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  1. Off To Australia

    chris, good time to thank you for a great book and i hope it's like finding an outback mcdonalds out there with lots of 1/4 pounders. good luck to you all.
  2. Pay to Mine

    hello jennifer, i am also just waiting for the 2nd response to join the forum. i signed in without a hitch and i am probably the least pc savvy person on here. (not even sure i am posting this in the right place lol) i have been very quiet on the forums because for some reason i'm scared to make a comment or state an opinion with the fear that that someone will want to rip my head off. jeez dont know if its the economy or just the sad state of affairs here in the u.s. or what? but it sure doesnt take much to make tempers flare on these forums. sad but true. anyway cant wait to get on and see and hear more. maybe i can just add dont take it personal, it just seems to be a trend on the forums right now. chill people, pleeezz.
  3. Obama

    oops sorry guys, thought i pushed the nugget hunting & prospecting button.
  4. little specimen

    OMG that is just plain beautiful, guess i'll hold on to my vlf a little while longer.... very nice find glen. diggitdawg.