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  1. Hello All, Just wanted to inform everyone here that there have been two people recently shot at in the Bradshaw Mountain range. With the price of gold bobbling from $650 - $680 people are getting trigger-happy! We personally talked with one detectorist and he stated he heard gunshots blazing over his head and heard someone yelling, "Get the Fuck off my Claims!" With the high price of gold I'm sure we are going to hear more about mineral claim shootings. People have to realize they don't own the land on unpatented mineral claims, they just own the mineral rights. Anyone is allowed to camp, hike or drive on the mineral claims on BLM and Forest Land. However, some claim owners are going to give you the big run around and how they own all the claims in the area. Curious if anyone else has heard or maybe even experienced one of these shooting recently? Dunk, Crawl or Hide if you hear shots ... Really, it's not funny, someone is going to get hurt or killed over something really stupid .... GOLD. Take care, Rob Allison
  2. Really good day

    Hey Tom, Congrats. A lot more gold up in that country that anyone probably guessed 20+ years ago :). Hope you find a nice Holiday Patch, you deserve it!
  3. Hey Guys, It's real. I'm trying to clean up a huge email list I have for future promo's, newsletters and other stuff sent via email. If you have gotten one, it's just to let you know we would love to keep you on the list. If you don't want to be emailed in the future from us, you can unsubscribe from it. We will be running specials like Black Friday and other Holiday specials that will be shot through email. If you're interested in joining our list and you're not currently on it, send your email address to me at - and I will add you. Thanks!
  4. Hello All, Rob's Detector Sales will be closed for Thanksgiving on Nov. 23rd and 24th. All orders will ship Saturday or Monday. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Hello All, If you ordered a Minelab Pro-Find 35 Pinpointer, a majority of the orders shipped this morning. We were only allocated a percentage of our original pre-order from several months ago, so a few customers will get theirs on the second batch. I'm hoping the ones that are getting them within a few days will post some information on their performance. Thanks for all your continued business with us here at Rob's Detectors.
  6. Hello All, One of my customers are heading back East so they dropped their GPX 5000 off for me to sale. They are asking $2500 for the used unit and all the accessories. I have attached two pictures below, but can post more if needed. They have all stock accessories, Doc's Goldscreamer Power Pack battery system, Coiltek 14-inch Camo Elite Mono coil, NF 8x6 Sadie Mono coil and the stock 11-inch coil. Detector swing arm is added to the upper shaft. Several small batteries for the Battery system along with the stock battery and harness. Great deal for $2500.00. I don't expect to have this long since it's prospecting season out here in the West. Call us at - 623.362.1459 or email me at -
  7. Hey Guys/Gals, Just wanted to Thank All who served our great country. I'm posting a bit early as I will be out all day tomorrow. God Bless American!
  8. Hello All, Since the late 90's I have been metal detecting the Rich Hill/Stanton Goldfields. I always heard of big nuggets from this area, so figured I would give up on some of the other locations such as the Bradshaw's, Vulture, San Domingo and other districts where I was finding smaller gold. My goal at the time was just to find a one ounce gold nugget, which was not easy to do. I knew guys that had 20-30 years detecting experience, but never found a solid one ouncer. I was determined, so figured I would concentrate where the potential was the highest for larger gold. Historically, Rich Hill and the Weaver Mining District was know for large gold nuggets up to Potato size. I seen many pictures in magazines, old reports and such that proved they were there, but not knowing much about the area to start was a challenge. One major advantage I had back then was the price of gold was much lower, so the amount of non-patented mineral claims was minimal. You could practically go most places back then and you wouldn't see a soul, let alone any mineral claim signs. Places I worked back then that were open to claim are now heavily claimed and off limits. I guess if I knew anything about filing claims and the rising price of gold, I could have locked down a huge portion of that Mountain and probably sold them for a real fortune today. That all being said, I spent many months tromping around digging a few nuggets here and there along with handfuls of trash. I started to second guess if this really was the spot for large gold, maybe most of it was long gone. I had a lot of faith in the detector I was using, which was a Minelab Pulse Induction detector. I knew it had the ability to punch down deep, still find smaller gold to some degree, but the major factor was it's ability to work in highly mineralized ground. The Rich Hill placers are laced with iron stone, basalts and very mineralized red soils/clays, making it very difficult for a VLF metal detector to work effectively. I guess luck at some point fell into my hands, as I met an older gentleman that had a nugget patch map, which was being passed around for $50. The guy was somewhat struggling, so I worked a deal to make him more maps (photocopies) to waive the $50 he was asking. He agreed, so I got a hold of