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  1. You're Ok Jen I like your humor. Chuck
  2. Of all things I get June issue of Lost Treasure yesterday but can't find a word about the Gold Monster 1000. Minelab not saying a word until Gm1000 is out. If I had Golden hair like you Jen just maybe I could spin gold out of nothing. Then take that gold and go buy the 7000 to find more gold. My trouble is here I am with gray hair and I can't remember what color it was years ago. I do have a wife that did have golden hair but I know now it's comes out of a bottle. Oh well I'll just swing my GM 1000 when I get it and be happy. That's what it's all about Being Happy. Chuck
  3. Rob I can assure you if I lived in the middle of what we call gold country I'd have the GPZ 7000. The price of it would never come up even when it first came out are now. Texas has some gold but all is on pvt. land and the nuggets is just about none. My trouble is the long drive to get to gold. Maybe in another life I'll live in gold country but it would be my luck as a Jack Rabbit. Chuck
  4. Rob I always said i'd never bad mouth Minelab but i'm going to this time. No I don't like the GPZ 7000 because I don't think it's worth the money. Now to hear the other side of what I think here it is. If I'd stop buying these low end detectors like the Gold Monster 1000 that is not out yet I'd have the money. Minelab is the only detector company this gives X Military a discount. My trouble is I can't find enough discounts Minelab could give me so I could get it in my price range. Now my Birthday is coming in May and i'd be willing to eat humble pie to get one. Oh yes Minelab is high dollar but they always if you get out and use it you get your money worth in gold. I Thank You Minelab for making a detector better than the last one you came out with. You have added so much to our hobby of nugget hunting and I look forward hunting with the Gold Monster 1000. Thanks Again. Chuck
  5. Over on Chris G forum is saying he got a email from Minelab that said the US won't see the GM 1000 in April. It could be the end of May or June before we see it. I for one would like to know here we are in the month Minelab said but now we have a no show ? Chuck
  6. Rob I too say thanks. Chuck
  7. Hey Jen I liked what you ask but now to see if you get a reply Soon Sooner Soonest or I don't know. Minelab has been so tight lip on this one even the dealers don't know. Chuck.
  8. Jeff I was watching a video and it said the first thing you have to do is pair it up. This has to be done on the first start up and never again. What i'm wondering is if you get near another person that has the same unit will you get cross signal from the other ? Just maybe being it's paired it can't talk to another. It sounds as if your wife had a great time and came home happy with the gold plus the help the Pro-Sonis offered. The Best to Her the next time out. Chuck
  9. Last week I got my issue of Lost Treasure and this is for may. I looked that mag. from one end to the other and you don't find a word are a stand alone picture about the Gold Monster 1000. I've got to hand it to Minelab they keep this detector under wrap. I know I've turned the net over to see if anything would fall out but that's not to be. I think being Minelab has been so tight lip about this detector has peak my interest more on others that I've ordered. I'm sure for the money it can't be a super detector but I'll own it. What can I say I own a Go-Find too. Well the powers that be said all will come to a head in April.I has married my X on April Fools Day so after that it's all up from here.. Isn't love wonderful ? Chuck
  10. Rob Thanks for the contest . The only thing that may have made it better and that's if the contest was for the gold.haha Maybe next time. Chuck
  11. That's the way to go Jen. I'd seen the ad you had for that coil and it's paid off already. The Best Chuck
  12. I was just reading about Africa and what they like in a gold detector. One thing they do like is one with less buttons and settings to nugget hunt. By that I can see why Minelab came up with the Gold Monster 1000 as a turn on and go. Have you seen a map of Africa where you can find gold ? Looks as if it's over most of the country. If I didn't like me so much I'd go there. Chuck
  13. Jen I know I used the 3 or 4 years I guess you could say out of context but I got a raise out of someone. I was in hopes people person like you are maybe Dr would chime in but like Minelab it's coming soon. The Best to you Jen Chuck
  14. Minelab says that JP was a tester of the Gold Monster 1000 and had another tester in the US but not a word from anyone on any forum. I just asking the question why has nobody said a word be it neg are pos about the Gold Monster 1000 ?The only thing Minelab says that it will be here soon. Rob if the Monster has been out for 3 are 4 years then why is it taking so long to get something that isn't something new to the US ? You would think if it's been out that long somebody would have made a video of it long ago.Who knows maybe it was being sold under another name. Whatever this detector has are don't have I've got my order in and looking forward to receiving it I'll write my own review when I get it. Chuck.
  15. Matt I believe it will have what you want in this detector.Look at it this way in that Minelab wanted to build a seller and if they didn't think it wouldn't be it would never made it off paper. As I get older I look for a detector with less weight and this is another star with me in the 1000. Chuck