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  1. Hello All, Just a quick announcement of a new Coiltek release, the 22" Round DD Searchcoil. This new DD configuration will provide the user with excellent ground coverage, DD performance in a light-weight shell while still providing a robust and high quality product. This coil will be best suited to open terrain where the mineralization is moderate to high and can also provide the user with the GPX iron discrimination function if hunting for buried treasure in a high trash area. DD configured searchcoil are also great for hunting for gold nuggets in very mineralized ground. The DD will run much smoother in higher mineralization over a monoloop searchcoil and still gives you the discrimination ability to use. Some specs on the Coiltek 22" DD Goldstalker - Open Web Design DD Configuration Can use the discrimination feature on GPX detectors Includes skid plate and mounting hardware Standard shaft mount Ultimate depth and senstivity Smooth operation in mineralized areas Weight - 1110 Grams or 37 Ounces approx. 2 Year Warranty from purchase date We now have added to our online store if anyone is interested in a purchase. The coil is $435 with free shipping https://www.robsdetectors.com/coiltek-22-dd-round-goldstalker-searchcoil/
  2. Hey Guys, Here is a pretty information write up on the various technologies of metal detectors by Minelab over the years, including the new Minelab Equinox metal detector. Worth a quick look over if you haven't seen it already - http://www.minelab.com/anz/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/equinox-technologies-part-1 Sounds like this detector will be a good one. We are still taking pre-orders on this unit if you want to get one of the first ones that arrive. Contact us by phone or email to get your name on the pre-order list. No money required up front, we will cll once they arrive.
  3. Hello All, A customer of mine sent me this picture of a nice 2.5 ounce gold specimen found in Arizona. It was found with the Minelab Eureka Gold, but the customer now has a Garrett ATX to re-investigate the area. The customer read about chasing down quartz, so they found this piece near the surface in an area with a lot of quartz laying around on the surface. It's still out there .....
  4. Hey Guys, As many prospectors that have hammered the known Northern Nevada goldfields, it's amazing this kind of gold is still being found.
  5. Hey Jen, I have a pretty busy schedule this week coming up. Are you down in the Valley, or still kind of up North?
  6. Hello All, We have revised a few of the packages, including the Minelab GPZ 7000 for the "2017 Winter" Season. We hope we can earn your business for a lifetime.
  7. Gpz and wet ground

    Hey Rockpile, I personally have not had any issues on wet ground with the GPZ. Maybe some other could chime in with their experience.
  8. Hello All, I had a customer pick up a Minelab GPZ 7000 around early Sept of this year and this is what he has found with it so far in Northern Nevada. Some of the pieces have also been found with the SDC 2300 that he had prior to the GPZ. Congrats to him and his recent success!
  9. Hey Tom, No solid plans, as it's not really worth much. I could sell it on Ebay for like $2-3 per pound. However, at that rate I would probably spend more time in labor getting the pyrite.
  10. Hello All, Many have asked us if we take gold in for trade. The answer is YES, if the gold is at least small gold nuggets and clean looking gold. If you have any questions, contact us and we can discuss gold trade-ins for products. We also have been selling small qualities of gold, along with buying. If you have some nice gold you want to sell, or even buy, contact us also. We buy at or near current spot value for small gold nuggets to larger pieces. Below is a batch of California Gold, small to larger nuggets, 47.5 Grams. This batch is now available for sale.
  11. Hey Guys, They are from the Southern Desert region of the West, if that helps ....... Since they are not my finds, I have to respect the owners request. We at least get to see some different nuggets and the fact guys/gals are out finding them.
  12. Gpz 19 dinks

    Hey Cowkiller Andy, I'm thinking the best spot for that 19" GPZ coil is on an old nugget patch that has some depth, and all surface junk removed. I have a few spots in mind, just haven't been able to break away and at the same point, be in the right mindset. I think when you're using a big coil and really trying to concentrate, you have to be in the right mind frame to really concentrate on faint whispers.
  13. 3 grams

    Hey Cowkiller, Well all the nuggets you found with the GPZ, now you bought property and building a new home! I'm sure you will get back into a GPZ at some point, but understand your position.
  14. Hey Tortuga, Ya, it was interesting to find. I guess it's something you don't see laying around detecting all the time, at least that size. I've never personally see a pryrite pocket that big, as I have probably now 200 pounds of pyrite.
  15. Gpz outings

    Hey Rockpile, I have to agree, I didn't realize I left that much gold behind at depth with my GPX 5000 and prior detectors. I was a bit "concerned" about the real performance of the GPZ 7000, but it didn't take long to prove out to be a great detector, especially for depth and very crystalline or specimen gold. I wish it was a few pounds lighter and a bit more ergonomic, but I guess you can't have everything! Congrats on your recent success with your Minelab GPZ 7000. Wishing you many more nuggets under the searchcoil.