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  1. Rob,


    How much is the used gold screamer power pack?



    1. nuggethunting


      Hey Brent,

        Give me a call at 623.362.1459 this evening.  New ones are $469, I would probably let this one go for $350 shipped.  Over $100 less than new price and free shipping.  Works great, tested it on my GPX 5000 already.

  2. Rick,

    Ben a while sense I said hi. How's the hunting been lately. Do you still use the 4000 or undated to the 5 or even 7000? I am still using my 4000. Finding a few nuggets here and there but at least I'm finding a few. With my 4000 what coil would you recommend. Is the new EVO as ggod as they say or stay with what's working?

    I know you do a lot of hunting in Northern Cali, what do you think of Northern NV? Any areas you recommend? Do you hunt around N. Sierra's? 

    One day I need to get with you just to shake your hand. Best of luck lucky. 



  3. Way to go Tom
  4. Doc, That is beautiful. Will look forward to get my wife one.
  5. Beautiful gold, one day I will be able to say the same.
  6. Steve, Very nice gold.
  7. Praying and believing that God will create a miracle for him.
  8. Lucky, Whats your take on the 2300?
  9. Unc, Happy B-Day. May this year be filled with yellow gold under your coil.
  10. Time for a 5000 or a SDC2300?
  11. Lucky as usual you live up to your name. Still looking forward one day getting together to swing with a master.