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  1. I would try to get the SD2100 for 650.00 or less, if not, save a little more and get a newer model Minelab. I would also suggest NOT purchasing a TDI. Stick with Minelab
  2. Good grief, this would get so annoying
  3. Nice work dude ! A fine batch of nuggets there!
  4. Fishing, Im not sure who your asking and what your asking ?
  5. Well there ya have it Jen....You better rush out and get a GPZ
  6. Im not so sure Woody. I think most honest law abiding cops would appreciate my disgust for bad cops that over react, jump to conclusions, or are bullies, egomaniacs, crooked, alchoholics, that have tendencies to be hypocritical, possessive, paranoid exaggerators with potty mouths.
  7. Your right Jen, I`m sorry for saying personality disorder. I`m not a psychologist.
  8. Well how about that Rob ! Even still, I hope you get the money back.
  9. You just proved my point.......It takes some computer savy, bank accounts, back up credit cards, valid phone numbers, mailing addresses and email accounts just to set up an eBay seller acct Jen, and you know this. I`ve had gold nuggets disappear 3 times in the mail, where was your " community " then? Jennifer . Ive been through the insurance claim thing with USPS, and if Rob had it insurred for 5 K then he will likely get it , even if it takes an appeal or two. Great ! another parranoid, over reacting, exaggerating cop with a personality disorder and a foul mouth
  10. Yep your right , I do not know if the serial # is legit. Just the same as you do not know that this eBayer is a " criminal " or not, but you aparently know they are because of a shady looking listing on eBay. What are the odds Jennifer, that the one GPZ that go`s missing from the mail system In all of California, is the very one that happened to be listed on eBay around the same time? I`d say those are very slim odds. I would also think that most "criminals " would not bother setting up an eBay, and paypal account or would take much pleasure in shipping anything in thier life. I`d say that your post is more symbolic of overreacting, much the same as several others.
  11. I messaged him a long time ago. He told me the serial number was 92539841064 and that the item had been sold. Calm down people.....geezzzz
  12. Dont forget the Spot Messenger System, and a pick hanging from a metal belt loop.