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  1. adam

    Mine shafts

    Great movie but it was a cliff hanger
  2. Hi Rob, probably the 4500 or 5000. I remember signing up with minelab a long time ago to purchase parts, but then it never seemed to materialize.
  3. Does Minelab sell control boxes individually ?
  4. All my best Rob, hang in there
  5. I want to make a comment. A full brim hat protects you from the heat? Or are you protecting yourself from the sun? When it gets Africa hot around here a full brim hat is usless... just sayin..... If your working in one spot a canopy can make a difference , because it cools the air all around you . My experience with earbuds is that they seen to amplify the noise from a slight breeze or wind.....I have a pair as my third backups....Last resort ( and i`ve had to use them). For regular detecting however, headphones are critical. Hot is hot.. no matter what you do so just tolerate the sweat pouring off your face onto you dig hole until it cools down...No way around it. I do not have any experience with wireless systems but if they work good and don`t add to much weight then they may be worth a try. When it comes to heat, I have the belief that the less clothing the better.....
  6. I`ve had a copy of the book for quite a while, and I did not think it was all that great. I guess there is some valuable information in it, but It definitely is not worth the cover price, that`s if you can even find the book. I was taken directly to two of the locations in the book by a former mentor whom actually claimed one of the two spots, the other was on a Roadrunner claim. No gold was found, but i`m sure it was there at one time.
  7. Thats funny coming from you . Guess you dont like that done to you , yet you readily admitted to extracting that very data from a pic Rob posted of that huge nugget a while back.... Guess you deleted that post too..... Then you have the audacity to act so sanctimonious ......
  8. Did Richard have anything to do with a book called the " secret nugget patches of Arizona" ?
  9. A picture would be great ! You found handstacked walls on a wash , get back and detect more ! Yes , it could only have been fine gold , so you can check for that too. Hunt the heck out of the area. Foundations meant people had the inclination to stick around a little while.
  10. adam

    Coiltek Elite 9”

    Dont they come in any other colors that Woodland camo ? Not very trendy
  11. 6 oz of gold !! Thats a heck of a find
  12. I think its great really. I bought just the pick head alone and made my own handle for it. Its not meant for extreme digging but if i have to dig a hole 2 feet deep it will do it. Just takes a little more time. The apex is a bruiser for sure , but I try to keep as light as possible when hiking long distances. I dont even use magnets anymore.....way over rated , and a waste of weight , time , and money ...but thats another subject lol
  13. Hey Frank , Very sexy nugget !