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  1. Minelab News, Please read.

    Something jumped out at me and I wanted to toss in a few cents... Marco, I'm having a hard time understanding where you are coming from on a few points. Do you mean it's now a pride issue for the working man, too prideful to admit the "truth"? I think not. People have to justify a non-purchase? Most of the time people justify expense, not lack of expense, and most men in this hobby are men enough to plainly state if they can afford a new detector or not. Keep in mind, the whole point of a buying a new model is that the new model will supposedly find the gold the other units missed. Now here is where it gets real, the new model has to find enough of that gold, the gold the older unit missed, to justify the cost. Only the gold the older unit would have missed pays for the new unit, not every nugget found with the new unit. That's the bottom line and, I speak from personal experience from owning both a GP Extreme and a 3500. If I really wanted a 4500 I could hand Rob the cash tomorrow, not an issue, however, based on how well my old Extreme works and my previous experience with "upgrading" I'm not going there. Can't imagine digging deeper holes or squinting for smaller pieces, the old unit works both ends of the spectrum perfectly. Not every new "GPX" (makes me think GP Extreme not 4500) user believes that "they're worth every cent". I've talked to several who had quite the opposite opinion. My thinking has a hard time with that kind of blanket statement. There it is.
  2. Congrats Rob and Dawn Each day will be a new adventure
  3. For all that pray

    Grubstake we made a donation to your family and I'll also post this on my forum to help out. We PayPaled the money to and its from AUEX which is a business entity of mine. We're all praying for Alec and your family
  4. For all that pray

    My family is praying for him Grubstake.
  5. Prayers for the 'ol 29'er

    I emailed you Jim, thanks!
  6. Prayers for the 'ol 29'er

    Unless someone steps up saying they will help and have somewhere to send this stuff to Rob this idea is going no where fast unfortunately.
  7. Prayers for the 'ol 29'er

    In addendum to my post above, even if you have no extra $$ or any panning dirt, just send him or a friend of his an email to forward to him, that is plenty enough. If you can do a little more then share it if you choose. No one is keeping score. Its all about the thought and helping one of your own who is down, because that is what counts
  8. Prayers for the 'ol 29'er

    Thanks Bob and Flak Bob I completely agree Flak I know some spots that with a nice amount of fines, flakes and maybe a picker or two, good panning material that does not need to be salted. I'd be willing to vac up a nice large amount say enough for 10 to 20 good pans and pay all the shipping cost and send it to a friend of his to deliver no problem at all. Or if you don't know where to get good panning material we can find a 3rd party to send some $$ to and have that person buy him some books, magazines, movies, a good one would would be North to Alaska with John Wayne Tell you what to get the ball rolling I'll pony up for a new copy of North to Alaska on DVD for him. Just need to know the who and where Hell if a lot of us did it regardless of the amount of gold, gifts or whatever it would sure put a grin on his face and he might end up with quite a bit of gold if more people donate some dirt Its no fun to be hurt, been there before and it sucks, but it feels good to know your peers are in your corner
  9. Prayers for the 'ol 29'er

    I posted this over at nuggetshooter but it looks like it fell on deaf ears: Any of you folks want to do this?
  10. Between Google Earth Plus and NASA World Wind you have all bases covered. You can do topos and aerials in both if you know how
  11. Snagged a nice 1/4 ouncer

    It was a great hunt can't wait to go back
  12. I'm a Hermit Pick man myself Rob
  13. No matter what happened this may always be remembered as THE WALCO PICK FRACAS
  14. Well there are two sides to every story and we've only heard one, personally I'd like to here what SH Wallace (SHW ) has to say. Everything I have personally purchased from Doc has been excellent quality and shipped on time, just awesome, can't say I agree with Doc all the time but his service is great As far as this goes in my perspective it is just business at this point given the information provided, business is not pleasant always but you have to understand that is what it is - business. 400 picks at $49.95 that's $19,980.00 US dollars, were it me I would not have been patient at all with the delayed shipment if they were just sitting on the money, if so for SHW its "short term cash flow" on a sale earning interest for the unshipped merchandise, for Doc he is losing money, literally. Here is a question Doc: Has SHW been sitting on your money? Unless Doc has given out the names and addresses of his customers (which I doubt he would do) SHW can't ship the picks to them at this point, they need to return Doc's money ASAP if they have been sitting on it. Maybe Chris is a savvy businessman who can make things happen and/or he uses his abilities or positions to his advantage, any good businessman would. Or maybe SHW likes him better than Doc or Chris' business visions are better match to SHW's visions. Its business, not friendship. Like the old saying goes, "diversify", I'm sure Doc can find another line of picks to sell. Will this hurt Walco sales? Probally not to any degree. Why? I'm sure a lot of AZO customers are new customers, Chris advertises a lot and those people will never know about any of this nor should they care, onward. Like Chris said and I agree, SHW's dealings with Doc are none of his business. So a door closes, big deal, another will open, roll with it - adapt, improvise and overcome. Some interesting things: We all take risks, and that is what it was, a risk. Now if SHW really did you wrong, think of it as loaning a "friend" $50.00 and he never pays you back, well you got off cheap - they will never want to speak to you again. You're done with them - just get your 20k back first. There is certainly a lesson there. Sure would be interesting to know what those situations were. But here again SHW has a right to their privacy and to chart their own course of business. What's the point? SHW made it clear what they think. Doc promoted those picks to make money, and there is nothing wrong with that - we all have to make a living and Doc has some excellent products. Do you really think Rob this is the "end of the line?" Let it make you and Doc smarter and stronger, no emotions, just pure business mode. Do you really wonder? We have one side of the story at this point, remember this is business not friendship, don't confuse the two. Those that do usually regret it. Good point Chris, the Walco's were made overseas so what is the difference as long as the quality is the same? Maybe it is best to be in charge of your own supply lines, good thought. Good speculation. Maybe - who knows? Maybe Doc can shed some light on this specualtion. Doc is a good businessman and will be just fine, if SHW has just been sitting on the 400 picks, received the cash and has been doing nothing - that is bad - as stated before it would be interesting to see what they have to say. Just for a point of reference on neutrality (I'm trying to be fair in my post to all parties with not having a lot of factual first hand info in this particular situation - just what I've read). I have never purchased one item from AZO so I can't make comment son their service but have put money in both Doc's and Rob's pockets and they have both done me right by it everytime. I recommend them both.
  15. My server with IPower caked and we should be live again soon