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  1. Rob I have been watching it. They find some nice gold. It's dramatic but still pretty good.
  2. OT I know shingles are bad but I can't imagine having it on my face. I saw it bring a grown man to his knees. Thanks Rob I hope for a handful next time too. I didn't go blurry that would have been scary. Tom you don't see it happen lol On dark nights you can't see anything out side of your torch even a few inches apparently. I just need to be more careful and wear glasses.
  3. Went out for a few hours Thursday night. No gold but found a mean tarantula. Later I am in a thick wash and I lean in to investigate a signal and a palo verde tree gets me right in the eye. I hurt a little but didn't detour me. After a while I actually forgot about it. I get home aroun 3 am shower and head to bed. Kid get me up a 7 and I was dang my head/eye hurts. I get migraines that hurt my eye that got stabbed and thought nothing out of the normal. When my wife sees it she freaks. Anyways this happened years ago and I wore safety glasses for a long time but eventually broke the habit. Time to start again. Am I the only one that seems to have this problem at night?
  4. Yeah its an ever growing sickness. But night hunts this summer have been keeping it down.
  5. Looking at the minelab news today and they just announced a new update. For any of you that want it, It can be found at www.minelab.com
  6. I may not get them all but I want them all! Big and small!
  7. You are right Rob. That's why I just purchased a used 2300 haven't decided if I like it yet but every time it gets used I like it more. Its way better than tearing down the 7k each time I want to get back on the bike.... But if the choice was there....
  8. I saw this video a while ago and had to watch it like five times. I think I'm doing it wrong.
  9. If only if only! Good stuff guys.
  10. Thanks Rob. Lately I have really enjoyed the night hunts. Between the critters gold and quiet it's hard to beat. Best of luck to you all! Stay cool!
  11. Doc you nailed it about tight spots. That's the only reason for me. I don't want to find smaller gold (that's what the gb2 is for) just more of it. I have had several solid nuggets that were just whispers for their depth that should have been screamers. The problem was the coil wasn't actually getting over them, but a few inches to the side. When a smaller coil could have been right on top. Example... 2 Grammer 3 inches deep on bedrock deep in the side of a waterfall type thing. A Joey coil would have been right on top of it. But the 14 was stuck a few inches away. This nugget took way to Long to find and at one point I was convinced it was ground because the signal never got stronger. Long story short I got that little guy! But a small coil would have helped and that's enough reason for me.
  12. Awesome! Nice finds. Keep them coming!
  13. I read the same thing but I'm still hoping for an even smaller one.
  14. Ha thanks guys. Nothing to be worried about here. He was a friendly! I enjoy running across critters almost as much as the gold.... Well maybe not that much!