found on Google that might help a bit. A lot of gold has been found for hundreds of years in the Bradshaw Mountains. That being said, living close to Congress you have gold in all directions from you. Rich Hill is very close, the Little San Domingo Placers are around Wickenburg-Morristown. You have Vulture placers South of Wickenburg and many placers out West. A lot of places to swing a detector and find gold. Just do a bit of research to find the land status (BLM, Forest, State, Indian Res, Wilderness area and such) and check out the mineral claim status of the area and you're set to detect.
  12. Hey Guys, No change in my schedule, still turning and burning. My Father is home now recovering. He will be scheduled soon for a Heart Bypass. He is not looking forward to this. Thank you all for all the thoughts, concerns and prayers, no question they have helped. I personally haven't been out detecting for at least a month. I'm really missing it, but have other stuff more important to address right now. I went from a High moment finding the massive 13 ounce gold nugget to about a week later my Dad suffering a major heart attack and not knowing if he was going to make it. Life will always toss a fast ball at you and you never know when it might hit. On another note, the Minelab Equinox 600 and 800 sales are crazy. Customers are looking everywhere for them. Right now we still have a small stock of EQ 600's, but don't expect to have them beyond the weekend. You can see them here along with purchase them directly - The Equinox 800's are coming in slowly as we continue to knock down our pre-order list of them. We are hoping by the end of the Month or beginning of April all the backorders will be filled and some stock of these units will be available at all times. We also just got the new Fisher F-Pulse Waterproof Pinpointers, $129.00 in stock. Many have been looking for these, so we finally have them now - The Jim Straight 8th edition has been discontinued for some time. We are working on getting it re-printed and back in stock soon. Thanks for all your support and prayers during these times.
  13. Hello All, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter Sunday. Wishing you all Health, Wellness and a personal relationship with the Good Lord above.
  14. Hey Andy, Yes it is! My Father goes and sees the Surgeon tomorrow to discuss the Bypass. My Dad is talking about not having it, so we had a lot discussion about the risks today over Easter Lunch. I think he is just scared, wish everyone would probably be. I don't want my Chest cracked open and then them cutting things in and out of my heart.
  15. Hey Guys, A very long time ago, I wasn't a huge fan of the original Hermit pick. I loved the Walco picks coming from Australia. They didn't have the wide blade like the Hermit or smaller blade like the Burro. However, over the years, I have found many more nuggets by the use of the wider blade being able to scratch back the general area where I found one nugget, then several more.
  16. Thanks guys! It was fun to find, but now it's old news .... Maybe I will start the search for the Multi-Pounder!
  17. nuggethunting

    LSD camp out

    Hey Tom x 2, Must be nice, camping, stress relieve, searching for gold ..... I guess someday I will get an invite. P.S. I love Asparagus!
  18. Hey All, Ya, its a beast of a nugget and very dense. That is one nice thing about this area where it was found, the gold is extremely dense compared to other spots. A friend of mine found a nugget similar in size about 10 years ago that was 7.75 ounces. The purity and density of the nugget can make a huge difference when it comes to weight.
  19. Hey Guys, Here is another shot after I cleaned it off a bit -
  20. nuggethunting

    How about a BBQ and outing

    Hey NotyourNugget, The biggest issue is normally location. When you do something on BLM or public land, then someone wants to collect a fee for an outing. You also get those guys that just want to cause issues or trouble to report the potential outing to the BLM, Forest or whomever owns the land. To find good ground, open to the public for a large group is getting much tougher. Many we should just call it camping, lets get a bunch of guys together for a campout.
  21. nuggethunting

    W-I-D-E mouth bottle, no go !

    Hey Frank, That is one amazing looking nugget. Congrats and thanks for sharing! Wishing you many more of those pieces in the near future for you.
  22. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the encouraging words. I ended up having breakfast with my parents today and my Father is not looking forward to the bypass surgery. He is still having a lot of pain in the chest from compression's. Please continue to keep my Father in your thoughts and Prayers. I'm praying for all the people that are praying for us!
  23. Hey Guys and Gals, Could you imagine finding something like that though? Just imagine detecting in the mountains and seeing about 100 gold bars lying on the ground.
  24. Hey Goldslayer, I might need to get the Minelab GPZ 7000 over that ground ..... Congrats on the success with the Minelab GPX 4500. Thanks for your continued business and friendship. Hope to see more gold popping out of the ground and posted here on the forums.
  25. Hello All, Friend sent me this today about Todd Hoffman's new potential show. Interesting .....