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  1. Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    Best wishes and quick recovery as well from up here in Prescott Valley.
  2. ... Change direction ... Diamondbacks are the residents here ... we're just visiters! This one might make me change directions and RUN!
  3. 16 to 1 wash

    HEY Tom .. Nice Pith Helmet!
  4. Shoo Goo works really well even without any kind of a well! I don't have a well on my blade of my Hermit pick ... thin layer of shoo goo place super mag and press hard to squeeze all air out and then run a bead around the edge. Let it sit over night.
  5. Here's a toad!

    Rob ... I have two of the older books. Not for sale either!
  6. Here's a toad!

    Hey Rob ... How does the new book compare to the one he did with your cousin 10 or so years ago?
  7. Here's a toad!

    Slim ... You only got part of Gumby's head ... where is the rest of it?
  8. Here's a toad!

    WOW ... Nice almost two once chunk!
  9. Huntin the Yeller

    Good looking spread! Congrats on the new patch! Go get some more or take a drywasher and get some of the small stuff as well!
  10. Bill's forum down?

    Jen ... Turn offf onto the access road and park about 200 yards on the left. AZ State Trust Land ... You will need permit. Use ATV from there. Claims start just after the turn about 2-2.5 miles from where you park. You CAN use you 4x4 to get to the beginning of the claims but will need the ATV from there. Plus deep sand in some of the access road where the washes cross. Have fun ... get some gold.
  11. Bill's forum down?

    I can't answer that ... I said it might be there ... I have no control over when it gets posted ... I'm just one of the grunts with boots on the ground marking the claims on the ground. Just line the new claims with the old since it isn't on the website. I just checked the KPZ map 16 coordinates. New Claims aren't there yet. However if you use what I gave you you can get there. Lucky 10 lines up post to post with Lucky 9 and is the same size and orientation ... Lucky 11 is just south of Lucky 10 and lines up with the se and sw of Lucky 10. I don't have any other info. If you go out there you will find it market with brand new RRPC posts. Hope this helps.
  12. Bill's forum down?

    Jen ... Uncle Ron's maps are on his paper printed full scale. Go to the RRPC website and check there for the new claims ... Map 16 Lucky 10 and 11. Lucky 10 is just west of Lucky 9 ... shares its ne and se corner with 9's nw and sw corners. Have fun and watch for the rattlers ... I saw two while out there.
  13. ...And what is the other ear? ... Chopped Liver!? (sorry my early morning warped humor got the best of me.)
  14. Gpz and wet ground

    Hey Rockpile ... If you bought the detector from Rob brand new check the box your charger came in ... I have heard from a couple people that they found theirs shipped in that box. Looks like a giant over-sized washer about 1.5 inches in diameter x about a 1/4 inch thick, painted yellow just in case you have never seen one.
  15. Monster gold!

    That big hat looks familiar .... Dan? Can't make out the face in the picture. If it is you Tom you have a fellow prospector out there with a similar chapeau!