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  1. Tom's dad has been married to his first wife for 61 years and still going. If she goes then I'll follow soon after. Old Tom
  2. Great pic's Justin, great way to collect critters. Old Tom
  3. That ball traveled a long way, I wonder what I looked like when I broke loose from the vein? Anyway you look at it, that's a great find. I wonder how much gold there is total in that piece? Old Tom
  4. Glad to hear that you are getting out again Mike. Nice gold for the time put in but you pay for it in sweat this time of the year. Keep on keeping on Bro. Old Tom
  5. I got a ghost like, thanks Bro??? Old Tom
  6. Rob, I think you are right on about fall for the outing. Tom and I will help out as much as we can on it. There will have to be a meeting of the minds on location as the Kalif guys have to travel quite a distance to get here. Food, utensils, fire wood always works out well. Port-a-potties should be addressed for families who don't have RV's and such. Looking forward to it after a hot summer. Old Tom
  7. I don't understand that kind of music but he sounds just like those fellows today that yell at each other. If you don't look at the picture you would think that there was a new young singer coming up. Maybe he's found something that he is good at. Old Tom
  8. Have a blessed Christmas Bro. Remember the reason for the season............ Old Tom
  9. OMG, did Nugget Finder say in what part of the country this find was made? Or maybe under some eucalyptus trees? Old Tom
  10. Hey AuW, take a knife to it and see if it is a little harder than soft lead. Babbitt material won't cut or peel like raw lead, its a lot harder so it wouldn't swage with the rotation of the shaft. Oil groves were cut into it to hold the oil to lube it. I think that I would have peed in that hole before I filled it or maybe even worse............. Old Tom
  11. Lead was used quite a bit around mines. Easy to repair things with as it took a low heat to melt it. Check and see if it isn't Babbitt material, they used it for making bearings in the big motors that ran the mines. Also all automobiles before the fifty's had Babbitt bearings. Old Tom
  12. That one looks like a gold filled molar I lost one day down there. Keep up the good work and stay hydrated. Old Tom
  13. Bob knows why as he went to school, he's not a smart ass, really. Old Tom