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    Hey Jen, I'm sure I'm missing a few pieces here and there, but feel I'm getting the majority of them. Many of these pieces I have missed for 10 years with prior detectors, just reaching down to depths to get the ones I'm getting now. That being said, I have noticed in places in Northern Nevada and even Gold Basin I was always able to run a much hotter detector than other locations. I could even run the GoldBug 2 all out in Northern Nevada where it struggles big time on the ground I'm working now with the GPZ.
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    Hey Jen, Congrats on the new nuggets. I haven't tried Steve's settings, but I know for the most part on the ground I hunt, an increase in Gain/Sensitive means more ground noise. I have done well working with a Gain around 10-14, depending on the ground conditions. I have found plenty of small gold missed by my GPX 5000 that I'm finding down 10-12 inches. The biggest piece so far with my GPZ 7000 is the 6.8 ounce specimen (4.2 ounces of gold) at nearly 3 foot deep. Then again, maybe I'm missing gold not using those super hot settings ......