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  1. hi all i have just created a web page for my club here in OZ have a look and see the GOLD some of the members have found in the club info link under photos hope you like it
  2. whites prizm

    well as this post has been up for 4 day and no replys its either that members dont have this unit or no one likes this unit so i went out and purchased a garretts ace 250 ill see how i go with this brand of detector thanks MM
  3. hi all can anyone give me some insight into the whites prizmIV im looking at purchasing one any info would be helpful i will be using it onthe beach sand only and for coins and jewellery thanks MM
  4. whites prizmIV

    thanks for the reply it will be used in parks and on the beach for coins and jewellery ect ect thanks MM
  5. hi all can anyone give me some insight into the whites prizmIV im looking at purchasing one any info would be helpful thanks MM
  6. hi guys this was found in the victorian gold country of australiakgkj.bmp they claim to have found hundreds of thousands of dollars of gold also claim it came from a reef
  7. New Boots tested.

    if you are going to do a lot of walking with new boots dont forget the bandaids
  8. how do i fix

    g'day montanagold you say you are running the same settings as the nuggetfinder and the second hand coiltek coil is noisy i would say it could be the coil the only way to fix this problem in the future is to buy new for the $$$$ you saved on the used coil that may not come with a warranty so now you have to pay for it to be repaired or purchase a new one ps try your mates coil and then you will know if your coil is faulty
  9. hi has anyone come across this coil yet this topic my have all ready been posted
  10. coil selection

    thanks bob&nuggethunting it will b e a couple of weeks before i make my purchase i have heard no negitive or positive feed back on the new goldstalker maybe its still early so im leaning toward the round 14" thanks
  11. hi guys im in the market for a coil its a choice between the coiltek round 14" or the 14" eliptical im running a 4000 what are others useing on there 4000/4500 thanks
  12. gpx settings #2

    well kris i dont know about old sheila"s but one person has stood up to be a man with an apology
  13. gpx settings #2

    no im a club member of his ggeee copy n pasting in no way was i trying to take credit for his settingsi started off on the wrong foot as a new member of this site he relayed them to us at our agm and if you read his post on the other forum some ot the members tried the settings on an outing and they found 1 @21g 1@5.4 1@3g thats not to say they would"nt have found them in any other settings
  14. gpx settings #2

    hi jp these are not my settings as some people have miss read my original post
  15. gpx 4000 settings

    hi ric whats wrong with sharing information and tips to get the best out of your machine i thought thats what a forum is all about i know bogene and ill be talking with him in the next couple of weeks and if he has a problem with me sharing his settings and tips then im sure he will let me know as i staterd before this happend to someone else not me