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  1. Rob ... I asked Doc to hold them at his shop until I return to AZ around the 10th of August. They are all paid for just being held so I can't tell you for a month or so. Looking forward to having some new boots though ... the old ones are literally being held together with Shoe Gu!
  2. Rob ... Bears are known to run at speeds in excess of 30 mph for short distances. Just think ... 30 MPH is 44 feet per second. You spot a bear coming at you from 30 yards away and it is on you in about 2 seconds ... Can you recognize the danger, draw, aim, fire a .44 Magnum revolver and hit a vital organ stopping the bear in its tracks before the bear is on you in those precious 2 seconds? Most people will initially freeze and then try to react ... too late ... next option is to play dead when it knocks you to the ground so the bear won't try to maul you to death which of course it is very capable of doing!
  3. Looking forward to new my new 'soul' !!! Two pair of new boots at the same time my poor feet won't know how to react! LOL!
  4. The Invisible Prospector!!!
  5. good job Chris ... New and experienced electronic prospectors can glean or review a lot of info here not only for the GM1000 but other detectors as well ... most all of it applies! Thanks, Mike F
  6. Jen ... I would rather a bear in the bush than a snake in the grass! But both can be deadly ... One I can see more easily and get away from ... but that is just me! Mike F
  7. Actually I think the opposite ... I think it was a great story ... both the man and the bear lived another day. Had the man shot the bear instead of using the bear spray it would probably be like killing 3 bears as the two cubs chance for survival without the sow would be slim ... especially if they were under a year old ... in other words born that year. So kudos to the guy for not shooting the bear AND for having the internal strength to survive the 2 attacks!!! Mike F
  8. WOW! What treasure trove from all you guys. I know I missed an exciting era in the hunt for gold ... I got into it part time in 2003 and more or less full time in 2011 when I moved from NH to AZ. I'm hoping that more good times stories will be read and enjoyed by the next generation as those of us doing it now past to the gold fields in the next world. No ... I'm not announcing my impeding demise ... Too much to do before I do that! LOL! Anyway I read the entire thread with great interest and admiration for what has transpired and especially that characters involved! A great read and well worth being read by all prospectors and wanna bees! Mike F
  9. How's that working out with the cactus spines, scorpions? LOL!
  10. Hey Ron ... 'Your' weather is coming up so you should get out before the monsoons come!!!
  11. So Jen .... How did it work for you? inquiring minds need to know! LOL! Mike F
  12. Jen ... What are you using for Rx Gain(Sensativity) on the ZED. One thing for sure on that machine you don't need high numbers. Rarely do I have it above 8 and most times around 4 or 5. Last time I was in GB I was using 4. ... AND finding plenty of targets including gold at depth. Mike F
  13. Jen ... Gold is only one of my interests. Hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, trail riding(with my RZR, woodworking to name a few! In short variety is the spice of life! And it keeps this ole boy happy, healthy and best of all young at heart and mind ... Notice I didn't say body as it hurts the next day! ... and keeps the boredom and depression from rearing its ugly head again!