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  1. 6 nuggets one hole

    Awamazing Chirs..well done...happy for you... in one hole...always check those holes!
  2. My money says Rich Hill! 7.5 OZ...Guido
  3. Grubstake update

    Hang in there grubstake...I'll say some prays for you. Guido
  4. Good question..havent heard from him in a while...Man...when he writes people read his work...thats for sure!
  5. Some More Minelab Nuggets

    Your friend must be happy Rob...Man I can wait to get back...Guido
  6. 2.5 OZR

    Alright Frank! that is a fantastic find! Foaming at the mouth over here! Got to get out there soon. Congratulations again!! Guido
  7. I wish I could show you some gold here, but there are other treasures worth a peek at, even in the harshest places its amazing the thing that are possible. I included three pics. First one is a 10 carat ruby, Second a picture of a Bazzar local selling his wares; it was 10 minutes to closing time and I asked him if I could take his picture and he said, $5 dollars...I laughed and said, OK...you won this deal. His nephew or son was working me over for the LED night light hanging around my neck, offed me a bracelet for it...seemed to love that little light! The last is more Lapis that ancient Egyptains valued more than gold.
  8. Thanks for all the replys and keep safe. We always like that! I have not been detecting in a while, been bouncing around the northern hemishpere. This is a pic on the day off near our hooch. I was at work the other day and my buddies heard this whiz go over head at the hooch! What was that! was the natural responce...then it dawn on the crew, that was a incoming rocket Dude! Boom...no one hurt! Thank God...Funny how these guys will sell you Lapis one day and rocket your a&* the rest of the week! Guido
  9. Hello ElDorado...hope things are well. Back in Afghanistan again. Been by the Merchants here at the Boardwalk. Walking by and saw the rock! Are you still interested? 20 pounds of blue...gotta make your mouth water....
  10. Way to go Rob...doing well I see, awesome score...wish I was out there! Its been a while...Guido
  11. That is a bizarre looking rock that's for sure. I would not be in a hurry to crush it. I dont think is a fossil or anything like that, maybe just a host quartz with gold. If so obviously keep your eye out for that kind of rock. Wish I could say more. Guido
  12. Excellent looking slug you found Rob! Keep up the great work! Guido...
  13. Dog days of Az. summer

    When I am tired of the desert driving its time to shift gears! Staying in the fast lane...2008 Z06 Vette, my other hobby! Guido
  14. JP's new Minelab GPX5000 DVD

    Alright JP...Always enjoyed learning from your DVDs, work in the field and helping us understand the Minelabs latest so we can get the best out of the machines! Cant wait to watch it. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Guido
  15. I was toying about going to Wickenburg/Constellation area this Fri/Sat driving from Vegas...But at 106 with little cloud cover I dont think that will happen now. Man had four days off too.