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  1. Hey Blackbird,What camera are you using in this video?Nice and clear up close and at a distance.Thanks,Al
  2. Hey Rob, Would you bring the 6" coiltek coil for the eureka gold to the show in mesa next week. I also saw somewhere that there was an external amp for eureka gold. If you have that bring also. Thanks, ,Al
  3. Eureka Gold bad coil???

    Sent my eureka in a few years ago to Minelab.Stock coil was bad.Seems they had a bad coil for a year or two.Works great now.Gotta get that 6" coiltek from Rob.Eureka is a waaaay under rated vlf detector.Picked up a 1 gram nugget the other day behind these guys drywashing on my claim on top of the ground.No digging.
  4. Show Low Gold Nuggets

    I've lived here for 34 years and drive at least a 100 miles to prospect.And now your telling me the gold was here all the time?I really have to see this book.Al