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  1. Hello All, I haven't really done anything as far as outing, but we might have obtained permission on a large section of land in a proven goldfield to have an outing. Looking for advice on setting up an outing for anyone to show up and learn and talk with others in this great hobby. Advice on duration, food required and other events would be appreciated. I really want to make it great and where everyone will learn and benefit from the outing. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey Fred, Thanks for the kind words. It's starting to get busy here as the Winter season is just right around the corner. That being said, we try to ship out all products the same day (if ordered early enough) or the next business day for sure. Anyone that hasn't ordered from us before, we would love to earn your business!
  3. Hello All, Was scanning through my Netflix and happen to see a show called the "Aussie Gold Hunters." I must say, it's very interesting and I like it much more than Gold Rush. It's mostly about chasing gold nuggets, gold reefs and more. It'w worth watching three different groups of prospectors searching for that allusive gold. Here are a few Youtube trailers. You can find it on Netflix if you have it. I have watched all most of the first season and it's pretty interesting to watch. I believe there are two seasons right now.
  4. Hello All, Spent some time with my Daughter fishing Lynx Creek. We didn't have any luck catching fish, but we wondered all around Lynx hiking and on a Boat. Some decent looking ground around there and it was about 15 degrees cooler than the Phoenix area. Curious if anyone has poked around the Lynx Creek area with a metal detector? I know they have the gold panning area down around that Gulch, so you would think maybe the headwaters of at least that Gulch might contain some nuggets.
  5. Hey Gravelwasher, Thanks for sharing with us. Great group of nuggets you guys found there.
  6. Hey Chris, Thanks for clarification on that. I should have noted that. The Keystone was fun to hunt when Jim "Oakie" Malone used to own and operate the placers below. The old famous Lunker Hill was a fun place to hunt. Jim was always pretty good about letting prospectors come up and hunt for a percentage.
  7. Hello All, Pretty good article and short video on US Gold Corporation and their new project in Nevada called "Keystone." I have always heard about Dave Mathewson and his discoveries with many mining companies. You can read the article here - http://scienceofstocks.com/forget-overpriced-tech-stocks-gold-investing-is-making-an-impressive-comeback-4/ Dave Mathewson -
  8. Hey Jen, I'm sure I'm missing a few pieces here and there, but feel I'm getting the majority of them. Many of these pieces I have missed for 10 years with prior detectors, just reaching down to depths to get the ones I'm getting now. That being said, I have noticed in places in Northern Nevada and even Gold Basin I was always able to run a much hotter detector than other locations. I could even run the GoldBug 2 all out in Northern Nevada where it struggles big time on the ground I'm working now with the GPZ.
  9. Hey Jen, Congrats on the new nuggets. I haven't tried Steve's settings, but I know for the most part on the ground I hunt, an increase in Gain/Sensitive means more ground noise. I have done well working with a Gain around 10-14, depending on the ground conditions. I have found plenty of small gold missed by my GPX 5000 that I'm finding down 10-12 inches. The biggest piece so far with my GPZ 7000 is the 6.8 ounce specimen (4.2 ounces of gold) at nearly 3 foot deep. Then again, maybe I'm missing gold not using those super hot settings ......
  10. Hello All, A recent customer of mine and friend sent some pictures of some of the gold they are finding in the California Mother Lode. It just blows me away for anyone that thinks all the gold has been found. These pictures show clearly there are some nice gold nuggets still to be picked up out there. California is such a gold rich State. Thanks for sharing these finds with us here on the forums. He is going to share some more in the very near future. The customer purchased a Minelab GPX 4500 metal detector just recently from me. Maybe I need an invite over and one of those cold Coors Lights! ... LOL P.S. Customer and friend requested the pictures stay here, no COPY/Pasting please.
  11. Hello All, We sell several of Tom Bohmker's books and they sell very well. Here is a video with his Son - Josh Bohmker searching the old workings of where the "Brigg's Gold Pocket was found in Southern Oregon. Pretty good video of Josh explaining the history about the pocket and that pieces are still to be found by the persistent prospector. Great book by his Father on Southern Oregon can be seen here - https://www.robsdetectors.com/elusive-pocket-gold-southwestern-oregon-book/ Thanks for the great video Josh and White's Electronics.
  12. Hey Guys, Here is the article wrote by Arizona Al in the GPAA magazine back in around 1995. It was shared by a forum member here. Thanks for allow us to view it.
  13. Hey Guys, A forum member sent me this over, it's the Article Arizona Al wrote in the GPAA back around 1995 about T-Bone's large nugget.
