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  1. Well, I got rid of my PistolProbe since I had more than enough coin pinpointers and I wanted one that would work on nuggets smaller than a marble. I traded it for a Tesoro Silver Sabre in great shape with two coils and a Fisher 1220X PRO with 2 coils in very good shape. Great detectors to put in my Willys just in case I see some place I need to detect for coins etc. I would really like to acquire an excellent gold pinpointer to assist me in finding those small nuggets when I am out with my Gold Bug 2 and when I am out hopefully finding those larger nuggets with the GPX 4000 that Rob sold me - very happy with it I might add, expecially his helpful service! So, I am considering the purchase of the Falcon MD20FP. Falcons are made in AZ. Next time I am down in Golden Valley, AZ, I will go out there and check them out as they are apparently sold there. But before that, I would like to know if anybody has had any experience with these? Good or Bad. Will it be a good probe for what I want it for (strictly gold nugget pinpointing)? I thought about the MD20, but I am not interested in having to carry something with a 5 foot cable attached to it, so the MD20FP would be the one I would most likely purchase. I would also buy the holster for it - any pros or cons on that? I am interested in learning if there is a field test on this probe (I could only find one on the MD10), if you are satisfied with its sensitivity, ease of use, durability, best place to get one (Do you sell them Rob?), depth, etc. Any Pros or Cons appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Case for my new GPX

    Hi Rob, I really wanted to find a case that was not as much of a beast as the Minelab one that came with my Extreme. I found a bow case by Plano that will do the trick I think. I will have to do some minor mods, but I thnk it will work well. it is large enough to fit my GPX, some coils and other accessories, and it is not overly heavy. And, it was onloy $52 shipped to my door from Amazon. I wil post pics when I have it finished. Thanks to all for your replies.
  3. Hello Everyone I am looking for a case for my new GPX. I would like it to be somewhat sturdy, but not extremely heavy if possible. I would like to be able to fit in the detector and at least one coil and lower rod. Also my scoop and my Pocket Rocket and my headset. I would like it not to be a soft case if possible. But, I may have to resort to that. I had a Browning bag that worked pretty welll, but the zipper bit the dust on my last outing. Kellyco has one, but it is $225 shipped and it weighs almost 30 lbs. I do not plan to take it on an airplane, just want something safe to transport it in our motorhome and the Willys during 4 wheel trips. I am thinking of a Plano double bow hard case, but am having a hard time finding one to look at before I buy it. if all else fails, I can always have the zipper replaced on the Browning bag. If Anybody have any suggestions? If possible, I would appreciate pictures and a place where to get the product. Thanks
  4. Rob, I had a great time with you last Sunday, My new GPX 4000 is great. Finding that nugget was great! Thanks for showing me how to smooth out the threshold. It is so much easier to hear targets than it was with my GP Extreme I had for about 4 years. I found some nice gold with my Extreme, but I look forward to much success with this more advanced and smooth sounding machine. Thanks again for your continued great service. I look forward to our next hunt together. I will let you know how my trip to Gold Basin goes. Thanks again.
  5. Coil comparrison question

    Thanks everyone for your opinions.
  6. Coil comparrison question

    Rob, Thanks for the reply. As you know, I have never used anything but my Nuggetfinders, since that is what I started with. So, from your perspective, and knowing that most of the hunting I do will be in the type of AZ terrain you hunt in as well, if you were going to start a Coiltek collection, what one coil would you buy to get it started? I got started with Nuggetfinder coils with your cousin. The coils have been good to me, I have no complaints about them other than they look like they were made (at least the original versions) in someones garage on a low budget and the older ones could not keep a coil cover on to save your soul. Looking forward to your answer. Thanks.
  7. Hello everyone: I just upgraded from my trusty GP Extreme to a new GPX 4000, and I hope I made a good decision. I never had one bit of trouble with my Extreme, and I found some nice nuggets with it. But, with the price reduction on the 4000 and the opportunity to get out and hunt with Rob in AZ was to much for me to pass up. I hope to pick the new 4000 up from Rob at the end of this week sometime and get his training later this month. I have purchased from Rob before, and have always been happy with his service, and I am looking forward to getting out in the field with him. Let me say I do not want to start a word war as to what brand of coil is best.I have 3 Nuggetfinder coils (the 16inch round mono and the 14 and 9 inch mono ellipiticals), a 11 inch Minelab Comander coil, and a new Coiltek UFO that I pretty much got for free 9I just had to buy the rod from Rob). I know I will get the standard 11 DD coil with the new Minelab, so, my question is this: If any of you have used both Coiltek and Nuggetfinder (and Minelab for that matter) coils in the same or similar size, how would you think of them as far as performance? I know that all makes are good, but having never used a Coiltek (or an Minelab coil for that matter) on my Extreme, I am curious if they are really about the same in their ability to find gold, assuming the same user and being used on the same model Minelab, and the user has a decent amount of experience. I am not sure I need another coil, but a small 6 inch coil sounds attractive for certain situations, although my 9 inch elliptical could most likely fill the need. Anyway, opinions from hunters that have used both Coiltek and Nuggetfinder (and Minelab too) would be appreciated. If I purchase another coil, I would like to feel that I have the best information on which to base my decision. Finally, one last question. Based on my coils, if you were to select a coil to always start your hunt in AZ with, which would it be? Thanks.
  8. My first Meterorite!