one of the original $50 Nugget Patch maps for free! The map was still pretty vague as I didn't know the area real well and I wasn't the one that discovered the patches. It took me some time wondering around in a few of them to say I really found the true patch location. I did pick up a few pieces of gold in most of the ones I worked. One evening I got a very weak single not far from finding a nugget that was around 2 Dwt's about 8 inches deep. I dug down a few inches and rechecked the location. The target increased in audio, so I figured it was another nugget around 1-2 Dwt's. After digging another 6 inches or so, I figured the target was probably out of the hole. I checked the pile of material I removed from the hole, no signal there .... so I rechecked the hole and the signal was booming. After digging down around 14-inches I got the signal out of the hole and it was a beautiful slug of gold! I jumped up in pure excitement, "I DID IT," my first one ounce gold nugget. I wish someone was there to share the excitement with, but I figured since it was nearly dark I better get the hell out of there. I was trying to guess the weight, but figured it was an easy 1+ ounce gold nugget due to the weight in my hand. One the way home, I was so excited I called just about everyone I knew. I even called my old-time detecting partner, Chris Gholson. I told him I finally got the one ounce gold nugget from Rich Hill. If I remember correctly, I took the piece over to his house not long after the find. We dropped it on the scale and I seen his look ...... I said "What?" I knew something was up, and he finally said, "Dude, it's 19.8 Dwt's!" You have to be kidding me, all that hard work, excitement and that damn nugget was 0.2 Dwt's from a true one ounce gold nugget. Chris told me later, you can't claim you found a one ouncer until you really found a "true one ounce gold nugget." It was kind of like, you were close Rob, but no cigar for you. I think I lost sleep that night knowing I really thought I had a one ouncer, but I was just shy (just my luck). Well, the moral of the story is to not give up. I set a goal to find a one ouncer, so that was what I was going to do, even if it took me my entire nugget shooting career to do it. Not too much longer, in a spot I found myself, I was finding a bunch of these 1/4, 1/2 and 1 Dwt gold nuggets. I figured it was another "Pennyweight" patch, but finally after digging down about 16-inch I unearthed a nice, solid 1.5 ounce gold nugget. Enjoy nugget shooting, it's a great hobby. The gold is just a bonus in my opinion. The thrill of finding something, exercise and to clear the mind from stress is what I like about it. You never know, that next target you dig just might be that one ouncer! Wishing you all the best of success. My next goal has been to find a solid, one pound (12 troy ounces) gold nugget. Heck, I know it's a huge goal to achieve, many never make the one ounce mark. Picture of the first solid, one ounce gold nugget I found.
  9. Hello All, I haven't really done anything as far as outing, but we might have obtained permission on a large section of land in a proven goldfield to have an outing. Looking for advice on setting up an outing for anyone to show up and learn and talk with others in this great hobby. Advice on duration, food required and other events would be appreciated. I really want to make it great and where everyone will learn and benefit from the outing. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello All, Just a quick announcement of a new Coiltek release, the 22" Round DD Searchcoil. This new DD configuration will provide the user with excellent ground coverage, DD performance in a light-weight shell while still providing a robust and high quality product. This coil will be best suited to open terrain where the mineralization is moderate to high and can also provide the user with the GPX iron discrimination function if hunting for buried treasure in a high trash area. DD configured searchcoil are also great for hunting for gold nuggets in very mineralized ground. The DD will run much smoother in higher mineralization over a monoloop searchcoil and still gives you the discrimination ability to use. Some specs on the Coiltek 22" DD Goldstalker - Open Web Design DD Configuration Can use the discrimination feature on GPX detectors Includes skid plate and mounting hardware Standard shaft mount Ultimate depth and senstivity Smooth operation in mineralized areas Weight - 1110 Grams or 37 Ounces approx. 2 Year Warranty from purchase date We now have added to our online store if anyone is interested in a purchase. The coil is $435 with free shipping
  11. Hey Bill and Others, I seen this subject on another forum, but it's worth some talk. I haven't personally been to Rye Patch in 15+ years. It was a great place to hunt back in the day despite the long drive from Central Arizona. During that time, 2000 time frame, the place was wide open and you wouldn't see a soul for weeks. You could practically go anywhere you wanted. When the price of gold started to rise, many sections started to get claimed up, some were even pushing old ground, or re-pushing areas. The sections have always been checker boarded, Railroad vs. Private. The Railroad property was always kind of considered open ground (being right or wrong). I have heard of a lot of highgrading on Private and Railroad property. Many are doing huge training sessions, while others individuals are hitting the ground every weekend. Would be interesting to hear what others have to say.
