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  1. boulder dash

    3 grams

    Man you have skills bro!!
  2. boulder dash

    Back in the GPZ Saddle again!!

    Beautiful gold there
  3. Dang making it look easy once again! !
  4. Besides people, bee's are the most dangerous critters out In the desert.
  5. I hit a wash in the vulture mountains. Recently went back and found 4 more. It also knocked the 151 motor I was using off the bank. Washed it down steam a few hundred yards. Not sure if it's savable.
  6. boulder dash

    Braved it last night

    Sounds like a fun trip cowkiller.
  7. boulder dash

    Fridays hunt

    Home run bro!! Stupid summer stopped you from having a one oz day.
  8. boulder dash


    I'll second that motion...
  9. boulder dash

    presidents day gold

    Impressive once again.