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  1. Hello All, Here is an old video I found back around 2014-15. I was using the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector, working a small ravine where I found many ounces of gold throughout the prior years. This was one ravine or wash where I always brought the next best detector to give it a whirl. For at least 10 years, I have been able to return back to this spot and find a few pieces deeper that were missed. It's a hard spot to work at least with larger coils, as the ravine or wash is loaded with large cobbles. This particular day using the GPZ 7000, I managed only a few targets, but this one happen to be gold. It was a faint whisper type target under a large cobble. I managed to remove the cobble and this is where the video pretty much starts. The nugget weighed right at 1/2 ounce and was probably 18-20 inches deep. The ravine or wash needs to be handstacked and then detected. There is no question, there is probably several ounces of larger nuggets still hiding at depth. I have dozens of older videos I haven't uploaded to Youtube. It's just a matter of time uploading these darn things. Hope you enjoyed. It's out there and "maybe even where you find it!"
  2. Hey Guys, Ya, I found one of this guys other videos and at first it caught my attention since it was in some other country. I thought for just a brief moment that the guy might be on some virgin placer deposit in some other country where you hear stories about the early gold rush days. After you watch some of his video or view his channel, it's very clear they melt down computer parts and such and get the gold out. I'm not sure if the guy is trying to sell these on Ebay or other marketplaces for "real genuine gold nuggets" or not. Looks like he is using volcanic rocks and molds, to give the gold some character. Chris Gholson - If this was your video, like in Australia, I would buy it! 😀
  3. Hello All, What are your thoughts ..... Fake or Real?
  4. Hello All, Here are just a few of my customer's finds, comments and pictures. I will be adding more. The Minelab Equinox series is amazing and I have never seen such a demand for a particular metal detector in the last 20 years.
  5. Hey Doc, I agree with you, I have found majority of my gold in places where it should have been. The spots favored what we know about gold, weight and where it deposits likely, likely mineralization, old-time workings and much more. It was a great article no question and I think it got a lot of people re-thinking about where the found gold and where they might look in the future. The ad would have looked better in the ICMJ 😀
  6. Hey Guys, I'm sure most have seen or heard about this, but this was an amazing find. Just makes you think how many hidden veins contain this type of gold that hasn't been found.
  7. Hey Guys, I don't honestly read too many articles in the GPAA, but this one Doc wrote caught my attention. Doc has been a long time friend, we have probably known each other for at least 20 years now, if not longer. Doc has been one of the most honest and ethical person I have ever dealt with in business. That all being said, Doc recently wrote an article in the GPAA Sept/Oct. 2018 magazine, titled "Gold is not where you find it." I must say, the title alone was catchy, so I just had to really read this one and see what Doc was talking about. I seen on a few others forums where guys were discussion this ad, and many believe his statement is untrue, which would mean the old time saying "Gold is where you find it" is true. Personally, I have been prospecting for gold since a young boy, but electronic prospecting for gold nuggets for at least 25 years now. I have somewhere in the number, give or take some, of over 10,000 gold nuggets found. Do I think "Gold is where you find it" or Gold is NOT where you find it?" That is a good questions, so my general answer is both are correct to some degree. I have found plenty of gold nuggets in areas where the Geology favors the textbook gold locations and gold was found. Then again, I also have found gold in places where I wouldn't have even thought about looking, as the textbooks or other info would say these areas or zones "do not" favor gold being found in them. I have also had friends find gold in areas, heavy Basalts, barren Granite areas and more where they have taken me and said, "Look at the gold I found here!" My overall conclusion of this would be, the textbook areas would be a great place to look for sure, but don't overlook, or place binders on your eyes on areas that the textbooks don't talk about. Sometimes these small, overlooked locations could be the big "Honey Holes" for gold nuggets! Would be interesting to hear what you have to say about this article. I think the article was written well and will get a lot of attention. P.S. Tell Doc his GPZ 14x13 searchcoil looks really new in the article picture ..... LOL
  8. Hey Adam, They originally were going to sell parts to the public is sounded like, then to just the dealers, but now it seems like it just to the repair centers. I have an email out to my rep about the purchase of a control box only. I will post back once I hear something .... hopefully really soon. I have a gut feeling now you can't purchase them separately, but fingers are crossed!
  9. Hello All, If you visit this Minelab page or URL, you will get all the info on how to install step by step the new firmware update. You can download the step by step PDF file first, then follow it from beginning to end. Really simple to do if you follow all the steps in order. Just wanted to share if you don't know how to find or access the new firmware.
  10. Hey Guys, I wish I could share more, but the finder was nice enough to just share the picture with me. I asked him if we could share on the forums and he said Yes, but asked if I would be real general on where it was found and such. I have to respect the finder. As much as I hate to say it, sometimes sharing too much info can lead someone else to find your spot, highgrade it or even claim over it. It happens all the time, I have personally experienced, so I understand the finders wishes 110%. Hope you all understand. It's hard enough to get people to share their finds.
  11. Hey Guys, Pat from Australia, the designer of the SteelPhase sent over this diagram to help explain the different from just a Booster to a Booster with a Filter.
  12. Hey All, Now in stock, only a couple left as phone calls have reserved a good portion of them on the first run. Order today at -
  13. Hello All, A friend and long time customer shared this picture with me a few days ago. Him, his Wife and a Friend found over 1 Pound of gold nuggets in 1 1/2 days of metal detecting with the Minelab GPX 4500 and SDC 2300. Hope you enjoyed. He wanted the info to be just real general, so respect that please. Thanks for sharing with us!
  14. Hey Adam, That is a good question. Originally they were going to start selling all separate parts and control boxes, but now that has been shut down. I can look into it a bit more for you. What control box (detector) are you looking for?
  15. Hey Guys, Here is a short Youtube on it, pretty amazing!