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  1. The 24K Club pushes at Rich Hill wore out the dozers. The WSPA did at least one push in NV. Maybe one of the members can tell us how that worked out.
  2. Here's a toad!

    They are "asking" 60 to 80. Are they still for sale? I have a domain name that I'm "asking" $449,000 for. I'd let it go for "a little" less.
  3. I was gonna suggest they get a cheap hotel room.
  4. As of today, that GPZ on ebay is no longer available. It was advertised with some videos. Does that ring a bell Rob?
  5. Selling gold

  6. Here's a toad!

    Great find Walker. Here's a chunky 2 oz Rich Hill nugget that I found a few years ago. Wish there were more places like that,
  7. Thanks Mike. Congrats to your better half. Keep up the good work.
  8. Thanks for the memories Rob. A friend of mine was among the last group of people working the Goodman Mine. They were using his backhoe with a front end loader to move the material and another guy had a septic tank dump truck which they used to bring in water that they ran through a sluice into a settling pond. They moved a lot of material and were averaging an ounce a day the last time I was in there. *Some of the real old time drywashers (Banjo Bob for one) around there also said they averaged an ounce a day. The price of gold was way down back then but they were happy.
  9. Thanks Steve. I look forward to hearing more from you. I had hoped to be hearing reports from GM1000 dealers and a few owners by now but you are apparently our only hope at this point. I have owned a GB2, a GP Extreme and a GPX5000 but never had the chance to use a GPZ. I also have no experience with the GMT. If Minelab intends this to be an entry level machine that is simple to operate, the odds are that it will be most customers' first machine and many will be thinking big. I retired and sold all my detectors but may come out of retirement. If I do so, I need a detector. I know that many huge nuggets were found with Gold Bugs. I personally found a 58 gram slug at Rich Hill with my GB2 but I remember how difficult it was to detect there with a GB2 because of the hot ground. The price and features of the GM1000 have me interested. .
  10. Steve, can you give us a report on the GM1000's ability to indicate larger nuggets -- say 1/4 oz or better -- at depth? What kind of depth can we expect from this machine?
  11. Will Minelab be slashing prices on the GM1000 like they did with the GPX & Z? Just curious. Will they be available on 5/8?