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  1. Good start to the New Year!

    Way to go Digger! Its good to hear you and Jim had such a good start for the year. Majuba Tom
  2. The happy bunch...

    Great photos. That area would have been a blast to detect with friends, gold or no gold. Just another great adventure. Except for all that brush. Majuba Tom
  3. Six Mile Canyon Dayton?

    Just a small story from around 10 years ago. A friend and I used to dry wash at the mouth of 6 mile canyon. We never found a lot only some colors but we were having fun. So we started to sample up the canyon with gold pans. One day in a narrow area we started to find silvery nuggets. After a while we found the ravine they were washing out of. With a little bit of testing we found out that they were silver amalgam. Disolving in Nitric acid showed there was no gold in it just silver. Since we were looking for gold we went exploring other places. That fall I bought my first gold detector. A Whites Gold Master Vsat. Well on Thanksgiving day I had a few hours to kill so I thought I would climb that steep ravine and see if I could find any more pices with my detector. It was not long that I started to find more amalgam nuggets. As I climbed higher the pices were getting bigger. Then I hit a screemer. It was a 6 ounce chunk and you could still see the marks made by the cloth they used to squeeze off the excess mercury. I was so excited so I ran home and called my friend to tell him the good news. Since he had recently picked up a Lobo he wanted to go back the next day. The folowing Day we hiked up and started detecting where I left off. We were trying to find where it all was coming from. We were still digging up good size pices when Pat Hit a screemer wedged in to a rock out crop that was on the high side of the ravine. It was a 2 pound Ball the size of a base ball. We had just found where some old timer had stached some highgrade. At least that is what we think. It was a lot of fun that is for sure. Majuba Tom Here is a photo of most of what we found.
  4. My Lucky Weekend

    Hello El Dorado, It has been a long time since we went crystal hunting at Rye Patch. However I did not think that nugget came from Six Mile canyon. The pieces I have found in this area are usallly electrum specimen float. Hard to find with the trash and all the volcanic hot rocks and native iron. If you get lucky and get over one. You have really earned it. Majuba Tom