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  1. Nice pile of gold. Good going Rob 7.2 ozs. Do I win a 5000 if I'm right.
  2. max tuning for the 4500

    Sensitive extra, tracking slow, motion very slow. I have found pickers less than 0.1 grams with 11" Minelab mono coil at less than 2" deep. I wear hearing aids and use an amplifier turned up so I can hear the slightest sound. The Koss UR-30 headphones work best with my hearing aids, I've tried them all.
  3. max tuning for the 4500

    Drifter I haven't tried this yet but I read that it helps if you switch to patch before you air balance that it will help with the EMI and balance on the ground , not the air then go back to your deep setting. Adam & Gogmeister I just recently found a 0.2 gram nugget with quartz in it at 3 1/2 inches deep with a 14" Nugget Finder Advantage coil on my GPX 4000. A smaller coil would have picked this up with no problem. It's the one on the upper left bottom. John
  4. Best Detector Head Phones

    I use the Black Widow head phones and like them very much. I was out a while back on my atv and caught the wire on some brush and tore the headphones clear apart, I contacted Detector Pro and they said send them in. I got them back like new with a bill for $10 for shipping. Great service. Hope this helps. John
  5. Largest I found was a 75.2 Gram nugget at 20" deep with a GPX 4000 using the minelab 11" mono coil in a well worked area with a lot of junk. John
  6. When I received Elly's e-mail in Feb. I sent a letter asking for the remainder of my dues back (appox. $200). I have never gotten any money back yet and I've e-mailed her twice and have had no response. Has anyone else had this problem. I've lost her address and phone #, can anyone help me with that. Thank You John
  7. DigDeep, congratulations those are some very fine nuggets, it pays to get away from the crowd. John
  8. Congratulations to both of you, may you have many more wonderful years together. John
  9. Hey Grubstake!

    hendo; I don't know how old you are, but I graduated from San Luis High in 1956. I used to do a lot of scuba diving up and down the coast there, plenty of abalone then. Was not into detecting then. John