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  1. At least you guys have a detector with a cool nickname
  2. Yeah, I would like to know some places to go too...
  3. This is a metal detecting and prospecting forum. This thread has nothing to do with either subject.
  4. Hang in there Rob, and best wishes for a strong recovery
  5. Dang Rob, those are big o`l slugs !! Nice job
  6. I just had to come back and look at that monster nugget again !!!
  7. Very Pretty ~ Well done !
  8. That`s one hell of a find guys ! Congrats Rob ! WTG.....
  9. I would try to get the SD2100 for 650.00 or less, if not, save a little more and get a newer model Minelab. I would also suggest NOT purchasing a TDI. Stick with Minelab
  10. Good grief, this would get so annoying
  11. Nice work dude ! A fine batch of nuggets there!
  12. Fishing, Im not sure who your asking and what your asking ?
  13. Well there ya have it Jen....You better rush out and get a GPZ
  14. Im not so sure Woody. I think most honest law abiding cops would appreciate my disgust for bad cops that over react, jump to conclusions, or are bullies, egomaniacs, crooked, alchoholics, that have tendencies to be hypocritical, possessive, paranoid exaggerators with potty mouths.