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  1. I.ll get a better look, tomarrow, I've got so much Sh** laying around, and a lot from older minelabs. I'll let you know. But I;d send Doc a PM, if anyone in the world still has one it might be him! And me or course. I never throw anything away. so my wife says. Gary Hey Gary, I just found it. PM me your full name and Address, I can send it in a flat rate Priority box, on the end of the month, when I get payed. Gary/ Grubstake
  2. Either DOC, or ROB might have one laying around somewhere. I'm still looking for the one I had. If I find it, you can have it. Gary
  3. The power block replaces the dome, DOC sold them back a few years ago, contact him, maybe he has one laying around. Grubstake Heres a picture off his website. Its Item H
  4. Gary, if I can find it, I have a DOC'S power block, it has the headphone connection and the plug for the power cable, it will fit small por large, it has a two wire conection to go on top of any 6 volt battery. I'll see if I can locate it, if you want it you can have it. But I can't ship it until the first, my payday. Grubstake Sorry, Gary. I guess I can't find it. But will keep looking.
  5. When you get there get you an AUSSIE gal, if you don't get gold, you will have fun anyway. Grubstaqke
  6. Happy Veterans Day to all that served or are going too, Grubstake
  7. You should get $50,000.00 for that one Shep. Grubstake
  8. If it looks like a DUCK, walks like a DUCK, and quacks like a DUCK! Then it must be a DUCK! Grubstake
  9. 44? wait till you hit 67, my everything hurts! Ha! Ha! Grubstake
  10. Happy birthday ROB, too bad we can't hunt my hot spot anymore, Grubstake
  11. Its a con job, to get people to go panning in James town, by the guy known as SHOCK, his dad is dead, but did the same crap, when business got slow. I mean who would let someone else hold there nugget? Get real. I use to work for his dad, back in the 90's he did that crap all the time to start a gold rush. Grubstake
  12. People collect them for display in there high priced house's, you could put it up for auction, I've seen them on TV go for a couple of thousand if they are really nice looking. Grubstake
  13. Too bad you could not have taken that nest, they are worth big bucks, I saw a video of a guy, he got one, and put it in an Ice Chest with dry Ice, after all the wasps were dead, he sold it for over a grand. Grubstake
  14. If you want to watch, make it out of a water bottle, just make sure the hole up at the top in the side is big enough for the bee's to go in, Grubstake
  15. Yeh, those meat bees, are more of a type of wasp, than bees, on the Merced river, they were rally bad, You can make a trap for them, out of a coke can and strip of beacon fill the can about 1/3 full of soapy water, hang a hunk of beacon in the can, anf put a hole in the side of the can, alomost to the top, hang it from a wire, the bee's go in and eat the beacon, and get so full they fall off into the soapy water, and can't get back out. It really works, its not a joke. Grubstake