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  2. Are you former Boeing or are you a pilot, just curious, I worked for the Lazy B 7 times, mainly Renton, Bellevue, DCAC/MRM etc. Jen
  3. I hunt gold, plus I hunt quail. Best eating bird on the planet. I believe I read on a previous post that someone could have been hunting quail with high caliber rifles. That is news to me, cause I never heard of it. It is quail hunting season, and I have hunted for quail in the bumblebee/cleator area many times. Good topo and habitat area for the gambel quail. My point is, consider also what is going to be happening a time of year without getting skiddish, and to concerned thereby, drawing into other conclusions, and making a big mistake. That happens a lot these days. We all know that misuse leads to disuse, and unfortunately, our society has evolved itself more toward looking for excuses to further erode traditional freedoms and heritages without looking at a bigger picture. That's what is happening with the ever increasing litigation, and score boards of today, proving the ever increasing constant battles we have of our freedoms being targeted. Like I said, misuse also means disuse. It's called the cause and effect of the problems being solved which lead to forfeiture. I never thought I would see in my life time, what I see happening today. If I could look into a crystal ball and see the next 10 years ahead, I believe I would pass on looking through it. If law ever needs a excuse to shut down a party, cause of a lethal event, they will build their case to justify the actions. I have been shot from a distance with #8 bird shot accidently by a friend both of us chasing quail. It stung like crazy, but I didn't die. A High caliper rifle on the other hand would be a different story.
  4. 10 4 Rob thanks. I will sign up! Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Really good day

    Real nice Tom, good work 👍🏻
  6. Really good day

    Very nice finds! Hope you get into a bigger patch when you get back.
  7. Really good day

    I know there is more up there...but you have to be willing to hike and bleed a lot with all the gol dern catsclaw! But its worth it Tom H.
  8. Really good day

    Oh yah....that's the plan I had to meet Luke at a certain time at the bottom so I did not spend much time up there. But I did see that it was very minerized with trumpet plants, that are not seen much in the area. Looks juicy for detecting Tom H.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving everybody !!! I am visiting a friend in cottonwood until Sunday and wondered if anyone would like a buddy to prospect with. I know this is short notice as well I haven't been prospecting in Arizona and don't know my way around. I have good gear and a good sense of humor. Enjoy that turkey... Mario
  10. Really good day

    Hey Tom, Congrats. A lot more gold up in that country that anyone probably guessed 20+ years ago :). Hope you find a nice Holiday Patch, you deserve it!
  11. Hey Guys, It's real. I'm trying to clean up a huge email list I have for future promo's, newsletters and other stuff sent via email. If you have gotten one, it's just to let you know we would love to keep you on the list. If you don't want to be emailed in the future from us, you can unsubscribe from it. We will be running specials like Black Friday and other Holiday specials that will be shot through email. If you're interested in joining our list and you're not currently on it, send your email address to me at - and I will add you. Thanks!
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  13. Justin, don't click on anything like that. If it were any good Rob would have cleaned me out a long time ago. Old Tom
  14. Really good day

    yeah, start circling those hillsides, Tom. Hope you get yourself a patch!!
  15. Rob I got this email.... Are you still interested in gold nuggets and metal detecting? I am working on cleaning up my contact list and I want to stay connected with you if it makes sense - but also don't want to send you emails you aren't interested in... So... Can you do me a quick favor? If you DO want to keep your account and stay connected, click here. Is it real or spam?
  16. Really good day

    Awesome! Way to go Tom. I have had the feeder bad but now it might just kill me. Keep them coming buddy!
  17. Went out with a friend yesterday to hit an old area. The main wash has been really good to us in the past but I wanted to concentrate on the upper tribs that fed it. My buddy went up one of the tribs and I went down....luck of the draw..I got 3, 2+ grammers and a small one. The first fat one was a reverse signal at dig em all..........Decided to hop over to another trib that ive been up about 4 yrs ago and didnt get anything. It was a long one and I was fighting the urge to go somewhere else before going all the way to the top of this one. Well, I climbed, hiked, detected to the top of the mountain and about 20 yrds short of the top, I get a real nice 3.8 gram specie, and its rough. Great, now I have to go back up there and hunt the hill sides! Just a little over 1/3 oz. Tom H.
  18. Hello All, Rob's Detector Sales will be closed for Thanksgiving on Nov. 23rd and 24th. All orders will ship Saturday or Monday. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
  19. Hello All, If you ordered a Minelab Pro-Find 35 Pinpointer, a majority of the orders shipped this morning. We were only allocated a percentage of our original pre-order from several months ago, so a few customers will get theirs on the second batch. I'm hoping the ones that are getting them within a few days will post some information on their performance. Thanks for all your continued business with us here at Rob's Detectors.
  20. Bedrock nugget 3-1/2 gram

    Awesome piece of gold!
  21. Didn’t realize there was so much crazy stuff going on around Bumblebee over the years
  22. Dont forget the Spot Messenger System, and a pick hanging from a metal belt loop.
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