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  1. Just a suggestion here.... I would suggest sometime in Jan. Nov. has an outing at Jackass flats and Thanksgiving. Dec. Small get together at the Q and Christmas. Feb. Outing at Jackass flats. Anytime before or after those dates will be warm, as Tortuga said. Tom H.
  2. If you do soak them in acid, do another soak in baking soda/water to kill the acid...then blow them dry and spray them Tom H.
  3. Couldnt agree with you more Rob. Ive found a couple of 1 grammers in with about 50 copper nugs. The copper is a reverse signal...but you never know These are about 1" dia. I cleaned them in muratic acid and then sprayed them with clear laquer so they wouldnt go brown again. They have a cool structure to them when you clean them up. Tom H.
  4. Same here. Im pretty much using the same settings as I used with my Coiltek. The EVO is a lot more sensitive and seems to do better over hot ground than my other coil. Tom H.
  5. That was a great video! They explained everything and how it works......now I know I dont want to do it Will just keep hitting the washes Tks Tom H.
  6. Derrrnnn! Thats a hunk of gold! Well done! Tom H.
  7. Ran into this guy on Tues. He was still cold and didnt want to move. Might have been dead but I wasn't going to try and find out
  8. Welp....got out today with Dad and hit a new area.....(close to a old area) Dad went up the main wash and I hit a smaller one. After seeing much detecting activity I decided to "hop" over the hill to an area I googled, but you could not see it from the main wash. Got into it and right away started getting all kinds of boot tacks/nail/drywasher bellows nail...lots of crap! The washes had a lot of throw piles off to the sides and im hitting the bigger wash and tribs. Found the two bigger ones within 20 yrds of each other off to the side of the wash. After 3 hrs its time to meet dad at the truck. Dad shows me all his junk and then drops one of the smaller nugs. "look what I found in a area some guys worked with a drywasher" We decide to go back in the the GB2 and do some placering. I got a couple of the little ones, got bored/tired and got the Minelab fired up again. Scooting down the wash I get a really nice sweet signal. Start removing dirt and see two fly poops. Put the coil over it and its really loud! Called dad over so he could see the dig. Well.....my big piece of treasure with the fly poops was a dern nail!. Glad it was there though. I would not have heard the poops with the 13x17 coil. Dad scored one more in the wash. Really a great day out. Good Lord blessed us with some gold, good times and got home safe. Weather was absolutely fantastic!!!! Heres the video of the big let down on the nail Enjoy! Tom H
  9. Rob: Dad and I always go up to willow springs in Aug. for 3 days and he usually limits out. Its great up there during the monsoons, nice and cool. Makes you forget about the heat. Extra company would be nice to have if you feel like it. Tom
  10. Better hurry! The heat is starting to knock on the door Tom H.
  11. Hmmm.......142 grams.. Tom H.
  12. Man thats a hunk of gold! Pretty cool looking also. Tom H.
  13. Good luck to you Jerry. There is still good gold out there to be found. Get back into all your old spots if you can find them and hit them with the 5000. Have fun, and enjoy the hunt. Tom H.
  14. Nice!! Cant wait to hear the rest of the story Tom H.
  15. Very nice nuggets! How do you get gold spray paint to stick to toothpaste though? WTG. Can you say what state you found them in? Tom H.