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  1. Selling Gold?

    Im not sure what you posted Randy on nuggetshooter but If I may reply............I am always looking to buy gold out right, I offer a lot more than coin or pawn shops If im buying because I will resll it on my site, or you can sell it on my site, I have over 2600 buyers and ALL my listings are FREE. I am not even charging final value fees right now either while Im revamping the site. When the site is totally where I want it to be my basic listings will still be FREE and there will be a minimal final value fee. my site is www.goldbay.com I have met Rob once and he was way nicer in person than on this site!! (lol) kidding Rob, you certainly were a tall bugger though!! and your banner is now up on my site too!! mlgdave
  2. Yea as we get older we lose people around us, I dont know if any of you knew or know of Lucille Bowen but she also passed away this year. Her contribution to prospecting and metal detecting overall was incredible. I went to paradise valley with her in 93 and spent many a times out with her detecting, and she in her 80's could outdo me in a heartbeat in my 40's, not only in endurance but in finds as well. She will be missed mlgdave
  3. the first 2 winners of the free gold is Husk91 and Crystallinguy, congratulations!! I have now added 3 more gold giveaways, yes they are truly FREE, the only requirement is that your a member of my site www.goldbay.com I will be adding more and bigger giveaways in coming months, this picture is one of the 3 items I added for this months giveaway, there is also an alaskan nugget and a round mountain mine crystallized specimen!! go to Goldbay.com to see the other giveaways ANYONE can enter!! Even you ROB!! mlgdave
  4. For all that pray

    thats pretty weird grub, i can take out 400.00 per day from paypal. I have the paypal debit card as well Well still hope it helps dave
  5. For all that pray

    Thanks Gary, I didnt know it was over there but I got the email address and have sent the donation. mlgdave
  6. yep, free, hows that for prospecting? I asked Rob and he sai no problems posting this thread. I have just totally 100% redone my website and am now doing monthly gold nugget and gold specimen giveaways!! You dont need to buy anything at all, all you have to do is login and enter (yes you have to be a member) you can enter once daily per item. Right now there are 3 items and I will be posting more and bigger and nicer things as the site continues to grow. I am for the next 30 days waiving ALL commisions and fees to sellers!! I am GOING CRAZY and listing 2 ounces of #6 gold nuggets for 95% of spot. I will be listing those tomorrow Sept 17th, the batch sizes vary from 2 to 9 grams. Hope you come by and check it out!! www.goldbay.com for free gold nuggets these are the 3 free giveaways right now free specimen free gold nugget jewelry free gold nugget mlgdave
  7. For all that pray

    Prayers are great Grubstake, they feed the soul, and I cant imagine the things your going through, and as I cant answer any prayers to feed the soul, www.goldbay.com and anonymous would like to help feed the family with a 200.00 donation. Please send me the paypal address I can send to and I will promptly send the 200.00 to help your family in its time of need. I hope it helps Dave
  8. cleaning gold

    is straight ammonia and a rock tumbler total cost, less tnhan 30.00!! forget the rock tumbler and use a tupperware container and shake the beejeezus out of it less than 3.00!! you can most of the original lustre back to a nugget by tumbling it in sand i clean heaps and gobs of nuggets, so im not saying any of this without experience go to my site, and look at my auctions www.goldbay.com and you will see how clean they are!!! dave