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  1. Hello All, Friend sent me this today about Todd Hoffman's new potential show. Interesting .....
  2. 17x13 Evo ..

    Hey Diggin4aug, I think it comes down to preference. The ellipticals work around objects better and also have better pinpointing. The 15" Round EVO is also very popular, most believe they are getting a tiny bit more depth with the round over the 17x13 EVO. I don't think anyone could go wrong with either of these searchcoils on a SD, GP or GPX detectors.
  3. Hey Moe, I mostly used the Special - Sensitive/Extra timing for small gold. I liked this timing better than "Fine Gold" for small gold. The Fine Gold did well in high mineralization. I also recommend the Nugget Finder 8x6 Sadie Elliptical Searchcoil for small gold. The nuggets above were found with the CT Blitz 14x9, another great coil, but older now.
  4. How about a BBQ and outing

    Hey NotyourNugget, Thanks for joining the forums. I was hoping to have one this year, but things kind of fell out of place. I heard the NuggetShooter outing scheduled in Quartzsite got canceled. I don't know all the details, just heard there was issue with land ownership or where it was going to be held.
  5. Hey Guys, No change in my schedule, still turning and burning. My Father is home now recovering. He will be scheduled soon for a Heart Bypass. He is not looking forward to this. Thank you all for all the thoughts, concerns and prayers, no question they have helped. I personally haven't been out detecting for at least a month. I'm really missing it, but have other stuff more important to address right now. I went from a High moment finding the massive 13 ounce gold nugget to about a week later my Dad suffering a major heart attack and not knowing if he was going to make it. Life will always toss a fast ball at you and you never know when it might hit. On another note, the Minelab Equinox 600 and 800 sales are crazy. Customers are looking everywhere for them. Right now we still have a small stock of EQ 600's, but don't expect to have them beyond the weekend. You can see them here along with purchase them directly - The Equinox 800's are coming in slowly as we continue to knock down our pre-order list of them. We are hoping by the end of the Month or beginning of April all the backorders will be filled and some stock of these units will be available at all times. We also just got the new Fisher F-Pulse Waterproof Pinpointers, $129.00 in stock. Many have been looking for these, so we finally have them now - The Jim Straight 8th edition has been discontinued for some time. We are working on getting it re-printed and back in stock soon. Thanks for all your support and prayers during these times.
  6. Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    Hey Guys, Thanks once again for all the thoughts and prayers. As of this evening, my Father is still in the Hospital, but in a normal room, not the ICU anymore. They are getting his medications all worked out before they release him home. They are going to send him home with a "Life Vest." This is a vest that can shock him if the heart rhythm gets out of wack. My Father don't want to wear it, he said it's the most awkward bra/vest he has ever worn. He still has to have a ByPass, not sure how many, but they are thinking about a month out. We are concerned when he comes home, something might happen. Please continue with all the prayers!
  7. Hey Chuck, We got another batch in and another is on the way. Yours shipped today US Priority Mail.
  8. Some Good Additions to the Collection

