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  1. Sweet thanks Tom. I will give it a shot on a few worthy coppers.
  2. Rob and Tom I like finding any natural metal. The coppers are pretty cool and Tom yours looks awesome cleaned like that. I just might have to do that to a few of mine! Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing guys!
  3. They sure are I found one last weekend too! Be careful and wear your Gators.
  4. Way to go guys! Looks like you had some fun. Good job!
  5. Wes you are probably right but I hope not. Time will tell but I would give some bucks it.
  6. Amen Rob! One fine combo there.
  7. Awesome. Thanks Rob. That's what I want is something to get into tighter places.
  8. Hey guys bringing up this old topic.... Any news on a small coil? Rumors? Thoughts? I am ready for it.
  9. Awesome! Thanks for the contest Rob
  10. Hey Rob 357 for me thanks!
  11. Rob I already have my gear in the truck. You say when and where. All the other details are just minor.
  12. Awesome job Tom! That is a nice a piece you got there!
  13. No report from me Rob I got called in to work yesterday and just got another call to come in tonight and stay on nights for a while..... Probably not going to get to use mine for some time..... 😧
  14. Ok they are yours as long as you pay shipping. That might be more than the coils are worth to you tho....?
  15. .25 cents for the two 16s! I no longer have a machine to use them on. Some one take them or I will have to do some target shooting....😁