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  1. Rob, Just popped in and read about the lost of your Grandmother, my condolences & prayers go out to you & your family. wonderer
  2. Congratulations Jake, may there be many more in your future. wonderer
  3. oldies1955/Tom, Good luck up there at Prescott. I to live in Peoria & don't go out in the high temps either, even the mornings are getting hot now. The plus is if we did'nt have the high temps we would be overwhelmed by tree huggers from Kalifornia. wonderer
  4. oldies1955, Might happen to the Vulture mines area & the LSD....parks with fees.....maybe no MDing.............Road closurers. Uncle Ron has been posting some things about this on some forums & it an't good for prospecting or MDing in AZ. wonderer O and by the way Terry, thanks for posting your permit. I'll print one up and put it in my wallet so when I'm in NY I'll have something to do.
  5. Will my Ace 250 suffice?

    Terry, Love your posts...........You just like to give a person a dose of reality & some people need a BIGGER dose than others. wonderer
  6. Nice nugget Rob, Looks like a (muddy) dog sitting down turning its head to the side (at least while its dirty). wonderer
  7. Rob, There just going back over their old patches first before the post how well the coil works. With the price of gold you can't be to careful. wonderer
  8. blues-dad, Quite a few people sell their nuggets on the gold forums here in AZ, usully in the classifieds. Good luck on your quest & welcome back. I sold almost all my gold nuggets to get gold coins as more people reconize gold coins for what they are & what percent of gold they contain so in a barder situation you have a better chance of getting goods, but thats just me. I just keep a few differant sizes as test nuggets. wonderer
  9. Well when you click on the above link, now it pops up American Prospectors Club & the yearly fee has dropped to $55 wonderer
  10. free shovel

    Gentleman, I'm waiting for the ML6000 to come out with the star trek beaming tecnology that will lock on to the gold target and beam it to my poke . wonderer
  11. The older Falcon had a accesory extention handle (& optional nylon web belt holster(for easy carry)) so it could reach down into crevices or be used standing up, say on bedrock . . don't know if the newer one has the same options. wonderer
  12. Traveller, I've heard that people have tryed to use flowergold in a vial (say 1/10 OZ. from paning) as a test for their metal detector & it did'nt work. But if they melted it to a blob it was detectable. Haven't tested this out (flowergold issue) though myself as I don't pan, drywash or dredge. People even have issues detecting (parks and playgrounds) small gold metal chains like girls like to wear because the small links don't take a hit (or give a signal) like a larger solid gold object. Unless your test pans for the beach have gold pickers in them forget using a metal detector to detect patches of flowergold. I had the Falcon Gold Probe model before this new one & was'nt impressed with it, maybe the new one is better. Think they make it in Mesa, AZ., + I don't know if it works on wet beaches & around salt water well. You might have to call the manifacture & find out. wonderer
  13. Traveller, Flowergold is to small to use metal detectors on. Best thing to do is dig up some clay you think has gold in it and let it dry....you then could put the dryed clay in a cement mixer (with rocks or steel balls) to break up the clay. Take the powdered clay and process it (shaker table, panning or blue/green spiral wheel) & see if you get any flowergold. wonderer
  14. Doc's mod.

    DOC, Was that the special coil you had on the GPX 5000 at the training center so you could turn it on in and around Electrical interferanc like the floresant lights ? And could hunt under power lines ? wonderer
  15. Headphones

    wjbell, Rob carries DOCs Te-shirt cap that covers your head, neck & ears to protect them from the sun. + It makes wearing head phones, easy. It also wicks away sweat. There are also others that make Foreign Legion hats that have cloth sides and back section & have velcro fasteners so the panels can be easly removed, for cleaning. (also headphone friendly) I also have Blackwidows Head Phones, which I got when I owned a ML 3500 . . . Still use them with other detectors. One of the big things not mensioned (because many of us have some hearing damage) is that having volume control for each side helps you adjust sound as each ear may need a differant volume. + I've had to detect by people who are using external speakers (that is annoying). wonderer