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  2. WTG Rod...yup..............the monster will sniff those little guys out in minerised ground. Keep it up! Tom H.
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  4. Coil Sold pending payment.Thanks Phillip.
  5. LOL on the title My better half has been wanting a Gold Monster as she is no fan of the drone of the threshold on the Gold Bug 2 (GB2). She often runs it silent and knows this can be risky with missing gold. So I bought her one (thanks Rob) and we decided to give it a few hour test run seeing it was such a beautiful day. It was very hard for me to leave the GPZ at home and just try and dial this thing in for her Our plan was to test the Monster in two areas.The first area is loaded with trash so we had the opportunity to test out the different modes. The second area has been pounded by numerous detectors over the years and you're lucky to ever hear a target. We also used both coils and liked them both. The little nugget was found with the 10x6 coil and I'm sure the 5' would have found the nugget as well. It was not very deep, maybe an inch. Now I've only used the Monster for one day so my opinion of it is still in the forming stages. Having used detectors for find gold for many, many years I can say that the Monster is an easy to use machine for me. And my better half finds it easier to use than the GB2. Why? She relates to the buttons and digital screen of the Monster far more than she does the knobs and switches of the GB2 and, she certainly enjoys the relative quietness of the Monster over the GB2. Seems like a fun, productive, and easy to use detector so far
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  7. Very nice additions Do you have a display of the collection you can share?
  8. Rob This is the one I use.
  9. Might try PMing Boulderdash. He uses a electric one all the time. Tom H.
  10. Hey Cowkiller, Is the steel canister separate from the shop vac?
  11. Thats a good deal if I didnt already have the 12 round evo Id be all over it-GLWS-Mike C...
  12. Eastern Panhandle WV about 70 miles west of Wash. DC. Bought to relic hunt with but never used. Paid 495.00 for it new. Thanks Phillip Ratliff.
  13. Minelab has posted that it will be another shipment going out this coming Monday the 19th of February. It will be interesting to see how many Equinox’s the dealers receive this time. I think the last shipment went from a few to none for some dealers. I’ve been wrong before but I just don’t remember when but I don’t think Minelab knew it would ever be such a great demand for this detector the Equinox. Now every dealer is over run with orders that it will take a while for Minelab to over come the demand that is before them. Chuck
  14. Hi where are you located at
  15. Dang Rob, those are big o`l slugs !! Nice job
  16. For Sale Nugget Finder 17X13 Evolution Coil Mono 1.5 hours use like new condition 250.00 shipped US priority mail.Money order,Paypal family or 3%. Thanks Phillip Ratliff.
  17. Tom that is for sure. I went to work lucky dog lol!
  18. Nice slugs Rob I got you all a .8 grammer yesterday Tom H.
  19. Finally a good day!

    So true! Next time we get out I will fill the ice chest!
  20. Amen Andy! I vote both our next pieces are like those....
  21. Finally a good day!

    Funny, CK. I get the same blue dew .. Sometimes the gold we find with the GPZ is so small, it barely covers the cost of the dew.
  22. Cowkiller - that 4.5 grammer *was* sweet. Here I thought my 2.5 grammer would win size for the weekend and you had to go one up me. You're killing it lately. Now Rob, though... he's on his own level of awesome. I want my next chunk to be a slugger like those!
  23. Dang Rob you are killing it. I thought my 4.5 Grammer was good...... Now I need to get out and work harder! Keep it up Rob!
  24. I use a champion 1200 watt generator from tractor supply. They sell for 200 light weight quiet and start every time even after sitting. And a 100 dollar steel canister 1.25 in hose shop vac from Lowe's. I think it's a good combination.
  25. Finally a good day!

    Two blue dews and change! Now I feel I got the short end of the stick 😵. I sure played my cards wrong!
  26. Arrived safely but you forgot to mail the insert showing where all the gold is..haha Thanks Tom. Jen
  27. I have used a cordless DeWalt vacuum with good success in the past.
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