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  1. Agreed, mine arrived yesterday, thx Rob. In Phoenix today for meetings but I'll be back in Gold Basin in 4 hours and will be putting it to the rest. Jen
  2. Still available, have it in Gold Basin/Meadview for local pickup if needed. Jennifer
  3. I alwasy compliment Rob's fast shipping and recommend him to others for detecting related purchases but this is off the hook... Ordered it 4 hours ago, just received a text message shipping notification... Far out.... Thanks Rob and Dawn. Jen
  4. I just ordered a white one from your ebay site. Thanks Rob Jen
  5. Still available, item is located in Las Vegas: ALL HOSES AND REGULATOR ARE BRAND NEW, NEVER USED. Included but not shown is a brand new, never put in a mouth, OEM regulator. It's been veriified with Brownies to have the latest hoses and not have the compressor recall issue that affected some of these. http://www.scuba.com/scuba-gear-152/030757/Brownies-Commercial-Duty-Hookah-System.html Link to the manual: http://www.browniesthirdlunginfo.com/pdf/CommercialManual.pdf CTD390 Commercial Hookah Diving Systems, the only thing not shown is the new regulator I'm including with the system. The CTD-390 series is the choice of professionals around the world. With the dependable 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine and Auto Downloaders these units are ready for extended work days. Twin Accumulators are mated with each compressor to ensure a constant air supply. A-Commercial-Diver-Using-Brownies-Third-Lung-Hookah-Diving-System-Portrait Brownies CTD390 third lung diving systems main The CTD-390 includes the Twin Piston Direct Drive compressor powered by a 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine. Twin three gallon accumulator tanks come with a pressure gauge. The unit is set in a vibration free aluminum frame. The 390 comes set-up for two divers including two 150′ hoses, two regulators, two drop weight Cummerbelts, quick release swivel fittings, remote intake, and a reusable inline filter. The CTD-390 DUPLEX includes two complete systems described above mounted in a structural aluminum cage with wheels. It comes set-up for two divers. (Please ask a representative for more informarion and pricing) Because these units are designed for deeper diving, the Drop Weight Cummerbelt and Egressor Scuba System should be used for the ultimate in bailout safety. Both of these items are available as options. * All Brownie's Commercial hookah diving systems are deck mount only and do not include a flotation tube CTD390XE $4,910 2 Diver "XE" Package, my system has heaps of hose and a brand new, never put in a mouth regulator. The Explorer C390 is equipped with Brownie's twin head direct drive compressor and a reliable 4.5 hp, 4-stroke OHV gasoline engine. It is capable of an output of 7 cfm @ 50 psi. The C-390 weighs 59 pounds and measures 17" X 17" X 17" with the intake removed. The C-390 is capable of running 3 hours. Optional accumulators are available for both units to provide temporary breathing pressure during dives in which breathing rates exceed the pressure that can be delivered by the compressor. Commercial System Deluxe packages include Brownie's patented Drop Weight Cummerbelts with quick release weight pockets. All Brownie's Commercial hookah diving systems are deck mount or land use only and do not include a flotation tube. Price is $1,750.00
  6. The first two episodes of season 2 can be found here:
  7. Have you ever wondered what's inside......... I know you have...... I have....... While I'm Ukranian, I don't understand Russian but it sure was neat to see how much they've crammed onto the boards inside our GPZ's. Jennifer
  8. With all due respect, can we please keep the President bashing and politics off the forum, we come here for fun, not to hear you bash a person many of us voted for, thank you. Jennifer
  9. http://earth-chronicles.com/science/in-the-khabarovsk-territory-of-russia-found-a-gold-nugget-weighing-more-than-10-kilograms.html
  10. To do this update, you either hijacked the wife's sewing room, the daughters bedroom or you have a very colourful/playful office Update installed, no hickups, went smooth, looks great. Thanks for the info Rob.... Jen
  11. They're not large (1.5 grams total), but they were both within 5' of each other and smack dab in the middle of Rye Patch, an area heavily detected. It was my first day so I reckon it shows the GPX-5000 can still find it out here, even with a loose nut like me behind the wheel. The one piece is paper thin (gold leaf thin) and screamed like surface trash, both pieces were tucked under scrub (less than 6" deep) but couldn't hide from the prying eyes of the 17" elliptical Evo. Jen
  12. Now you see why I left British Columbia, I'll take rattle snakes any day Jennifer
  13. Highly recommended Rob, I have one, it's a must have, order one!! Jen