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  1. Someone pointed this website out http://thelatestworl...s.blogspot.com/ where people report fireballs. The one i saw was 8/28/15 about 6:15am. at this site two people reported seeing the same one a saw. Mary said she saw it fall behind a mountain. i think i know which mountain. If I could meet up with her that could tell me how far away it was from me. Also 5 peope reported it on this site. www.amsmeteors.org
  2. Hello. There's no doubt this isn't going to be easy to find. That is going to be the biggest problem is how far was it from me but I do have a good idea how far it was. I think in my search area I'm covering farther then it was. This meteor wasn't shooting like some would. It was falling like if it was dropped out of a plane. So this is why there wasn't no sonic boom. I was so close to it I waited to see if I could hear it hit the ground. If I just marked the spot in the trees where it fall I would of already found it but now the search area is bigger. I been using my gps so I can keep a record of every place I walked. And I know how big it was. Like if it was a baseball or golf ball I may not even seen it. So it's no doubt of the sizes it is pretty big. I'm not even using a detector the crater should be easy to spot. I know time is of the essence. So far it's just been light rain in the area. If it hit in a wash then the next big rain it's lost. Now I only need to find it to verify what I've seen is true.
  3. Well boys I was hoping to have photos of a meteor by now. About 6 weeks ago I was at my ranch which is pretty much out in the desert. The sun had just come over the mountains. I was out at the shop and I just turned north and saw what at first thought it was a really big white bird dive bombing. Far as I can tell it was about 1/2 mile to a mile away. So I looked to see if it would come back up if it was a bird dive bombing. But again I've never seen a big white bird ever dive bombing anyways. Lol. Then I realized it was a glowing white meteor. The way it was coming down was so surreal. If it was night then I would of right off knew it was a falling star. But with the sun up it looked like some kind of white thing. I'm thinking it could be as big as a football. It was a pretty big glow and should be a good crater. So about the first month I spent a hour or two at sunrise searching. I kind of stop for a couple weeks I was thinking about just giving up but I started looking again with some new enthusiasm. But I so blew it when it fell I should of really study the spot at where it fell, now I can't remember. I have a good landmark. These big power lines that run across in the area. When I first was looking to see where it fell I was thinking it fell to the right of the one power poles. But now I'm questioning was to the right or the left or even farther to the left or farther to the right. I so blow it. But every time I go I think is this the day I'll found the crater and the meteorite.
  4. Hey Rob I was thinking the price and you can't change the coil but since it could be the only under water nugget detector then it does have value. Well everythings good. I did lose my gold fever lol. I do want to pick up a detector sometime down the road. I could spend my days Dredging but my back won't let me do that. Take care. Kim
  5. Thanks Rob I think they mess up keeping this as a one coil unit. Kim
  6. Hey Rob Do you know is the sdc 2300 like a 5000 or something just put in another body?
  7. I thought I would pass this on to us that are on dirt roads. Some of you know I do Jeep tours here in the valley. Well on one of my tour truck I was wondering for months now why on a new eng I was getting bad blow-by. Now I found out why. I have a new guy working for me who was a mechanic. We got on the subject of K&N filters. He was telling me that the K&N filter will let dirt get pass it. The K&N filter relies on oil for it to work but here in AZ the oil can dry out. He said you can look on the other side of the filter and see if there is dirt getting pass. Well sure enough I could feel the dirt/rocks on the other side. I can't believe you think your buying the best and that S O B is letting dirt get in and now the eng is shot. Anyway if you have a piece of crap K&N filter on your ride I would get it off right away.
  8. Here we have China buying our Congress to make our jobs go to them and they been good at it as we see. The Rep have some good idea to being those jobs back. And we need to do something where the lobbyist is outlawed in the US. If really look at it the lobbyist is running our country and not Congress.
  9. Thanks Doc you know it. I don't know if you seen this it's pretty good.
  10. Hey Doc and all Remember this kid? He was a little younger the last time you saw him at a (maybe the first) Gold basin outing. He is happy as a clam. Here's a email from him. Tomorrow I'm taking a PT test and if I pass then I'm definitely graduating. In 2 minutes I need 35 pushups, 47 situps, and a 2 mie run in 16:36. A few days ago I timed my 2 mile at 14:30. I think I'll be alright. I cut about 2 minutes off from my last test which I'm happy about. Anyways, I'm kinda nervous. When I go home remind me to hike Pinnacle Peak. We're gonna be out in the field all week. We're basically gonna be doing all kinds of craziness. Sleeping in tents, eating MRE's, 10 mile ruckmarch, Not getting any sleep, No mail either. We're pretty much playing soldier all week. It's supposed to be fun.
  11. Laying in the water...

    Yeah that pretty cool. I wonder how would a underwater detector do? I wish my back would let me I could spend the rest of my life dredge. good luck
  12. Gold Nuggets

    He's going to refund me. I have some pic I'll get on later. I've made lots of gold nugget but this looks like gold I would dredge. There mostly smooth some look like a nugget that just started getting smashed. There is some rocks and a gray matter in a lot of it. If he made them he's good and making some money. To bad I'd like to let you all see them but maybe some pic will do.
  13. Gold Nuggets

    I mined a lot of gold and it looks like anything I mined. I don't see that they could be man made. I think I recall that Oregon gold has a lot of copper so I guess these do. I did a 10k acid test. I wanted them to make some jewelry but if they were ever tested it would show it wasn't 10k. I guess I'll have to return them. The guy has some more on sale here's the link. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Oregon-gold-nuggets-11-2-grams-total-/110736608117?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19c86a8b75
  14. Hello I was wondering if anyone has some info about nuggets that isn't even coming up as 10k. I bought some on ebay from Oregon. I'm in shock it looks like good gold. I got a really good deal but not sure now. I think I could sale them on ebay and at lease get my money back but not sure if I would want to do that. I should be able to get my money back from the guy but wondering what you guys that deal with nugget think. So I don't know if I should keep them or not. thanks