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  1. Anyone see this yet Minelab released the Equinox Manual and indicated its ships on Feb 2nd.
  2. Fantastic !!!!!! find for sure, congratulations man. Lets see the video
  3. Rob I definitely want to pre order a Pro-Find 35, do I need to call in? Scott Chiara
  4. I got a few more hours on the 19 in a hotspot, nothing rang in with the 19, I know there's deep gold there since I have found decent deep gold with the 14.
  5. I've got 4 hours on the GPZ 19 on a flogged site. Dug several deeper trash targets that were iffy on the 14 in, but no gold yet.
  6. Mine just arrived at my front door in California. If it wasn't raining so hard I would take it out right now in the dark. Have to wait until Saturday.
  7. goldfind

    Back in the GPZ Saddle again!!

    Very nice Rob. Congrats.
  8. Rob, I'm chopping at the bit for the 19inch coil. Waiting patiently for the release, I understand proper testing and quality assurance is important in any new product release, I really believe the minelab team will deliver on this one, Minelabs team is awesome and has delivered so many times in the past and put me in the gold every time on hunted out patches. 30 % greater depth will put me in the gold again and that's why I can hardly wait for the release. Thank you to team Minelab super awesome job with the GPZ.
  9. Just wondering if there have been any indications the GPZ 19 inch coil will be available in November here in the USA?
  10. goldfind

    GPZ19 - GPZ14

    Wow, that's awesome.
  11. goldfind

    GPZ 19 in coil?

    Maybe Minelab is making sure the coil is fully field tested before they place the manufacturing order to fill the 1000's of orders they will receive. Not sure what the delay is, but I'm pretty sure its related to changes in the original design that are delaying the release. Either way, the final product will be high quality with better performance than the stock coil. I am a big fan of Minelab products and the quality and pride they take in delivering the best possible product technology can provide. If that costs a little more then so be it. I'm in all the way. Just hurry up you guys, I'm chopping at the bit waiting.
  12. When is the GPZ 19 inch coil going to be available in the USA. I volunteer to be a tester of one.
  13. Rob, I removed the photo after it sold. Here is the photo.