  12. Hello All, A customer of mine sent me this picture of a nice 2.5 ounce gold specimen found in Arizona. It was found with the Minelab Eureka Gold, but the customer now has a Garrett ATX to re-investigate the area. The customer read about chasing down quartz, so they found this piece near the surface in an area with a lot of quartz laying around on the surface. It's still out there .....
  13. Gpz threshold

    Hey Rockpile, I haven't tried that low of a thresold yet. I would think the best way to test would be to compare a low threshold (like 1) vs. a higher threshold with the same settings, without removing the nugget or target. Whatever sounds best would probably give you a better idea. I've always used the theshold as a background reference, so any disturbance or break in that I would investigate. Normally, if I got a disturbance in the threshold, it was always a deep target.
  14. Gpz and wet ground

    Hey Rockpile, Was that after using the Ferrite Ground balancing ring? Thanks for the order also. The Ferrite ring does help for sure, especially in moderate to high mineralization.
  15. Hey Guys, Here is a pretty information write up on the various technologies of metal detectors by Minelab over the years, including the new Minelab Equinox metal detector. Worth a quick look over if you haven't seen it already - Sounds like this detector will be a good one. We are still taking pre-orders on this unit if you want to get one of the first ones that arrive. Contact us by phone or email to get your name on the pre-order list. No money required up front, we will cll once they arrive.
  16. Hey Guys, As many prospectors that have hammered the known Northern Nevada goldfields, it's amazing this kind of gold is still being found.
  17. Hello All, I had a customer pick up a Minelab GPZ 7000 around early Sept of this year and this is what he has found with it so far in Northern Nevada. Some of the pieces have also been found with the SDC 2300 that he had prior to the GPZ. Congrats to him and his recent success!
  18. Hello All, I was out poking around with the Minelab Gold Monster during the week and stumbled onto this huge, Iron Pyrite boulder. As you can see in the picture, I have my Minelab Gold Monster 1000 sitting on top of the rock. You can also see where I chipped away nearly 100 lbs of the pure Iron Pyrite crystals. It was a struggle to carry all these crystals in the backpack and out of a large ravine, but I got it done. Just thought you would like to see.
  19. Hello All, Many have asked us if we take gold in for trade. The answer is YES, if the gold is at least small gold nuggets and clean looking gold. If you have any questions, contact us and we can discuss gold trade-ins for products. We also have been selling small qualities of gold, along with buying. If you have some nice gold you want to sell, or even buy, contact us also. We buy at or near current spot value for small gold nuggets to larger pieces. Below is a batch of California Gold, small to larger nuggets, 47.5 Grams. This batch is now available for sale.
  20. Hey Jen, I have a pretty busy schedule this week coming up. Are you down in the Valley, or still kind of up North?
  21. Hello All, We have revised a few of the packages, including the Minelab GPZ 7000 for the "2017 Winter" Season. We hope we can earn your business for a lifetime.
