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    I had started my morning hunt in a new location. I was in draw on a tree covered hillside that the ole timers had worked with toms and ground sluicing. Great place to look for some yeller! I started on a cut bank next to a few hand stacked rock piles.. nothing but boot tacks and bits of wire. I looked across the small creek to a promising spot on the other side. Dropped my backpack. And started rock hopping across the creek. For what ever reason.. I had my detector at my side, usually it’s shoulderd..as I stepped from one rock to another my detector let out a nice mellow weeeewoooo...strange how some nuggets are found purely on accident. I’m so impressed that my detector picked up that target in 6” of water and my coil wasn’t breaking the surface. That 3-1/2 grammar was wedged down in a crack, took me a bit to get the bedrock to bust apart!! Man I love the hunt!!!
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    Hey Guys/Gals, Just wanted to Thank All who served our great country. I'm posting a bit early as I will be out all day tomorrow. God Bless American!
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    Hello All, Just a quick announcement of a new Coiltek release, the 22" Round DD Searchcoil. This new DD configuration will provide the user with excellent ground coverage, DD performance in a light-weight shell while still providing a robust and high quality product. This coil will be best suited to open terrain where the mineralization is moderate to high and can also provide the user with the GPX iron discrimination function if hunting for buried treasure in a high trash area. DD configured searchcoil are also great for hunting for gold nuggets in very mineralized ground. The DD will run much smoother in higher mineralization over a monoloop searchcoil and still gives you the discrimination ability to use. Some specs on the Coiltek 22" DD Goldstalker - Open Web Design DD Configuration Can use the discrimination feature on GPX detectors Includes skid plate and mounting hardware Standard shaft mount Ultimate depth and senstivity Smooth operation in mineralized areas Weight - 1110 Grams or 37 Ounces approx. 2 Year Warranty from purchase date We now have added to our online store if anyone is interested in a purchase. The coil is $435 with free shipping https://www.robsdetectors.com/coiltek-22-dd-round-goldstalker-searchcoil/
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    Got out Sunday night in a new area. I parked the truck at the mouth of a small wash and thought this wash looks good. Turned on the 7k and started walking. Ten feet up the wash I got the first target. Lead... a couple more feet another target. Dug down 5 inches the dirt changed from white sand to red clay. Yup I though this is gold... and it was a 1 gram nugget. Score! Went maybe a hundred feet and got a half grammer in red clay. I little further up after a bunch of lead and old nails I dig down into the read stuff again. Yup 1.5 gram bit! That was all for the night but this is only one wash out of several in the area! Not too bad for the first time out in a couple months. Good luck guys!