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  1. Rick,

    Ben a while sense I said hi. How's the hunting been lately. Do you still use the 4000 or undated to the 5 or even 7000? I am still using my 4000. Finding a few nuggets here and there but at least I'm finding a few. With my 4000 what coil would you recommend. Is the new EVO as ggod as they say or stay with what's working?

    I know you do a lot of hunting in Northern Cali, what do you think of Northern NV? Any areas you recommend? Do you hunt around N. Sierra's? 

    One day I need to get with you just to shake your hand. Best of luck lucky. 



  2. Great Video and what a dig! Rick
  3. zzz nuggets

    Russ, You keep on doing what the Doctor told you to do! Walking around digging holes will keep you in good health and gold in your poke. Thanks for sharing...Until the next hunt LuckyLundy
  4. 3.6 DWT's

    WTG! Go get the rest Rick
  5. Brand new pick too! Good shooting LuckyLundy
  6. Must be a good Union putting them together? Soon there will plenty for everyone! Rick
  7. Razorback Coils

    Chris, I have a couple that was made for me a few years back. As you may know I'm selling all my GPX related items and have two of these mentioned coils and a ton of Commander coils too! Razorbacks, run a little noises...but I've found gold with them Rick
  8. Malachite & Gold

    Fred, I hardly recognized the old patch it had been pounded by every detector known to man! That little blue coil is a hoot, we hunted it hard...but there is always a few left for the next prospector. Here is one of the great sun sets! Until the next hunt LuckyLundy
  9. SOLD, Thanks Tom and look forward for your training day! Mrs Lucky is selling her nugget finder! It's a great running GPX 4500 and she has the pictures to back this machine up too. What does it come with? 12x15 Mono and 12x15 DD, 11" Mono and 11" DD 8" Mono all Commander Coils. 2 GPX Batteries, all chargers, with power cord I have and old Packet Rocket battery system with new battery, with charger Swing Arm I'm sure I have more GPX stuff to gather up, but shipping it will cost a bunch as is! $2800 leave me a PM LuckyLundy
  10. Malachite & Gold

    Death ray; Dale District Fred; Orange Peel Patch...all gone now! Yep, I'm still short a few ounces for the new machine LuckyLundy
  11. We had a great time exploring the desert on foot and quad. We all got to swing our SDC on some old patches that still had a few nuggets to give up to the poke! Here is my take for the trip, which will be going to my next new day soon! Until the next hunt LuckyLundy
  12. Well earned! Congratulations LuckyLundy
  13. GPZ7000 Price

    Grub, Well I got a toy hauler and a quad, but I'm 4 1/4 ounces shy of that new detector...heading out for a week or more to put a few in my poke! Rick
  14. Hit a new patch today

    Glenn, Hard earned nuggets are the best, Congrats! There's more I'm sure, so rest up LuckyLundy
  15. Searchcoils

    Chris, Little Sadie is a great coil if you still live in the same area. But at times its smallish size feels like your in a row boat in the middle of the ocean with a little paddle! Rick