  14. Hey Guys, Here is an interesting story about a guy that got stranded for days heading up to Crown King, Arizona. He was found on the third day by a guy driving a motorcycle. You can read the story here - https://www.yahoo.com/gma/man-stranded-arizona-desert-days-tells-story-survival-232605306--abc-news-topstories.html
  15. Hello All, Minelab just released a new GPZ 7000 Firmware update. The major feature of this new firmware update is "Ground Smoothing." This function implements selectable noise filters that help deal with difficult ground, especially salty soils. The new Ground Smoothing options provide several advantages: Reduce noise effects of salty soils Allows detecting in previously "off limits" locations Improved depth with both coils Maximizes your ground coverage efficiency There are three options under Ground Smoothing, OFF (originally on the GPZ), Locate Patch and Salty Soil. The New "Locate Patch" option is great all-rounder that enables you to cover more ground. Its smooths out unwanted noise while you keep a productive swing speed. The New "Salty Soil" option allows you to operate in previously off-limits salty (extreme alkali and conductive) environments. It should only be used when the soil requires it, because it can have an impact on detection depth. The other new feature is "Semi Auto" Ground balance mode. Additional control and flexibility for expert users Improved ground balance stability Another option to deal with tricky detecting conditions A specialist tool for expert prospectors This new option has three features - Auto, Semi-Auto and Manual. You can read more about the firmware update and how to download it on the attached PDF file below- GPZupdate1.pdf If you have questions, you can always call us anytime!
  16. Hey Rod, Good question and I don't honestly have an answer. I have emailed my Rep to see if she could give some more details. I will post back when I hear something. Thanks for your business and hope you're enjoying the GPZ 7000 metal detector.
  17. Hey Jen, Ya I had a late day at work, but will ship tomorrow morning US Priority Mail to you. Thanks for any referrals and your continued business with us!
  18. Hey Tom, I wish you would stop being so damn hard on the Yoto! Wow, those are some pretty good fixes. I used to carry several wire rolls of bailing wire also. I have a tool box in the back of my truck loaded with tape, wire, rope, jacks and other stuff. I will probably need it, but the moment I take it out, I will need it.
  19. Hey Guys, I'm just about at the end of Season one. It's something to watch, much better than the fake ass Gold Rush. I prefer to watch Bearing Sea Gold than Gold Rush anyways.
  20. Hey Guys, Ya, if you're traveling alone, you should be a bit more prepared. I have a pretty good story for you - Years ago my Cousin and I were heading back deep into the Tip Top area in my old 1985 Toyota 4x4 with a 3-inch lift. The little truck was setup for prospecting, still wish I owned it. We were travel back in the night, as we both got a wild hair one night in Prescott and decided to head out for a prospecting trip. It must have been at least 10pm or so, we crossed a guy walking the road. It was a huge surprise to see anyone this deep into the backhills, but he broke down in his sand rail and was hiking out. He was out of water, had no supplies whatsoever. He kind of scared us, as back then we were just young pubs. We both told the guy we would give him some supplies, but we were heading back deeper in the hills and would be coming out the following afternoon. We agreed to pick him up on the way out, as we were not going to allow him to camp with us. The guy was a bit strange, we didn't know if he was some type of loose criminal or what. Figured the supplies we gave him would last him overnight and if he really needed a ride out he would be waiting for us at some point on the road. That evening we had a hard time sleeping, thinking the guy was going to sneak up on us .... LOL Believe it or not, we actually kind of hide the truck out on a high road where we could watch below us until the next morning. We spent 4-5 hours detecting and then headed back out. We were both curious if the guy would still be there. We actually found his broke down sand rail, so that was a valid story. Looks like he broke a tie arm on the front drivers side. He didn't have any supplies, as we quickly looked over the broken down sand rail. We passed the spot where we dropped him off and about a mile further down the road, there he was!! He was sitting on the side of the road waiting for us. We talked with him for a bit, he said he just wanted to get to New River so he could make a phone call. I asked him if he needed more water or food, but he said he would settle on a cold beer. We got him back into New River and he made a call and was able to get someone he knew to pick him up and head back into the area and get the sand rail out. I really don't think the guy would have walked his way out of there. He was at least 20 miles back into the back country with NO water, NO Food or NO supplies. It was just starting to get warm in the afternoon, so my best guess it was around April - May. I personally take about a case of water when I head out into the hills. Normally I will have 3-4 larger Gatoraide's also for the trip and food. I figure I could go at least 3-4 days with minimal food if I had plenty of fluids to keep in me. I also always have 3-4 Granola bars and several small packs of Nuts that have plenty of Salt.
  21. Hey Jen, Pretty interesting, but I would be pretty clueless on all the components. Glad to hear you're back using the GPZ 7000 again.
  22. Hey Jen, Wow, that is one huge find. Not much to look at as far as character, but 10 Kilo's of gold is one heck of a paycheck! I'm guessing somewhere in the ballpark of $320,000 just in spot value. As for the President, we all have our personal views. I agree, we should keep them off the forums, but he has made me over $XX,XXX in high tech stock in the last 6 months!
  23. Hello All, It's been pretty slow here, so I figured I would post a picture of some gold specimens a friend just recently found.
  24. Hey Guys, Fishing8046 - The specimen on the left has some quartz and iron as the host rock. This is very common for quartz specimens to have iron mineralization mixed with it. Iron is kind of like the Mother of Gold. AuWanderer - Some great looking pieces you have shown. Did you happen to find or metal detect them? Tom - Great Makro shot. I need to get a new camera with a good Macro lens on it. What are you using in that nugget shot? Hey Guys, What I forgot to add was one of the pieces is 35 Grams and the other is like 43 if I remember correctly.
  25. Hey Cowkiller, OUCH!! I have done something similar, scared the crap out of me. My eye was blurry for a few hours, that was the scary part. Wishing you a handful of gold on your next hunt.