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  1. So being a southern AZ guy we have 7800 acres of BLM land in a proven Placer Greaterville there is a 50/50 area 50 % being BLM and 50% being cattle grazing and ranching that is open. Some of this ground down low has never had a detector on it. Being BLM land there is a bunch of open areas to camping and RV set up. from there you would need a decent high clearance vehicle. You can always go as a guest or pay The local Club $30 to join and hit their 5 claims. This is easy let me know if I can help
  2. Thanks, Very cool! They sure do find a lot of shallow small gold with them Minelabs
  3. Very Nice! I had a fellow I worked with years ago from Idaho and if you did something right he would say " That's figuring out where the Potatoes come from" ..........nice taters
  4. Awesome video Rob! Thank you for sharing!
  5. Those are really nice Rob. I have a question though. What is the material in the nugget to the left? The red clayey looking material, and does it contain any gold?
  6. That Far South....Thanks, Rob. The Boot of Cortez came from an area south of Sasabe. I imagine there is a bunch of gold across the border. The Mexicans use mines as a way to fill the gap between jobs. The mines are a community resource if there is no work they will use the mine to fill the gap.
  7. Rob It is never about the find but always the quest. I am hoping to have a small impact on your motivation, I understand the incredible gold finds you have discovered, but maybe being a believer the best part of any day hunting. Taking time to recognize the beauty of Gods creations. It doesn't matter if it is a view of the clouds, a sunset, a bird, whatever it is, it is a connection to God that is unequaled. We are only here for a short time sometimes the only real connection is out in Gods Country. Now go find a new patch!
  8. Very Nice! How far South?
  9. Thanks Rob Yes, the Gold Bug is my tool of choice!
  10. Detecting the North Gulches. I know it's small gold, but it seems to be the same game find the buckshot find the little gold.
  11. Got out for a few hours today and found a few small ones. It was 91 degrees in Greaterville today with the clouds sheltering me most of the day. The rain was building to the south.
  12. The Scorpion on your hand has me a bit worried....?
  13. Nice gold Justin Is the tarantula a good sign?