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  1. Very nice nuggets! How do you get gold spray paint to stick to toothpaste though? WTG. Can you say what state you found them in? Tom H.
  2. A monster......but you did it Tom H.
  3. I cant like my own posts??? I Like them....I want to like them! Tom
  4. I see it...but im not going to hit it Tom H.
  5. So were talking Dec? Thats fall here in Az. Seriously, if you need help let me know. Tom H.
  6. 3 Days is good...Pot luck on Sat. works well. Dont know about doing it the weekend after Bills though. I know I would have camp out burn out by then.... Anything past March is going to be getting warm if its down here in the desert. Might shoot for Fall. That would give people time to plan and not conflict with other outings. A sign up is also a good idea as it would tell you how many people are interested and committed to going. Extra firewood is always needed. I usually drag back a top rack full every time I go out as most camp areas are woodless. Tom
  7. I agree with Ron......keep it the way it is. Tom H.
  8. Hey all: Went out with Luke/Dad the other day and Pops had a funny thing happen. No yellow on this trip............ Luke and I were out hitting the hills and Pops was close to the truck.. On the way in we saw another truck and was wondering ...detecting? or what. Pops found out......Hes detecting along and looks up and sees a MONSTER! Well. the monster was a guy in a guilly suit all cammoed out. The guy was out hunting coyotes. They chatted a while and all was good. I know that would have scared the P@@@ out of me to look up and see that. Glad Pops had his 5 way done couple of years ago This might have took him over the rainbow bridge. Great day out... Tom H
  9. Wow! Thats some great finds WTG......Hope you get more. Tom H.
  10. Got out today with Dad,Dave and James to go over James wash and hit some others. James had to leave this one in a hurry last week as we were blowing the horn for him to come back in. Dave and James went and hit the upper end and let Dad hit the lower end that James scooted over real fast. I hit another parallel wash and came up empty handed. James was able to get three more out of it and when we met he wanted me to go over the lower end with my 13x17 evolution coil. They actually were just whispers to start with. Some on the side and some in the gut. I got 4 at 3.5 grams They were all around 8 inches deep. Big one was a bit deeper. This gold is really pretty, nice and bright for some reason. Great day out with friends and the good Lord blessed us with gold AGAIN! Tom H.
  11. Went out today in the lower desert...YES! it is freezing!! Frozen water and cold. Tom H.
  12. Black canyon and Bumble bee are flowing a little. Aqua fria is flowing some also. Washed a bunch lead up Tom H.
  13. Hmmm...pretty good! Tom H.
  14. It was reverse when I first heard it and then as I moved it around it went high/low, it was only 5 inches deep also. Had a fat/solid 1.5 grammer reverse and also a nug with hematite on both sides. Tom H.