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  1. Hey Andy, I have sold a bunch of Gold Monster's since the release and they are still selling very well. I haven't had one customer complain about the coil issues. I have seen it on the other forums, but no complaints have came back to me about this issue, at least yet. As for my GM 1000, I'm not having any issues either. I have the coil cable fastened real nice to the shaft, so there is minimal movement from the cable.
  2. Hey Guys, Just a FYI, this unit sold a bit ago. I guess I just forgot to inform everyone. The customer is tickled and it works great and he's out finding gold.
  3. Monster gold!

    Hey Tom, Great looking gold for the trip. Those little washes are sure fun to hunt when they contain gold. I'm 99.9 positive that is Tom in the hat Mike! However, there are two Tom's.
  4. Hey Guys, As far as the Gold Monster 1000, Yes I have found some gold with it. It's all been small stuff, as I have been just working exposed bedrock. I haven't even tried the larger coil yet, just been using the small round for dink hunting and trying to see it's capability on small gold. At first I was thinking the GB2 had it really beat, then realized when I crank of the sensitivity a bit it's right at the same level so far and much better on mineralization. I tested it a few weeks ago on some VMS bedrock and it purred across it. I remember hunting this with the GB2 and could't keep it quiet. As for the Pyrite boulder, I just took what I could for now. I know where it is and I doubt anyone will find it. It's keep within a canyon, so go find it if you want it ..... LOL I chipped 70% of the massive, solid pocket out.
  5. Gpz 19 dinks

    Hey Cowkiller, That is pretty impressive. I have been thinking about using the coil, but it's so freaking heavy. I'm scared I might hear a deep whisper and have to dig it!
  6. Hello All, I was out poking around with the Minelab Gold Monster during the week and stumbled onto this huge, Iron Pyrite boulder. As you can see in the picture, I have my Minelab Gold Monster 1000 sitting on top of the rock. You can also see where I chipped away nearly 100 lbs of the pure Iron Pyrite crystals. It was a struggle to carry all these crystals in the backpack and out of a large ravine, but I got it done. Just thought you would like to see.
  7. Rob's Detector Sales Arizona Outing

    Hey Tom, Ya, that was a mistake on my part. I meant 2018 in January.
  8. Hey Chuck, I still have the unit, about a dozen customers very interested, but no one has pulled the trigger. Probably a bit too warm still for most. I'm going to reduce it down to $6800.00 with shipping with the US as the last and final price. This is a great deal, pretty much down to the Military Discount, plus I'm willing to train the customer that purchases it.
  9. Rob's Detector Sales Arizona Outing

    Hey Guys, We just might plan on January 2018. I'm working with another person, so we are trying to get it all coordinated so we can place a date out there for everyone to plan for.
  10. 3 grams

    Hey Cowkiller, Do you happen to have the sliced picture of the specimen? Also, are you selling the GPZ 7000? I seen you had a GPZ and a SDC for sale on the classifieds. Congrats on your recent success!
  11. Hello All, I'm willing to make someone a great deal on a new Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. This is a new unit that I received directly from Minelab Americas that showed up damaged in a larger batch of detectors. We have checked everything out, no damage to anything within the box. Since the box is slightly damaged on the outside, we can't ship this as a new unit. We are going to lower the price of this unit only to $7000 shipped in the US. The normal price of a GPZ 7000 metal detector is $8000 + Shipping. Serial # 62464568753 The unit will ship with full insurance value Fedex Home Delivery or USPS. Contact us ASAP if you're interested. We don't expect to have this new unit around very long for this price.
  12. Hey Chuck, Something I would definitely consider.
  13. Finally joined the 1oz+ club

    Hey Chris and others, I just added the other pictures. Congrats once again!!
  14. Finally joined the 1oz+ club

    Hey Chris, Those are some amazing gold nuggets! Congrats on joining the 1+ ouncer club. Many can hunt their entire lifetime and never get over a 1+ ounce gold nugget. Would love to see more pictures. If you can't post them, send them to me at - rob@robsdetectors.com and I can post them. Hope you clean up some more nuggets out of that area.
  15. Hey Guys, I know I haven't been posting too much, just got so much going on here. I have been out with the Gold Monster and probably have 20-30 hours on it to date. I have found some nuggets with it also. At first it was very hard to get used to with no threshold. I never really hunted with a silent metal detector or ran no threshold. I guess I'm always wondering if it's working, so will scan over my boot or some metal item. Sensitivity is very good and it works great on moderate to high minerazation from what I have experienced. The unit is very lightweight and easy to use. Luckily, I haven't had any issues with the coils falsing, but have heard others having issues. I would definitely rate it one of the top VLF's out there, but I'm still giving the max sensitivity edge to the Fisher GB2 metal detector @ 71khz. For $799.00 MAP, it's price great for two searchcoils included. Toss in the 15% Military Discount and you save almost another $100 on top of that price. We always have them in stock and will be doing some training on them if needed. I will get a few pictures of nuggets I rounded up with the new Minelab Gold Monster 1000 soon.