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    Quartz vein sampling-hardrock

    Is there any chance you can drift in on the bedrock on the side of the hill and clean out the crevices?
  2. Braved it last night

    CowKiller,I actually used a poll pick for many years while doing my type of hardrock mining here in the California motherlode.The size and light weight of the pick head make it a great tool for quartz vein sampling.My current hard rock protege lost the original,but I still have another pick head minus a handle.
  3. Braved it last night

    CowKiller,the back end is used like a single jack.In the fourth pic down on the left you can see the back end of a poll pick in this link...http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2633713/Rare-early-flash-photography-images-Cornish-miners-digging-tin-1890s-reveal-perilous-conditions-toiled.html
  4. Braved it last night

    Looks like a poll pick head.Introduced by the Cornish miners(cousin jacks).
  5. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t23354-off-and-running-in-2016
  6. Heavy find

    Galena is not magnetic...
  7. It is sweet to dance to violins..it is delicate and rare..to dance to lutes and dance to flutes is way beyond compare...but it is not sweet with nimble feet to dance upon the air.....From Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde.
  8. Weird Gold Pictures

    Looks like the species are right out of the vein.Have you found the source?
  9. sonora Ca areas

    The thing about BLM ground is that if someone's private property abuts or is up against the BLM ground they think it's their ground to do as they choose...at Least it's that way in the California motherlode.Regarding the Columbia(Tuolomne County) old diggings,it's all private property or the state park ground.Possibly a few BLM parcels somewhere.There are mining claims(or were on Big mountain) on the out skirts of Columbia above Highway 49 as your entering or leaving Sonora.All hardrock I believe.
  10. sonora Ca areas

    Most BLM ground in Calaveras county is landlocked by private property.
  11. Copy & Paste

    I can't post a link on Rob's or Bill's forum either.
  12. Luck or Knowledge

    You can step in horse crap or step on a nugget...but you have to do some stepping.
  13. A Little Alaska Gold

    Great stuff man...
  14. 15-pound nugget found in Siberia

    Must have been kicked out with the oversize....
  15. A vein is not always exposed along it's length and some veins never surface at all(blind veins).Perhaps as stated earlier,parts or all of the vein/veins have eroded away or pinched out.Some parts of the vein may be clay seams(gouge).Some veins are all clay,having the wall rock decomposed.Besides sampling and continued sampling,what else can one do?It would be wonderful if veins produced pocket after pocket but that is a very unlikely scenario.Ore shoots come and go in a vein and most of the ore if any is fine gold,not high grade species.Seems to me that since none of your gold has quartz attached the quartz and perhaps the vein itself has dissolved away by whatever chemical interaction.Was the little piece you found 25 feet above in a vein or just the dirt or clay?