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  1. $400 for TWO GB2s, WOW!!!! Just joking!!
  2. Congratulations Mike C!
  3. There's something about finding a BIG nugget that just makes you feel warm all over ......or I guess that warm feeling could be from having to dig down 20" through hard dirt/rocks to retrieve it !!
  4. Everything is working fine for me now, I see the Like Link and who has Liked all the posts!!
  5. I tried logging out and back in, no difference, still can't see the Like link anywhere on the forums, I'm using Windows 7 OS and Google Chrome browser if that helps with figuring it out. Maybe everyone will reply to this topic so you will know if anyone else is having the same issue seeing the Like link? I was able to see that some members have received a Like but that's it on my end. Also I can't see who "Liked" a post, only that the post receive a Like, we had this same issue on Bill's forum and the member getting a like can't see who Liked their post either, I ask the Techs how to solve this at Invision's support website and this is how to make it so it can be seen who Liked a post... "...With regards to likes. If you look within the social tab of any member group, you will see that you can allow for members of each group to see who has liked...."
  6. Rob, I was going to give you your first Like, but I don't see the LIke link in your post, so i don't thinik it's working correctly.
  7. Rob, don't freak out but when he gets out of prison he's going to be looking for you!!!
  8. Very nice, good job, how can something that ulgy be so beautiful!!
  9. Thanks for manning up with an apology, it shows your true character IMHO , everyone misunderstands a comment from time to time, especially when in written form with no body language and facial expressions to help understand the comment's intent! I don't know much about the 705, but others that do I'm sure will respond with the info you seek, just give it some time, the forums are a llittle slow these days. That being said don't just hang back in the shadows, be a apart of the community I think it's a big help and benefit to be an active member not only to oneself but to others that you may be able to help out with your knowledge!
  10. I agree, MR Fox, you seem to be your own worst enemy!!
  11. Well he had to be good at something, I'm a bit surprised to say the least!!
  12. Tom they only sell those X-ray glasses in the back of comic books!
  13. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, stay safe.