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    In your dig holes pulling up targets you missed by not using a Minelab.

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  1. The only reason I have golden hair is because I bleach it, be glad you don't, its expensive looking this cheap. Jen
  2. .... or save all the trips and hit it once with a Zed
  3. Read your title and thought you were selling coils for the Z now, not just skid plates... sheesh... tease much.
  4. Free? Great deal, I'll take it.. (just kidding)
  5. Brand New Minelab Pro-Sonic Wireless Audio System Brand new, never used, was going to use on my GPX but purchased a GPZ so the 5000 is going into the backup/"friend out with me detecting" program so no need for this item. $250.00 shipped (Paypal you pay fees or send funds as friend so no fees) or local pickup in Las Vegas or Gold Basin (where I am every weekend) Jennifer
  6. In the event some of you have not seen this awesome operation in Victoria, Aus. Grab your favorite drool rag. Jen
  7. This interests me as I've just resigned myself to getting a 7000 with 19" coil and putting the old 5000 into my backup arsenal and for when I have friends out... within a month I should be out there with the 19"er on the fields of Gold Basin and this info will be key to my success, thanks JP. Jen
  8. May i ask what country you're in? Is that an Aussie slug or Yank? Well done.. Jen
  9. Rob - I was just playing with ya..... To be honest, I couldn't post the pictures on your site cus I keep hitting the 'you have reached your file upload capacity" message and had to wait to get some place where I could delete any other pictures I've ever posted here before uploading even a couple ones.. so there are probably old threads out there missing pictures.. Might want to adjust that setting up a bit. Jen
  10. Re depth, depends who you ask, if you ask my back and arms today, it was 6' but I think it was closer to 2'. You keep sending me those commission checks Rob and I'll keep posting these awesome EVO finds Just kidding all... Jennifer
  11. Yesterday, Gold Basin, my first ever deep wooooowaaaa deeeeeeep sounding signal, this thing was deeeeeeeep and the EVO pulled it up like it was on the surface. Just over 1/2 ounce.... makin wages in the Basin. (Sorry, not enough room for most pics so you'll have to find them on another forum but here's one) Please ignore all the spitting Its not hi-def, slow internet in Meadview. Jennifer
  12. Thx Rob... well if it's as good as this 17x13, it will pay for itself in no time. My 17x13 just bagged a 1/2 ouncer today to pay for it's new big brother Jen