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  1. Very nice additions Do you have a display of the collection you can share?
  2. I have used a cordless DeWalt vacuum with good success in the past.
  3. Specie out of context

    Walker That's one heck of a specimen there!
  4. Very Nice! The birds hide up there so the snakes don't get them......Let's see the handful
  5. You should definitely clean it up. That stuff has been there at least a year maybe more.
  6. Congratulations that is an awesome find! There are more out there just like that. Best of luck to all!
  7. detecting outside Dawson City

    Holy cow! Now that's a nugget!
  8. detecting outside Dawson City

    a 5 pounder!
  9. Finally a good day!

    Way to persevere. Very nice gold! Looks like an amazing day!
  10. What advice would you give to finding the 1st clue?
  11. So here's a question for the searchers of new ground. Where do you start your search for a new ground? The rule I have always heard is to start looking for gold where gold has been found. Also look for similar areas and geology where you have found gold before. I once built a building in the center of the Amaragosa Gold Placer. An area that was mentioned on one of the forums years ago. As it turned out it is on private property. I asked permission to detect and was denied. What a rich history is left or hidden. There was definitely gold there. Now, this is part of Caterpillars 7,800 acres of ground 30 miles south of Tucson. I also love the research but the first clue seems to be the hardest to come by.
  12. Here's a toad!

    I like the second one. It has a ton of character!
  13. That is some very thick stuff. Nice nugget and a great adventure. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Very nice chunks. I agree with Tom. Just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for sharing
  15. Bedrock nugget 3-1/2 gram

    Awesome piece of gold!