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  1. Man, thats a nice one! Tom H.
  2. Dad and I decided to take the day off and drive up to the Goodwin fire area. Wanted to scope out our little camp spot at Poland junction and make sure we can still get to it and what condition it is in. Thankfully its still there. The fire got to within a half mile of it. We drove in Poland road along Big bug up through breezy pines until the road block getting close to Mt Union/5 corners. Some of the houses along Big Bug had the fire right on their door steps....literally! The aircrews dropping the slurry did one heck of a job saving them. Unfortunately one house did get destroyed that was on top of a small hill. The wood fence around it didn't burn but somehow the house did, the house right next to it was untouched. The fire came right up to 69 in a lot of areas. After that we went out the back road from Mayer towards Turkey creek. Its blocked off about 3 miles in so we turned around. Guess that area is still closed. Its amazing when you look at what those tankers had to fly around and through to drop their slurry without hitting a mountain. Kudos to them. There were signs all over saying THANK YOU. The Poland area was wet in a lot of spots so they are getting rain up there. Tom More pics
  3. Wow..............unfortunate for the guy but being a true outdoors man. ...he seems to know what to do and not to do. Tom H.
  4. Doc. That is so great that you have been married that long. WTG!!! To BOTH of you. Most dont last past 3-5 yrs now days. Its fun to look back at all the changes a marriage goes through over the time. We're going on 36 yrs. this Nov Tom H.
  5. Cool! But, im sticking with loving the gold...heck with the critters with no legs! Tom
  6. WTG Justin! Got to give it to you for going out when its so hot. Nice nugs. Tom H.
  7. Great report! Thanks for the informative post. Sounds like its going to be a good one Good luck to ya. Tom H.
  8. Cool pic Rob. Yah, ever time I got to Quartzsite I look at the CRIT area and think "what a shame" They are doing nothing with the land. They could make some good money if they charged to let people detect on it. Tom H.
  9. I am not going to watch these....the itch will start and then I will be out in the desert roasting! Plus, the YOTO is one day away from a transmission drop Tom
  10. Welcome to the group. Hope to see some yellow posts in the future. Good luck to you. Tom H.
  11. NICE Mike! Thats SDC will really sniff out the small stuff. Ive seen it in action with a guy I hunt with. Glad you got out. Yah, its getting warm....BLAH!!! Tom H.
  12. Pretty impressive nuggets there Rob Any time you can get out and get stuff like that is fantastic. Tom H.
  13. Doc: WTG on those nugs! Last week was really good for detecting...unfortunately...the heat is coming in. You are swinging with a bungy? I do. Helps a lot. Tom H.
  14. Great story Ron Thats a nice slug! WOW! Tom H.
  15. Andy.............that hunk was awesome just to look at and hold. You knocked it out of the ball park on that one. Its a Beaut. Id sit on cactus all day to find one like that. Tom H.