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  1. I`m glad I can watch prospecting because I dont like getting my truck dirty.
  2. Summer Gold

    Well done fishing8046 ! good " tool of choice" too
  3. Well Doc, And all. I did get those blackhawk boots. Yes they have lots of metal in them. One idiot on the review Q&A said there was no metal. lol I left my comments regarding the metal on the Q&A so people are clear on the metal issue. Anyway since im using the Gold Bug II alot of the time, this will have no affect on me. For the price, I decided to keep them. The cobras by bates will likely be my next pair, especially for Super Detector PI usage.
  4. Doc, 5.11 and Bates used to have Vibram soles. they have always been great boots but last year I ordered some 5.11 Jungle boots and the soles are complete junk. I had a blunt twig go right through the bottom. Anyway, I just ordered a pair of these because they are on clearance http://www.lapolicegear.com/bpg-83bt18-lightweight.html . I was going to order the bates cobras until I saw these ones , and they have vibrams. I will try them out and see how it go`s.
  5. Bates are always a good choice but that boot and many others no longer have Vibram treads
  6. Yea, you keep telling yourself that
  7. Hey Jen, how much more gold did you find up there in gold basin?
  8. I was there during the monsoons , and nothing has changed in years, it never does....... Nice nugget Jen , Congrats!
  9. Commander 11" Mono

    Minelab coils are so solid on their performance that if they joined the open spoke/lightweight market , I truly feel they would dominate . Until then , Nuggetfinder series are very nice options.
  10. Fridays hunt

    Thats frikin awesome dude !! Well Done
  11. What to do???

    Well if there is that much precious gold there , then why dont the owners make arrangements to recover it??? Your story has alot of holes and I think your full of it....Maybe your jealous or something....
  12. LDMA vs GPAA

    If you come to arizona , my mom said you would be the only one that could chaperone me if I wanted to go looking for gold with a detector.
  13. Very nicely sized trailer Doc. I looks just right ....Well done!
  14. Dude , I thought you were like 16 or something... !! Nice nuggets and adventure! Wonder if Jennifer bond will be my chaperone at the nuggets hooter outing?...Thats the only way my mom will let me go.