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  1. Yeah January is a great month in Arizona. Couple holidays in there too that some of us can get off work for.
  2. I took time off last year from work around Halloween to camp and detect around the Weaver mountains. It was still extremely hot that time of year! I wore a t-shirt around the campfire all night and I had all the flaps on the tent open. If this year is anything like the last, November might be a good month to consider doing it. I was off work again last November to camp and detect and the weather was a lot nicer.
  3. Heck ya buddy that sounds good to me.
  4. Any updates with this one? Thought I'd bump it up to the top.
  5. Me and some friends from the forums ran into Rob this weekend and he put us onto a nice spot. I found the bigger one at his spot and the smaller one at another place further away that he'd also recommended to me a little while back. It's not much but atleast I beat the skunk. It's the first gold I've found this year. I haven't been detecting much but when I did get out I wasn't finding anything so it was great to finally snag something. The two together weigh just over half a gram. Found with GPZ 7000. That little one was actually pretty loud on the detector.
  6. A firmware update would be great. I wish they would just add the time to the top bar like a cellphone, that'd be so handy (and yes I know how you can check the current time with the GPS function).
  7. Love the videos, I always get gold fever all over again whenever I watch them. Some of those little guys look familiar in that second pic! Hope you can get out and detect again soon, I know motivation is hard to find and the oncoming heat doesn't help anything.
  8. Been going to Woods Canyon Lake and some of the others around Forest Lakes since I was a kid! Great place to beat the heat in the summer but more and more Phoenix people are there every year
  9. That's amazing. Almost looks like a meteorite. The left side looks like a goblin head.
  10. Dang that's a nice chunk. Gotta find some time to get out and detect up some more nuggies!
  11. Looks kinda like a golden dog turd! Nice pieces.
  12. Do a dozer push! That'll get a lot of people out