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  1. Hi Chuck, No warranty left. I have had the machine a fair number of years. The only thing I ever had to replace is coil covers, and the box cover (the bottoms wear holes). I've always used it covered. I added pics of the box with the cover off to my listing. Lou
  2. Minelab GPX 5000 - 8" mono, 11" mono, 11" DD coils. 2 lower shaft rods. Manual, battery, minelab battery harness, Koss headphones. Camo box cover. Minelab Pro Swing 45 harness. This machine is in excellent working order. Located in Wilhoit. Pick up, or meet in Prescott or Congress area possible. Asking $2700. Call or text Lou: 928.514.3680
  3. H20, We do not offer a lifetime membership. As Terry stated, currently $55.00 annually. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Contact form and phone number are both on the club site. American Prospectors Club Lou
  4. Hi all, Lou here. I have leased Elly's remaining claims. Only two of them were part of the original 24K. I chose to start a new club and not revive the 24K as there is much controversy and I was not involved. I am going to go through the old 24K database with an eye to compensating Elly's old members to some degree as I think it will help to build good will and build the American Prospectors Club. Over the next couple of weeks I hope to have this done. It is only me. I do rely on input from my friend from Oregon, but I am a sole proprietor. During the recent GPAA chapter outing in Congress I invited the folks out to the scenic Loop claims. Everyone who drywashed found gold. Small nuggets can be found in that area also. Much of the area is not accessible directly by roads, but, hiking through there I found frequent old signs of workings. Feel free to contact me directly. My phone number and a Contact form are on the website. http://americanprospectors.com Happy hunting, Lou