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  1. This detector has now been sold! (pending receipt of payment) Thanks, Don
  2. Lowering price down to $1,600 including Free Ground Shipping. Thanks, Don
  3. Lowering price to $1,700 including Ground Shipping. Thanks, Don
  4. I have a "like new" condition very lightly used Minelab CTX 3030 V2 detector for sale.(V2 meaning it's the 2016 updated version with better seals.)All standard items are included in the original Minelab box.(battery, charger, WM10 wireless module, headphones, cables, manuals, etc.)It was purchased NEW from AZO in June of 2016.Price: $1,600 including Free Ground Shipping in the USA.Please call or email if interested.Thanks,Don Newell206-755-8927minersgear@gmail.com(Located in Washington State)
  5. This detector has now been sold. -Don
  6. Price Reduced to $800 including Free Shipping. -Don
  7. This detector has been sold. (payment pending) -Don
  8. This detector has now been sold. (Payment pending) Thanks, Don
  9. I have a used Minelab SDC 2300 detector that has only been used 1 time.This detector is in NEW condition in the original Minelab box except for some minor scratches on the bottom of the coil skid plate. (as expected since it was used 1 time for about 30 minutes)I received this detector from Minelab in October 2016 as a total replacement for an earlier unit sent in for repair.Everything is new in the box, the headphones, batteries, battery charger, and manuals have not been opened.Price is $2,700 including Free Ground Shipping (in the USA)-Don Newell(located in Washington State)Email: minersgear@gmail.comPhone: 206-755-8927
  10. This detector has now been sold. (pending payment) -Don
  11. I am lowering the price to $6,500 including Free Ground Shipping. -Don
  12. I have a very lightly used GPZ 7000 for sale with a few extra items included.This detector is in perfect condition and runs extremely smooth. I am the original owner and would use it at a Sensitivity of 20.It was purchased from Arizona Outback in June of 2016 in a brand new sealed original Minelab box.This unit includes 3 extras in addition to what is included in the original box.Extra Lithium Battery ($195 Value, Total of 2 Batteries)Extra Ferrite Core ($20 Value, Total of 2 Ferrite Cores)Doc's Cover ($130 Value)Price is $6,500 including Free Shipping in the USA. (GROUND)Best Regards,Don Newell(located in Washington State if picking up)Phone: 206-755-8927Email: minersgear@gmail.com
  13. I have a used Fisher F19 Detector for Sale. As expected, it has some minor scratches from use but in great condition. This unit is one of the good units that does not lack depth. (It air tests correctly) Great for coins and gold nuggets! Price $385 including Ground Shipping. Best Regards,Don Newell(206) 755-8927 (cell)minersgear@gmail.com(located in Washington State if picking up in person)
  14. Price Dropped to $1,000 including Free Shipping. Thanks, Don
  15. This coil has been sold pending payment. Thanks, Don