  22. Hello All, Rob's Detector Sales has been in business for over 17 years now. We are a online metal detector & gold prospecting outfitter based in Central Arizona. We built our business from good old business ethics that has allowed us to gain trust and friendship from our customers. We have always taken care of our customers just like we would like to be taken care of. If you haven't purchased from us before, we promise to take care of all your needs and get you out there finding your first treasure! ** We promise everything we advertise, no "bait and switch" and we personally train you in person (no third party that never used the detector you're being trained on). Believe it or not, we hear this all the time. Allow Rob's Detector Sales to earn your trust and business, you won't need to look anywhere else! Promo 1 – Purchase a Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector (all stock accessories included) @ $7,999.00 and receive the following "2017 Winter Season" bundle included for free - (over a $700 free value in accessories and training) Military Vet Price - $6800.00 Order Now Here ----> Apex 24-inch Prospecting Pick Doc's Detecting "Scoop Pouch" Plastic Nugget Recovery Scoop Doc's Goldscreamer Heavy Duty Green 3 piece Control Box Cover, Screen Cover and Wireless Remote Cover Miner John's Heavy Duty White Replacement 14x13 Searchcoil Cover - Skidplate Soft, Padded Carry Bag Minelab Baseball Cap Shipping, Handling and Full Insurance value on packaged shipped to the US (no International shipping) Full Day of Arizona Field Training with the purchase (must be scheduled after the purchase) Lifetime Support - Email, Phone, Text and Forum support beyond the sale Promo 2 – Purchase a Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector Package (all stock accessories included) @ $4,000.00 and receive - Military Vet Price - $3400.00 Order Now Here ---> All GPX 5000 Stock Accessories plus more below - new part number # 3300-0420 Minelab 11-inch DD Round Commander Searhcoil Minelab 15x12 Commander Round Mono Searchcoil Metal Detector Pinpointer (major Brand Name) Soft, Padded Carry Bag Lower Shaft with hardware Minelab Arm Wear Kit Minelab Searchcoil Hardware Kit Minelab Baseball Cap AZO Camo Control Box Cover Shipping, Handling and Full Insurance value on packaged shipped to the US (no International shipping) Lifetime Support - Email, Phone, Text and Forum support beyond the sale Full Day of Arizona Field Training with the purchase (must be scheduled after the purchase) Promo 3 - Purchase a Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector (all stock accessories included) @ $3,750.00 and receive the following "2017 Winter Prospector's" bundle included for free - Military Vet Price - $3187.50 Order Now Here ----> Doc's Goldscreamer Control Box Cover for the SDC Replacement - Spare 8-inch Searchcoil Cover - Skidplate Replacement 6000mah Batteries (pack of 4) Minelab Carry Bag for the SDC Shipping, Handling and Full Insurance value on packaged shipped to the US (no International shipping) Lifetime Support - Email, Phone, Text and Forum support beyond the sale Full Day of Arizona Field Training with the purchase (must be scheduled after the purchase) Promo 4 - Purchase a Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold Metal Detector (all stock accessories included) @ $729.00 and receive the following "Christmas" bundle included for free - Military Vet Price - $656.10 Order Now Here ----> Environmental Control Box Cover Adjustable Headphones with 1/4 inch Jack Minelab Soft Carry Bag Minelab Baseball Cap Shipping, Handling and Full Insurance value on packaged shipped to the US (no International shipping) Lifetime Support - Email, Phone, Text and Forum support beyond the sale Promo 5 - Coming Soon! Let me know if you have any questions or interested in making an order on any of these metal detectors. How to order is as easy as 1-2-3 1. Order Online at - 2. Call us directly at - 623.362.1459 and talk with a Metal Detector Expert, or text message - 602.909.9008 3. Email Us at - We accept all major credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express & PayPal. We also accept: cashier's check, money order, bank transfer or cash. Short term layaway options are available. If you call and are unable to reach us during normal business hours, we may be on another line. Please leave a detailed message and someone will return your call as soon as possible. Rob's Detector Sales 602.909.9008 cell or text message
  23. Gpz and wet ground

    Hey Rockpile, I personally have not had any issues on wet ground with the GPZ. Maybe some other could chime in with their experience.
  24. Hey Tom, No solid plans, as it's not really worth much. I could sell it on Ebay for like $2-3 per pound. However, at that rate I would probably spend more time in labor getting the pyrite.
  25. Hey Guys, They are from the Southern Desert region of the West, if that helps ....... Since they are not my finds, I have to respect the owners request. We at least get to see some different nuggets and the fact guys/gals are out finding them.