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  1. Thanks, Adam I have carried an Apex for years. I just thought I would try something new. The Half of shovel and 8" spike appealed to me for those areas where you just want to clear it out and be sure you're not leaving anything behind.
  2. Yeah Thanks found that but it is only for the small one. I would like the Hermit
  3. Rob I'm interested in the pick but did not see it on your site? Is there a link?
  4. fishing8046

    Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    My prayers are with you and your family
  5. Very nice additions Do you have a display of the collection you can share?
  6. I have used a cordless DeWalt vacuum with good success in the past.
  7. fishing8046

    Specie out of context

    Walker That's one heck of a specimen there!
  8. Very Nice! The birds hide up there so the snakes don't get them......Let's see the handful
  9. You should definitely clean it up. That stuff has been there at least a year maybe more.
  10. Congratulations that is an awesome find! There are more out there just like that. Best of luck to all!
  11. fishing8046

    detecting outside Dawson City

    Holy cow! Now that's a nugget!
  12. fishing8046

    detecting outside Dawson City

    a 5 pounder!
  13. fishing8046

    Finally a good day!

    Way to persevere. Very nice gold! Looks like an amazing day!
  14. What advice would you give to finding the 1st clue?