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  1. mbcougartl

    1 nugget in 1 hour :)

    Lucky you! It would happen if I find nugget in one minute LOL
  2. Hi Frank c...I am doing good! I know it's long time not to use this forum. So it's also ur secret area to find gold. I respect you ;-) On Jan, I will go to rrpc claims with my friend for our metal detectors to find hopefully gold.
  3. Nice gold! Is it near Gold Basin? :-)
  4. I will attend there this Saturday! Rob, I awared of GPAA already increased the price for GPAA member.
  5. Hi Rob and Chris, It's good to see you guys there yesterday. Last Friday, I went to the Mesa Convention for setting up booths. I saw a lot new GPAA staff. I asked them where is Nancy and old timers? I liked them cuz of good managements and experienced staff. They said she was no longer working GPAA. I felt so disappointed! Then I looked up GPAA booths map. I told GPAA staff not enough vendors around here. Its no answering from them. My GPAP club members helped them due to lack of staff around the show. Yesterday, I met Dakota Fred Hunt. He autographed and photoed including my good friend, Billy who shared business with you (Rob). Fred asked me how interesting my Cochear Implant work for Metal Detecting. I said simply work Yes, it indicated a lot varied sounds. Billy will work with me for minelab GPX5000 soon because of my CI. My CI is more than 5x to 7x sounds than our human's sound averages. He wanted me to test it to help more gold findings somewhere. I will see you guys again soon! Keep in touch more in future. MB
  6. Hi Chris - Yes, you are right about this. Mesa Convention info was wrong to open at 10am. Its 9am from GPAA info. I will go there for setting up the booths and ask GPAA officers for double check. See you there. MB
  7. I inform you all forums that GPAA Gold Treasure Show in Mesa. It will be at the Mesa Convention Center on February 11-12th~~291 N Center Street~~ Mesa AZ 85211~~ Phone 480-644-2178~~ Convention Hall. Don't forget! Please click below! http://www.mesaconventioncenter.com/Events/displayevent.asp?date=2-11-2012&eventnumber=892581&filter= There will be good gold equipments, metal detectors and more!
  8. mbcougartl

    winter gold

    Nice video shot! Good looking!
  9. mbcougartl

    1ST Hunt of 2012

    Nice one! Keep up detecting for your hobby!
  10. Nice video! Thank you for demo.
  11. mbcougartl

    Today in the bradshaws

    Hi Tom...Nice pics! I like your story because they showed a lot junkies but some of them should be valued. While detecting around the Bradshaws, anyone must be recommended to bring some snake chaps in case! There will be a lot rattlers during the summer. Good posting! Thumb up! MB
  12. Hey Chris...I am my cochlear implant prospector. How could I hear on metal detector with many different sounds? Use "t" (telephone) switch from "M" (manual) mode on hearing aid to turn up the volume/sensitivity to the point where you experience sufficient loudness. My friend made the vibrated wiring from my metal detector to give testing. It's work! I found some gold as much improvement since I learned from my friend. That's it!
  13. mbcougartl


    Hey! You smelled it too much! I heard Rob is a remarkable instructor! In future, I wish to buy it but pricy ! MB
  14. Nice job Rob! Thank you for a good posting! Oh holy cow !!! , my friend harleybilly just found a nice handsome nugget that bought his new GPX5000 from you. I really missed to attend AZOutBack event due to my schedule conflict. He and I hopefully go again outing this week or next week for detecting.