    Guido, Great job. I have found a good number of them out at Gold Basin. They are all over, so keep looking. Keep a strong magnet, a file, and a magnifying glass with you so you can inspect any rock you are uncertain about. I am still waiting for my first Franconia meteorite. I hope that on my next trip I will be lucky. I know there is one out there with my name on it, I just have to find it! Congratulations.
  9. Tune Up

    That is really a shame if it is true about Dick Shultz. He was top notch to deal with and really knew his stuff.
  10. Suggestion to "DigDeep" per Question

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the blast you get from large targets or even smaller targets that come close to the coil when hunting. I recently acquired a set of SunRay ProGold headphones that have the Ehanced Limiter Circuit in them that is suposed to help cut down on or eliminate the blasts one gets form large/close to the coil targets. Does anybody have experience wtih this type of headset? Does the limiter circuit work? I have only used Nugget Buster and Jimmy Sierra headphones prior to these, and neither one of them prevented the unwanted blast form a large target or the blast you get your coil passes very close to a smaller target. Thanks.

    Wow Rob! Great way to start of the new year!!! I am looking forward to hunting with you with my new detector you sold me in a couple of weeks or so. Nothing like seeing nuggets like that to get one excited to get out and hunt again. You are cetainly great to deal with. As for me, I am getting married to Judy again - We enjoyed it so much the first time (35 years ago today) that we decided to renew our vows. Should be a kick. The best man will be there, a bunch or our friends that attend the first time, as well as our 3 daughters. Funny - I am not as nervous this time as I was the first! See you in a couple of weeks or so. I will give you a call next week to let you know when we will be arriving at Golden Valley, AZ. Have a great weekend and happy hunting - I hope your success contines and that some of it rubs of on me!!!!
  12. getting a detector for gold

    Well put Bob! Bill C., The only detectors I own that have paid for themselves in a monetary fashion are my coin detectors and my Gold Bug 2. But, all of my detectors (Minlab GPs included ) have more than paid for themselves as a result of all the enjoyment I get from going out and hunting for coins, meteorites, and gold nuggets. No dollar value can be put on the fun of getting out of doors and participating in a great hobby. Additional benefits include making new friends, exercise, learning new things, and of course finding nuggets, coins, relics, and meteorites. Perhaps in a couple of years when I am fulltime down in AZ I will get to hunt more and then I too will be able to say that I have monetarily paid for my big Minelab detector as well. But, no matter. As long as I contiue to enjoy the hobby, for me that is more important than the money invested in the hobby. Good luck!
  13. whites prizmIV

    Whites Prisim IV is a nice detector. My wife Judy considered one but ultimately ended up choosing the GARRETT ACE 250. You might look at that detector before you decide to purchase the Whites. But as Wonderer stated, you need to decide what you really want to hunt for. Once you decide that, you can make the best decision regarding which detector will be best for what you want to find. Finding a detector that does it all is difficult and actually impossible. The Minelab Xterra 70 comes the closest to an all around detector in my opinion, but it too has it shortfalls. Anyway, good luck. Whites Prizm IV or Garrett Ace 250 are both good choices.
  14. Buying New Gold Detector

    AlienBogey, Gerry has told me a number of times that the proper mind set for Rye Patch is to try and find at least one nugget a day. He said that that is a good day at Rye Patch because it has been worked so hard. He has found nuggets every time, so I am sure you will have good luck with him. Check out his website and see the gold he has found there. I will have my GB2 and My Minelab GPX. Hope you do well and can make a decision. I have had my GB2 for a lot of years now and it has bee good to me. Gerry is going to bring me one that has been modified so I can compare it to mine to see if the mods are worth it. Let us know how many nuggets you find. Darryl
  15. Buying New Gold Detector

    Alienbogey, Good luck at Rye Patch. When are you going? I am hunting with Gerry for 4 days at Rye Patch in May. Have talked to him many times on the phone and have been emailed by him a lot as well -- very nice and easty to talk tol. If you are going before the first week in May, please be sure you leave me at least one nugget to find!