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  1. Allen in MT

    Zip Zip

    Zip Zip the Advanced Course by Larry Sallee for sale on e-bay
  2. I often wonder if it was missed with the 5000 and then found with the 7000. and actually would have been found with the 5000 if one got over it.
  3. Parker Schnabel's grandpa John Schnabel 96 passed away today March 18. The show Alaska gold won't be the same without him.
  4. A friend of mine found this medal and can't find anything about it. On the back is the company Whittfield and Hoague New Jersey. This company was bought out long ago and the old company records were destroyed. Any help
  5. I know about the body getting older and worn out with 2 shoulder surgeries and a knee replacement and the other is due, but I still am 27 and I'm getting ready to celebrate my 40th anniversery of my 27th birthday.
  6. Allen in MT

    I hate getting old.

    My 1st one at the VA I watched it on the screen and when it was over they asked if I wanted a copy of it. should have taken it as it would have been a good show and tell, My second one I was also awake but didn't see it on the screen. The Dr and nurse were talking about where they wanted to go for vacation during the process.
  7. Thanks Doc, great videos. It's a great improvement from the tape I got from Hoss. Remember that one crude but effective and kind of humerous. What camera you using??
  8. Allen in MT

    Minelab selling to public

    Whites started a program years ago that they will sell to the public but the sale proceeds goes to the nearest dealer where subject lives. You get a credit on your account for the sale. we used to get referals from Minelab, but that stopped some years back. don't know what happens to them now. bad move all around
  9. Allen in MT

    Nugget Hunters 50 Above

    Guess I've been swinging a detector for 46 years as the 1st detector I had in my hands was a mine sweeping detector in Nam in 1968 and then bought a Whites Coinmaster when I got out of the service in 1970 been swinging ever since then but now a lot slower. Best nugget I ever dug was a solid 5.56 oz and most coins found in 1 day was 1056 + some jewelry.
  10. Allen in MT

    Blm vs bundy

    Well I just don't know what to think or than we are still the best corrupt country in the world
  11. Allen in MT

    New coil for the 5000 called IDL

    I'm thinking the competition is due to be elimitated. Think Coiltek is budding up with Minelad and the new big machines will be like the smaller machines with the frequency in the coil and only available from Minelab and Coiltek because of patent rights. It would be a smart move on Minelabs part but time will tell.
  12. Allen in MT

    More Virginia nuggets

    Some friends that I stay with in Culpepper, VA out on Woodlawn Church there is a old gold mine on there neighbors property, never had the chance to hunt it or ask permission, but I did find it in a book about gold in VA. Nice finds thanks for sharing.
  13. I had to get rid of the bigger coils as I got a little signal when swinging. I can get by with the 14" round, I have a right knee rep[lacement, but then getting old enough I don't want to swing the large coils anyway.
  14. Allen in MT

    Hello to everyone!

    there is a gold bug pro out now that will go deeper than the gold bug 2 but won't find gold as small as gold bug 2 close to the surface, both are great machines.
  15. This year 2012 was the last year catering to metal detectors, clark/wiltz decieded to concentrate on the commercial end of mining.