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  1. Minelab GP extreme Pulse Induction Updated to external speaker and Lithium-Ion 13 oz. battery No 5 pound brick to carry .Comes with 11 inch and 18 inch coils ,case,battery charger ,headphones and harness .Just repaired by Detector Mods for low audio $1500 No trades calls only please No Texts home 489 883 1978 Cell 612 616 1360 Also 4 " dry washer hose in good condition new $ 60.00 sell for $ 40.00
  2. Happy Birthday Shep! Hoping all is well with you and looking forward toward seeing you again soon.
  3. Great info's Rob for anyone in the market for a detectors. You are a fantastic dealer and person Rob and a great friend to boot. I am very satisfied with our dealings and I try to steer peoples your way. Recently a friend of mine Li-on battery would not hold a charge and he bought a replacement from you. He still can't get over your fast delivery and correspondents. He is very happy! Hopefully you will be at the Mesa GPAA gold show and we may get time to talk. Take care to you and the family.
  4. Happy Birthday Tom

    I had met a few of you "ole timers", and you run circles around me and I am just a young pup yet. I just pray that I am as nimble and young hearted as you are when I get your age. Keep charging ahead and showing the way to us greenhorns... we need your friendships and expertise.
  5. Right back at you Doc! This wish goes out to everyone on the forum... Happy New Year and may you find gobs of gold, good health, good times, safe travels, and GOD Bless!
  6. Happy Birthday Tom

    Happy birthday Old Tom. Looking forward to seeing you and your youngster next time up at LSD. Take care and safe travels.
  7. Lost My Target!

    Whenever I check my magnet it is just iron trash! Nice nugget congrats!
  8. Nice skunk killer

    Holy Smoke! Tom you are kicking that skunk silly. How bout kicking the skunk off my heels. Pistochio nuts huh! Pecan, walnuts, and cashews don't work? Congrats! You and your father deserves it. Be careful... you don't want to reinjured that hand again.
  9. Rob, sorry to hear about your grandmother. Our prayers are with you and your families at this sad time but may you all remember the best of times and memories. God Bless. Robert and Judy
  10. Eureka Gold bad coil???

    I want to thanks everybody for their reply. I bought a CoilTek 6 inch coil from Rob. I was so anxious to get it I had Rob shipped it just days before the GPAA Gold Show held in Mesa. I was able to get out beeping on the 25th. Leaving my GPX 5000 in the truck I grabbed the Eureka Gold and the new coil. Setting it on the 60 freq. I started swinging. After a couple of hours and digging three dozen bullets I finally got it over a piece of gold. The nugget weigh in at .21g.I couldn't find any of it brothers or sisters but I will be back and hit the spot again with the 5000.
  11. Got a specie today!

    WOW! That speci look great! Congratulations! It was nice seeing you and your dad at the show. I wish we had more time to talk. Will see you at Bill's outting. More gold to you and your dad. Take care, Robert
  12. GPAA Show Saturday Update

    It was great seeing you again and meeting your wife. I could have talk more with you but I understand that talking with new potential customers is far more inportant! My wife and I once ran a small business too making children's clothes. I put the new 6 inch CoilTek coil and the Minelab hip bag onto the Eureka Gold on Sunday and it works great. Now to get my wife over some gold. Thanks for the new hat too, Robert
  13. Polar Vortex. ... another greenies liberal catchphrase to blame global warming on! Hogwash... winter is winter and summer is summer, and then there's mud season! I like Mike F.got out of the gold and moved to AZ. We don't need no stinking shovel for sunshine. See y'all at the gold expo in Mesa. May your pan and scoop be covered with that yellar metal.
  14. If it wasn't for the email telling me about it and trying to get me pre register. ... never would know about the show! I have not seen or heard anything local via radio, show flyers. I don't know how they are going to attract new people's into the world of gold prospecting without advertising? Prospectors that are in the link... knowing about the forums and your forum Rob does a great job in promoting nugget hunting. Most beginner that have a intrest will seek out more information, but how to attract those people's that have no idea that gold prospecting is a great past time is a challenge to all of us. I will probably go again this year, if nothing else's to see what is new and to meet some friends.