    Hey Guys, Thanks for all the kind words. I really want everyone to get along on the forums. Someone brought up a good point, this is a free forum and I do pay all the expenses. I don't ask for donation like other sites. Most know here I have a extremely busy schedule, so if I get to sit down for a moment and post a nugget, that is about the best I can do. I don't have time to write a complete story about the nugget, but I wish I could if that is what people really want.
  9. Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers. They are going to slowing ramp down the heart pump tonight and watch him closely to make sure the heart can take over by itself. They decided he needed a bypass surgery, but he is too fragile right now, so they are thinking about a month out. If all goes well in the next couple of days, they might release him home. When his heart stopped, he was down for about 10 minutes, but they got the heart back. During this process, they did 3 rounds of 2 minute CPR, so he got like 6,000 compressions. They didn't break any ribs, but he's really bruised up. They want this to hear up before an attempt for a Bypass surgery. God Bless you all, the prayers have helped.
  10. Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    Hey Guys, Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and encouraging words. Last night I got the phone call around 2am that my Father suffered a major heart attack. Tonight I would be lying if I wasn't worried another phone call could come through. I'm hoping my Father and the rest of the family and all the people that have wished my Father well - sleep well tonight. As of 7pm tonght, we was in good spirits, talking and telling us to go home, he will be fine. They have him on a bunch of meds and still on the ventricular assist device (heart pump). His blood pressure was good at about 128/75, but concerns on the Ejection Fraction at only 30-35%. A normal heart should be around 50-55%, the highest being around 65%. I'm hoping since it's been less than 24 hours and the heart has taken so much stress, the level is low right now. Thanks once again for all the prayers. It's a day by day process right now, so please keep my Father in your prayers. I'm definately praying not only for my Father, but all the great people that are sending prayers our way.
  11. Hello All, Last night I received one of those calls, that we all are scared to get. My Father, 67 years of ago, suffered a massive heart attack. They were able to get a couple of stents into one artery, but all 3 of the major arteries are blocked to almost 100%. My Father has never had any issues until now, even with this type of blockage. About four hours after this, he coded in the ICU, heart stopped pumping. Thanks God after like 10 minutes they got him back and he's somewhat stable right now. Any prayers for my Father Wayne Allison would be much appreciated. This has been a very scary 24 hours and I'm running on like 3 hours of sleep. My Mother is taking this extremely hard, so I'm hoping with all the Prayers they can find an option to get my Father's Heart fixed. Right now he's on a Balloon Pump to help with blood flow and the 2 stents they placed, which the Doctor didn't seem to have much faith about. He also has about 8 different drugs dripping into him. Thanks and God Bless!
  12. Some Good Additions to the Collection

    Hey Guys, I think we would all agree, as much as we would all love to know where someone found some gold, most will not post that info. It's not that guys like myself and others don't want to help newbies or seasoned prospectors, but it's very hard to find nuggets anymore. I post nuggets to encourage others that gold is still out there to be found by the people that are willing to spend the effort. I know guys that have hunted for months without a single find, but the longer they hunt without a nugget, the more they appreciate when they do first that first gold nugget(s). When myself and others post gold nuggets, what you dont see or hear about is all the hard work, time spent and wear & tear we go through to get that gold. If I documented all the hours I spent hiking and searching without a gold nuggets, you might just want to quit or not even get started. I have thousands of hours of exploring and ended up with broken equipment, sore muscles, ripped up clothing, lost items, flat tires, vehicle damage and more for a little bit of gold. That all being said, it's not the gold for me anymore, it's the hunt. I have found many gold nuggets from tiny dinks to pieces up to a solid pound, so I'm extremely thankful the Good Lord bless me with what I found. I hope everyone continues to post, as there are handfuls of willing people to help in your search for gold.
  13. Some Good Additions to the Collection

    Hey Jen and others, Lets just clarify some things, so it's out in the open. (1) I work a day job, normally 50-60 hours per week, then come home and pack customer orders and answer emails for the next 2-3 hours per night. Normally on the weekend, if I'm not working, I'm conducting training with customers. I'm not sure there is another dealer out there that is burning a candle on both ends like me. I sure wish I had more free time to post on the forums, but to be honest, I hardly have enough time to see my family. Most people don't understand how I can even do it. (2) I'm not advertising my business "per say" when I post pictures, but rather protect my pictures. Most of my pictures of larger nuggets end up on other internet sites, even with others claiming them found them. I have seen my nugget pictures, along with others, all over the place if you really search. The ad portion is not to brag or really advertise (you know me or you dont), but to protect my personal pictures from becoming ad on Facebook and other places for other interests. (3) I went back quickly and look at 10-15 other pictures of nuggets and no of them placed the information outside a picture and short story on the find. I don't see many telling others where they found their gold, location and such. I used to do this all the time, then realized I just attracted more attention to my spots and they ended up getting claimed cause those people didn't want help, they wanted a free ticket to a place where they could find nuggets with no effort. I hope you all understand. I personally wish I had more free time to post more info, pictures, videos and such, but I'm just too busy!
  14. Hey Cowkiller, Is the steel canister separate from the shop vac?
  15. Hello All, I have some cracks and crevices I have been blowing a good amount of fine gold out of and a few pickers here and there. I'm curious how much gold is there, so I want to dry vac the cracks and crevices up and run it through a drywasher. I have been using a gas powered Vac-Pac for years, but want to give the electric version a try. Any advice on a good Electric Vac and small Generator to power it? Brands and sizes would be appreciated if you have used this method. Thanks!