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  1. Holy crap that's a nice one!!
  2. Pretty cool. That's a nice nugget 👍🏻
  3. Great pic and great story. One of these days when the political winds change or the money dries up those lands will be part of the USA again I'm sure and we can all rush out there to get our share of the gold.
  4. Wow those are some nice ones. Got some real character
  5. Damn that's pretty crappy.
  6. Nice stuff. You still got the skillz.
  7. Get the Garrett Carrot from Rob. Best one around. All will be sensitive to coils but I keep mine up inside my Camelbak on my back, my GPZ can't hear it in there. You can't wear these on your belt. The Minelab pinpointers have an open loop design and won't affect coils when they're turned off but I haven't heard as many good things about them as the Garretts.
  8. This is 100% correct. My first 1 ounce nugget was actually a 2 ounce nugget in my avatar. Found by just systematically pounding a known gold-bearing area over several weekends where I was finding smaller nuggets here and there. I found it within about 20 minutes of detecting, picking up where I left off about 20 feet from where I found a little dinker the weekend before. It was a fairly loud target on my GPZ, thought it was just a bullet casing. It was right after a good rain tho so maybe that had something to do with finding it (always seem to have luck after a rain). Now that I've been detecting more I'd like to think that I'd have still found it but it wasn't in a great "looking" area. The only indication was a couple old potholes nearby. Can't overthink things so much all the time.
  9. A lot of it should be all BBQ'd now!
  10. Is that the same nugget from the old forums with a hole in it you used as your avatar? Here's one I found with a tiny pinhole in it at the top. Looking through my collection it's the only one I got with a hole in it. Weight is 4.46 grams. Didn't find the coin detecting (I wish), bought that one.
  11. We still never got around the trying the RR claims. Maybe in the fall when Mike is back and if Bob ever replaces his GB II with an SDC And I just roll my pant legs up and spray a lot of OFF on my boots, socks, shins and knees and on the outside of my pants to fight the chiggers. Hasn't failed me yet.
  12. Yeah January is a great month in Arizona. Couple holidays in there too that some of us can get off work for.
  13. I took time off last year from work around Halloween to camp and detect around the Weaver mountains. It was still extremely hot that time of year! I wore a t-shirt around the campfire all night and I had all the flaps on the tent open. If this year is anything like the last, November might be a good month to consider doing it. I was off work again last November to camp and detect and the weather was a lot nicer.
  14. Heck ya buddy that sounds good to me.
  15. Any updates with this one? Thought I'd bump it up to the top.