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  1. I think you are right on the gold guessing contest.

  2. Very nice!!! That's the way to break-in a new detector. Congrats. . .
  3. Some are better then others..... but I'll have to agree - "not bad for a miner".
  4. What a slug!!! :-) finding that just 20' up the gully... wow ... I have a feeling he has a few partners waiting to be found. Good Luck - Be Safe,
  5. Nice nuggets! Thanks for sharing em. . .
  6. I didn't know there worth that much!! I know exactly where it is. . . I was going to wait until it freezes here but I don't know how rain and snow will effect it. Thanks for the tips. These Bald Faced Hornets were big!! about twice the size of a yellow jacket or bigger.
  7. Thanks Tom. . . I wanted to get a close up and zoom in, but they didn't cooperate and I wasn't risking a sting to get the shot.
  8. We were out scouting my hunt area yesterday and came across this nest right off an atv trail. I stopped to take a picture and they immediately came out and started to buzz around our head. We got the heck out of there quick like when they started to bounce off my wifes face. . . but they followed us about a 1/4 mi +. I looked em up and think they were Bald Faced Hornets. Probably should kept going but it was cool to see and no one got stung!!!!
  9. That's crazy Rob!! I have bent over to dig a target and seen bee's flying out from under rocks right by the target. . . yup!!! I decided not to swing the pick and moved away. I was in Soulsbyville, Calif. running a weedeater at my dad's place and had just shut it off to take a break when I heard what sounded like a plane was comming down. It was getting louder and louder and then I saw it. . . It was a swarm shaped like a water drop the size of a VW. I sat on my butt and it passed over about 30' above me. Incredible sight to see. . . FYI.... I won a fishing trip with an outfitter in Mt. from a local Casino yrs ago and we went to enjoy the trip. While there my then 4yr old son got stung on the face when I was away at the store. When I came back my son ran up to me as happy as can be, then I noticed the BIG red marble size welt on his cheek. I found out from mom that the outfitter had dabed some bleach on the sting which immediately takes the sting away. THANKS for the info Peabody!!! I now know not go swattin at a bunch bee's Be safe all,
  10. Happy Camp Jade

    This Jade was given to me from a well known detectorist from Happy Camp that moved to the Winnemucca area. I'm not sure if it is from here or the H.C. area. I have had it for years and still don't know what to do with it. . .
  11. biggest yet

    I hear ya. . . Lately, I've had the skunk on me, I'm beginning to believe that the bug-dust I collect on me is starting to look like a stripe!!! Be-safe. . .
  12. biggest yet

    Beautiful gold! Thanks for sharing.
  13. What to do???

    You previously mentioned that this person is well known and that you had bought a detector off him. Obviously he or 'they' are on a nugget patch and have possibly found some gold...especially if they have returned several times. Being "well known" has a price and that price is Integrity You or the land owner can contact him/them and request that the gold that they have found be returned to the land owner and there will be no law involved and/or public announcement w/game cam. photos/video. If they don't comply just post the dirty rats on all forums. Let this "well known" person(s) be known for what they really are when the sun goes down. I hunt alone just to avoid the 'trust' issue. . . Just my 2 cents. . . I hate thieves(.)
  14. Rye Patch Gold

    NICE nuggets. . . congrats Shoot... I live pretty close to there and haven't really checked it out that much..... I'm gonna have to poke around over there more often. Good job on stickin with it..